Biden Leading Trump In Six Key 2020 Swing States Poll Shows | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

New polling in key 2020 swing states Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin shows Biden leading Trump with 138 days until the November election. Aired on 6/18/2020.
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Biden Leading Trump In Six Key 2020 Swing States Poll Shows | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Alexis Heude Wow…even when Trump won the election and still thought it was rigged by dead and illegal votes…established an Election Fraud Team headed by Chris Kobach…and guess what…the Election Fraud Team found…”nothing”!!!! And every Secretary of State has certified that there have been no election fraud…

    2. @Ellen C sure the swamp decided everything was perfect 😂😂. Nobody is blind more than the one that doesn’t want to see!

  1. Actually Arizona and Michigan will turn blue this Nov. What I am surprise is Florida. Typically this is the state that is very close either way. Bunker Boy must have mismanaged the Corona virus and it kills enough old folks for them to turn on him.

    1. @doug field do we blame the states for HIV and Spanish Flu? With global travel and tourism what it is, this virus was bound to happen. Obama left Trump a full plan of action should an event like this occur, Trimp probably flushed it. If only he had had the intelligence to recognise it’s importance – now you have a virus spiralling out of control. 15 cases to zero by the end of the week. Over 2 million cases and 117,000 deaths in 3 months. The buck stops at Trump.

    2. @Hazel McCloy Trump: In bunker one night because of violent leftists.
      Biden: Locked in his basement 3 months because they are afraid he might say something stupid. Choice is pretty easy! 😵💫

    3. @Hazel McCloy you make my point for me ! you would not or could not say that this was started with CHINA releasing this virus on the world, it’s all Trumps fault ! China has released viruses on the world before but it’s Pres. Trumps fault for the virus ! what about holding China accountable for releasing this virus ! why didn’t the intelligence do something to stop China if they knew they were going to do it again ! i don’t remember Pres. Trump having a facility that worked on making viruses and letting them get loose on the world again and again . but if you can ignore China starting it and use it to win an election then it is justified in the eyes of some

    1. @Robert McLeod unlike the 2016 election, where bunkers was INSTALLED by the electoral college. He’ll have to start a war or something to actually get elected by popular (democratic) vote

    2. @Eco Geek mostly it’s propaganda that was allowed to be taught in southern public schools, that has kept this civil war alive. FAUX got in on profiteering off the poorly educated dolts by amplifying what the little confederates had been taught in school. A country within a country. The confederacy needs to be stomped out permanently. And if you want to get rid of rotten lying LEOs 👮. Ask them what they think about President Lincoln vs the confederate Robert Lee.

    3. @Robert McLeod The sound of your desperation is so………satisfying. Get ready to move your trailer back into the woods, bubba.

    4. @Robert McLeod No Trump isn’t going to win the 2020 election because the USA is in a recession, Trump has divided the American people and Trump has violated the US Constitution. We are voting against Trump because he has proven his incompetence and we care about the future of the USA. Trump is a failure and a loser.

    1. Yeah, Maga, Trump 2020 etc, etc and etc. Blah blah, blah… I’ve heard that there is a Russian operative working in the White House. He was planted there by Putin. The intelligence agencies are working 24/7 to find him. But friends of him, inside the intelligence communities are counter working to hide his real identity. He also has friends inside the State Department and the Justice Department! They are working really hard to mislead people about his identity. Every time the intelligence communities wants to conduct an in-depth investigation, all of a sudden people in high places are getting fired. Amazing, isn’t it? Even people of overseeing bodies like Inspector Generals, they’re supposed to be untouchable by law! This dude even managed to blame Ukraine of interfering in our national elections, while everyone knows that is was Russia. He even tries to get the Russians into the G7, it’s so obvious. When the free press is publishing the truth, then two things happen: one, his secret network trolls the internet and posts mad, angry and nasty short messages full of BS, and two, his secret network is creating misinformation about the truth, and believe it or not, they call it alternative facts. Then they scream ‘Fake News’, making everybody deaf. Man, I tell you it’s beyond amazing.This Russian operative even has a propaganda machine which brainwashes people who are opening their minds for state controlled nonsense. The propaganda machine looks at the outside as a nice family TV network, but man, they are telling real propaganda. For example that the pandemic is over! Since they started broadcasting this crap, almost 20.000 people have died, and these are only the confirmed ones. It’s even so bad that well thinking and wise republicans are setting up superpacs to get a democrat elected for President. They want this Democrat president to find this Russian operative, because our incubating President can’t. But they found his Russian codename, do you know what it is? ‘Orange’! I wonder why this codename was chosen! Man he is so deep in our White House that insiders are calling him a ‘deep state’ operative who is creating chaos in our nation. He even blames former presidents (democrat and republican) for his mess. Well I hope that they find this Russian operative. Wish Hoover was alive, he knew what to do with Russian spies!! It looks easy, but I was told that he calls himself a stable genius. Anyway, hope that they can arrest this dude.

