Gupta: Trump Rally Like Playing Russian Roulette As COVID-19 Spikes In OK | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta reacts to the Trump campaign continuing its plan to hold an indoor rally on Saturday in Tulsa as the coronavirus statistics in Oklahoma continue to get worse. Aired on 6/18/2020.
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Gupta: Trump Rally Like Playing Russian Roulette As COVID-19 Spikes In OK | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Trump supporters and protesters are pouring into the city. The Trump group is camped out adjacent to the BOK center like a band of loud mouthed gypsies. (Apologies to any actual gypsies out there)

    2. @Chris P. Bacon And don’t forget he is not going to pay for their funerals. He already made it clear that they cannot sue him if contracted Covid19.

    3. @mtronix Look for the red hats and you will know who is a carrier. Stay away from those folks. They are hosts for covid 19.

    4. Darwinism at its best. It will be great. It will be the best. And of course they don’t get to go to hospital later. Gives without saying …

    1. Natural Selection is one of the main concepts found within the theory of evolution. It was discovered by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace though Darwin championed the idea in his book “On the Origin of Species”. That’s what we have here, natural selection. People smart enough to know that what science and medicine can protect them from getting sick and people who choose to ignore science and medicine to believe what they want to believe

    2. We are going to see Darwin’s theory played out on people who do not believe in natural selection.

    3. Did any of you get covid from the BLM riots, I mean “protests”. Lmao funny how you’re so concerned about covid now. Stay indoors forever. I fully support that. Everyone else will take precautions and get on with life.

    1. Don’t you have a deserted island in the Pacific where Trump and his love child Boris can be parachuted into and left.

    1. Deb …TULSA, you are in for a BIG rally SECURITY BILL ( maybe ..humm $200-$300+ thousand?) and you know that he is NEVER going to pay YOU – just like all the other cities he screwed over and has NEVER PAID !

    2. Deb ….they’ll be trouble …right here in River City…with a capital T that stands for Trump that stands for Fool…!

    1. I’ve lived a good chunk of my life in other countries. I don’t fit in here anymore, I’m out of here the first chance I get.

    2. We don’t need to leave. tRUMP and his minions and family and cultists should leave. They are the ones causing the problems. I want my country back from the grifters, deceivers, and destroyers. That’s what this POTUS, his family, this administration and the GOP are.

    3. @Simon James I acknowledge your sentiment, I know I can’t fully comprehend it. The treatment of native tribes earlier in our history was unconscionable and I sympathize with your feelings. Things are still not where they should be with this situation. I wish you and your tribe well.

  1. This is a reenactment of the Jonestown massacre complete with a cult leader. Instead of koolaid, its COVID. You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. gail1984
      People should know who attends these gatherings just keep away from them. M across the pond but then you never know .,

  2. I can’t believe that in this day in age with all the technology that is around us i.e, Internet, computers, cell phones, space, medical science, etc there are still people out there that would rather listen to Trump than professionals

    1. 1980rob08 * This president paid 25 million dollars to stop the lawsuits and fraud charges from the Phony Trump University Scam! How come you never mention that? National Review called it a huge scam!
      And you call us stupid? You still support this criminal?

    2. @Hammerin’ Hank ” I love the poorly educated ”……as ALL dictators do , the people are soooo malable……hand it to the ignorant, they still believe that our Earth is only 6000 years old and their guy-in-the-sky built lt in 6 days …..yea MAGA !!!

    3. Sounds like you progressives create rules for everyone else but yourselves. Why did you go on a two week riot and looting spree? Shouldn’t you have been concerned about spreading covid? You’re hypocrites. No one is afraid of you progressives. Get that through your thick skulls. You can shout and try to silence people into submission but no one is listening to you anymore.

  3. Once you get in to the rally you’ll receive a free Lysol injection along with your complimentary hat & flag😃🇺🇸

    1. @Michaela Francis Well it wouldn’t be much different then Xis sweat shops that Ivanka uses for her clothing line she made over 80 million on last year!!

    2. Yes and a funeral director will let you browse their new years line of caskets or if cremation is in your plans after the rally of death by Ttrump and his grim reapers!!!

    3. Saturday, Tulsa OK, World’s largest tail gate, pot-luck and group hug, join the fun, don’t be late!

  4. Trump and the Republicans are literally killing off their base. Problem is they endanger other people’s lives and livelihoods.

  5. Taiwan = everyone was wearing masks + testing + contact tracing = 7 deaths and 500 cases TOTAL (not in one day). If one new case happens everyone knows about it

    1. Viet nam = 300+ cases and 0 deaths. We are the first asian country to reopen.
      Watching usa from my point of view is both funny and sad at the same time

    2. Taiwan was also following human to human transmission but when they provided that information to the WHO, they were ignored. the WHO stuck with the Chinese narrative of “no human to human transmission has been observed”. since you’re a fan of Taiwan would you agree that they should replace China on the member list of the WHO?

    3. @Matthew Trần Vietnam did it right. A HARD lockdown that everyone actually followed.

    4. @Matthew Trần More like sickening in such a huge country with such major advancements but are so behind in such simple things in curtailing a virus by wearing protective gear!!!!

    5. @peter conway
      the thing scared me the most is that some american still think that this virus is not such a big deal. Can you imagine what this virus can do if we decided to do nothing , like no lock down and masks stuffs!!!!

  6. It’s sad that people are still so easily led to drink the Kool-aid(Jim Jones followers)…wisdom is no longer a thing for many people.

    1. I’d say anyone claiming to be a progressive should see a psychologist for their mental illness. No one likes them. Not even liberals lmao

  7. Trump: “Y’all come to my rally, masks off, sing loud, breathe deep. Covid’s a hoax!”

    1. @Айша Альмсабли I’m black. BLM org doesnt matter to me. It’s been hijacked by rich white trust fund kids and antifa. Why would I want anything to do with them. By the way I dont care that they protested. It’s their right. Its just fun to call out hypocrites.

  8. will he suspend November election due to health “emergency”
    Dictatorship attempt coming
    it’s the only way trump & his gang stay outta jail

    1. Agreed. “Stealing an Election as the Incumbent” is the last demerit badge he needs to complete his collection and become a true dictator.

  9. Birds of the same feathers, flops together.
    Only morons like himself will attend a political rally at this crucial times .

    1. It was nice. Ultra left communists breaking other peoples property for the giggles. Sorry you missed it.

    2. @David Harrow Maria?? See these racists are the reason I left the Democratic Party and became a republican.

  10. Make sure Melania, Baron, Ivanka, Jared Make sure ALL his family, Republican Senate, Moscow Mitch, and his corrupt wife, Bannon, Miller, Paul Ryan. They ALL should be in that MAGGAT RALLY!

    1. I will sponsor any registered Republican to get a free meal and ride to the rally. Pack em in as tight as possible. More the merrier. Crank up the heater. BLM marches were outdoors.

    2. Leave his young son out of this. As disgusting as that whole family is , Baron should be off limits.

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