Senate Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

The Senate has voted to pass the bipartisan infrastructure package. NBC's Garrett Haake reports on the deal and what Democrats will move to accomplish next with their reconciliation package.

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Senate Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Package


    1. @Tony Smith I am actually, so long as that doesn’t include hatred towards non-Americans or Americans with different views. I believe in the sanctity of our democratic system above any man or party, and that political violence and intimidation should NEVER be accepted or justified.

  1. Well, the Republicans knew that their constituents could turn against them if they didn’t vote for it. They probably voted for it for survival than for actually doing something to benefit average Americans.

  2. The GOP who swore to obstruct this administration lost a lot today, McConnell just realized he doesn’t have the power he used to! Maybe now the Senate can actually do some good for the people, not only the 1%.

    1. @T Fox 1.9 trillion* no one should take you seriously when you can’t tell the difference between spending plans and reality. Bill clinton was the only modern age president to produce a surplus. Democrats are just generally better at balancing the books, sorry 🙂

    2. @Ryan Walsh 1.9? Lol. That’s just one package. Their is another attached to it that is 3.5. Then you add up the one they passed when he first came into office. Lol.

    3. @Ryan Walsh Ya, Democrats are so great at balancing books. Lmao. While inflation on everyday necessities skyrocket. Jen Psaski even said they expect it to go up but go back down NEXT YEAR!! She admitted his spending is causing inflation ontop of what was expected bc of their pandemic but hopes it goes back down. Lol. But yet they are better at balancing the books. That was hilarious!!!

    4. @Ryan Walsh Wait until they add that gas tax. Do you have central air on hot days? Electric heat for winter? That power bill is going to be expensive!!! Lol. You ppl have no clue how bad we are going to suffer when all the dust settles from Joe’s ridiculous spending. I know one thing. If he doesn’t stop giving out free rent the housing market is going to collapse. It’s already on thin ice from the last crash that almost brought the whole system down.

    5. @T Fox trump spent wayyyy more than Biden. This is Trump’s inflation. And it’s already starting to wane year over year.

    1. Republicans around the country are working very hard to ensure that nobody can steal your vote.

      Democrats are trying to set it up so that every mailbox is stuffed with ballots, ready for harvesters to scoop them up, fill them in and submit them, and banning all avenues of proving that’s what happened, like signature verification.

      Democrats are trying to repeat the 2020 clusterfuck that allowed them to steal the white house with just 5 corrupt cities in 5 corrupt counties.

      Not happening again.

  3. So does that mean damns and bridge won’t collapse at the meer sight of them since most infrastructure in America is rated as a “D” at best.

  4. Hey GOPers that did not support this bill – exactly what country are you working for because it sure isn’t the USA.

    1. @Joe Schwenk Ok. Such as……..? You enhoying your gas prices and inflation? Do you think a trillion dollar bill is gonna make that better or worse?

    2. @Joe Schwenk The southern border has more ppl coming in than ever and far more kids in cages. You can’t deny the statistics and hard as you may try. How is your life better with Biden?

    3. @icas80 for those who have no clue. Presidents and administrations have absolutely nothing to do with the price of gas .supply and demand and opec control that. More people than ever traveling after covid so gas prices go up accordingly and normally go up spring and summer si you can wake up with the stupid statements about Bidens gas prices it only shows ignorance of facts and of course you will have inflation with the increasing consumer demands simple economics.

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone huh? I was just following your hypothetical and explaining why your description was inaccurate. I made no moral assertion.

    2. @Ryan Walsh
      No, you’re denying the point of the Senate. The House is supposed to try to feed you. The Senate is supposed to tell you to get a job.

      Saying NO is the reason the Senate exists. Full stop.

  5. Meanwhile, Trump said that his health care plan will be revealed in two weeks. That’s when he’ll part the Red Sea and find the Ark of The Covenant in Queens. Or was it a crack house in The Bronx?

    1. @Mike Johnsonand would like to know we are all fuckrd at this point , but good luck .
      And on me 🥃

    2. @Durmas Higginbotham I did as soon as I was able to get it, I’m no stranger to civic duty and responsibility, I am proud to have done my small part to be considerate of my fellow humans especially my family.

  6. Trumpy tried for four years to get an infrastructure deal and failed, even when his party held the Senate and the House. What a loser. 😄

    1. We are in crazy debt as a country. Money does not grow on trees, and this will come back to hurt all Americans through inflation.

    2. @SkaterStan Except that it won’t. It will literally come back to benefit all Americans as taxes levied from people who will now have good paying union jobs. This is a MASSIVE win for America.

  7. Pay attention to the senators who vote “NO”. They are against the common people of the United States. They are against YOU!

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