    1. @K PBiden? Why? Why should I. Why should I explain myself? It’s useless. You wouldn’t even comprehend what I say. Look in anny postingchain how you all react. You all can’t even have a decent conversation about politics. The only thing you all understand is dictatorship, someone up high who tells you what to do. You’re a follower, not a thinker. Democracy is way above your understanding. You got a brain, you never used it. Try using your braincells, you would be surprised what you can do with it. Why not trying to go to school? You would learn something.

    2. Mp Your back off your medication again aren’t youL lol Yea u just prove that TDS is a real and serious problem ,for some and unfortunately there is no cure. To Bad. Lol

    3. MP you have no case ,no hope no rest of assurance to be able to put your little to sleep at night knowing that Trump will be president for 2020,2024,2028…………lol

    1. @Allan Gregory i know it’s hard for a fascist like you to accept rules of democracy without feeling offended… fascim is pure left, like slavery, and you are a living proof of it! 😂😂

  2. I have read over the past few weeks that Biden was up by double digits in Michigan. Up only two points now? Doesn’t make sense.

    1. It doesn’t really matter. Increasing the turnout will be key and regardless of what any poll says, with the vagaries of the Electoral College and the brakes released on the Republican’s decades-long policy of gerrymandering and vote suppression meaning that Trump must be voted against in overwhelming numbers in order to scrape a win for Biden.

  3. Vote like we are behind by 20 points! Vote like your life and the life of America depends on it – because it does! Vote early and vote often! Ooops, haha Sorry folks. I meant just vote early.

    Polls are a snapshot in time and can change with the weather. The only polls that count are the ones on Election Day. We gotta get out and vote this time, or vote by mail where allowed. Too much at stake. Too much to lose. Godspeed America.

    1. garybalatennis everyone i know is voting trump and dems have last half the party they are all switching to repub and trump msdnc lies!

    2. @Silence DoGood Believe whatever nonsense you like but nothing indicates that a majority is rooting for Trump, on the contrary.
      I am aware that many Republicans care more about the “feels” than facts but what matters on election day is reality, not fantasy. And in the real world, things aren’t looking good for Trump.
      He knows it, and I think you know it too.

    3. @Silence DoGood Everybody I know is voting for Biden and I’ve heard that many Republicans are voting for Biden ten of whom I know personally. Trump is behind in the polls for a reason. Trump is incompetent and is Putin’s puppet.

    4. @Silence DoGood Your bandwagon approach won’t work because we’re on to Trump and Putin’s tricks. We don’t want a dictator in the USA.

  4. These are numbers, their wonderful, Numbers,
    Like numbers we love numbers,
    Numbers are BIGLY ..

  5. How many democrats and republicans are registered to vote in these states? This is the key. Voter registration and mail in ballots.

    1. The GOP change the rules at the last minute. E.g. reservations don’t have address numbers but the GOP said they had to have address numbers to be eligible to vote. Never had to have them to vote before.

  6. This is awesome but we have to remember that none of this matters unless people vote.
    Please everybody help mobilize friends and family to vote in November!

  7. it really scares me. Even if it were only 20% who would support Trump. How can it be that over 40% trumps share opinions. What went wrong with evolution? How can you take such a person seriously. that is incomprehensible….

  8. 2.2 million infected, 120,000 dead, 40 million unemployed, racial protests, martial law and it’s still this close?

  9. its not a funny joke to make about China “goosing some of these number” this is legit scary stuff that they might actually be trying to do and we need to take it more seriously

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