Dallas School Superintendent Defies Gov. Abbott’s Mask Mandate Ban

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent, Michael Hinojosa, discusses why he's requiring his students and teachers to wear masks, in defiance of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on mandates. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that he has been "cornered" when making decisions about coronavirus restrictions.

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  1. I don’t understand why you need to pay people so you can protect them from this virus. It boogles my mind

  2. At least there’s ONE man in a position of power that cares about our children & their safety & it’s sure not Governor Abbot!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep doing what you’re doing Michael…you’ve got our support, unlike Abbot!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hero! That man is a hero! He’s protecting our future like a boss. Screw you, Abbott. Screw you, Desantis. We have better than you taking care of kids.

    1. @Aaron Hashem you are still stupid, the pathogens are carried in aerosols, (moisture droplets) that are caught in the mask

    2. @Aaron Hashem NO, you won’t inhale the pathogen, why don’t you look up and see how masks work

    3. @Aaron Hashem you haven’t said how he is incompetent, so you have NO proof to back up that claim? When I did I say that? NEVER.

    1. Doesn’t seem like the kind of man you would want upset with you. My first impression of him? One tough hombre.

  4. Thankfully there are still some adults who have common sense and are doing what is right in order to protect the children and the public!

  5. It’s too bad Florida kids have to die. Thank you for looking out for Dallas Texas kids. I was one of them. Texas Rocks!

    1. I still say we should have just left Texas to freeze this past winter and to let them swim after Harvey so they can “be their own country” like they want, but whatever sure texas rocks.

  6. This is what happens when politicians start issuing “orders.” Everyone issues their own order and none of them matter.

  7. Anyway we can get a class action law suite against Abbott from all parents? They are doing this in Florida against De Santis! I’m a Texan and support this man

  8. Not really good moral character when a man, no a leader, basically says to you I don’t give a crap about you or about your kids. Big time failure.

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