Fact-Checking Cuomo's Statements As He Announces His Resignation 1

Fact-Checking Cuomo’s Statements As He Announces His Resignation

NBC's Tom Winter breaks down New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement that he will resign and statements he made to address the allegations of sexual harassment that have been brought against him.

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Fact-Checking Cuomo's Statements As He Announces His Resignation


  1. Did he know or met her before she met with him for a job? Or was the meeting not even about a job social and then asked for on his squad? If it was the former how did he end up interviewing two women, what was asked for them to have met with him?

  2. Investigation of his staff and who was involved in the harassment of the victims needs to be done. Dig deeper.

  3. When did MSNBC fact check Cuomo before? Seemed like the last few years you guys were straight cheer leaders for Cuomo.

  4. Bye Felicia, let’s see how many pardons he issues in his last two weeks. They need to impeach him already so he leaves immediately and can’t run again!!!

  5. As Governor can’t you date lots of ladies leave the wife.. I don’t understand predictor stuff… Just a sick stupid man..

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