N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces Resignation Amid Harassment Claims

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces his resignation amid claims of sexual harassment. Citing one of the "most challenging times for government in a generation," the governor said he will step aside to "let government get back to governing."

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    1. @Troyphy WOW. You’re making a Grand Canyon leap there. Lol. You’re shamelessly misrepresenting the facts. Nice try.

    2. @Troyphy not sure ‘cowardly’ is applicable here, Webster…That aside….please point me to evidence, grand jury indictments of wrongdoing.

    3. Oregon governor signs bill suspending math, reading proficiency requirements for HS graduates—–the new standards for graduation will help benefit the state’s “Black, Latino, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.”——saying they can’t reach the standards and never will…

  1. “Its a matter of life and death!” Politicians love telling us that we couldn’t survive without them.

    1. @Parker Warren I was referring to your post , each side calls the other racist ,bigoted,sexist ,etc . Disgusting but humorous, The most non productive bunch of politicians ever assembled . I have no use for either side.

    2. @Parker Warren I wish that we had a party worth arguing over , I’m not seeing one . Seems each side is a bunch of perverted crooks vacationing on our dime. While we argue…

  2. *puppetmaster- “Just distract them with covid!” *Cuomo- “me good covid baddd” Not gonna work this time dirtbags

    1. @Shane Roberts Thanks, man. I have no idea why it just flew into my head when I was looking for a username. The bad news is that it sort of “fits” what I’m doing here.

  3. C’mon man, spill the beans on the rest of your old timer friends. You know, now that you know that behavior is not ok.

  4. Remember when these “news” organizations were saying Cuomo was the greatest governor and should run for president? Lmao. A Year later and he’s resigning for being a major predator and nursing home killer

    1. @Xavier Logistics Yes, In the category of Outstanding Actor in Pretending to be a Human Being. 👺 🏆

  5. “So say goodnight to the bad guy, last time you ever gonna see a bad guy like me”

    – Tony Montana

  6. “There are political motivations at play.” Kinda like how you refused to use Trump’s pop-up ICUs in NY. Bye bye Covid Cuomo mwwwaah 😘

    1. @Ross Carlson Trump did what he could with heavy opposition, at the time people were more interested in “Russian collusion” rather than closing off America from china

    2. I remember hearing about huge maskless gatherings with young college kids back in the early days of Covid, but yet Trump is somehow the one blamed for spreading the virus all over the place, even after banning travel to and from China.

  7. This apology basically: “I did nothing wrong, but I’m sorry you’re overreacting, so I’m going to resign. But not for you. For my career. Thank you to everyone I betrayed for my amazing political career that I will now gloat about for several minutes straight. I just made a little booboo. Totally not sexual harassment. I hope you miss me and forgive me because of my resume.”

    Peak gaslighting and emotional manipulation. Talking with your hands is sexual harassment. If you’re somebody who does this, especially if you’re still an adolescent, take my advice and don’t do it. You may not mean any harm by it and are simply just trying to be affectionate and I get it, but the women can’t read your mind. They don’t know what you’re intentions are and talking with your hands is what groomers do, so it scares them. You probably won’t know if whoever in your life that’s teaching you this has learned this the hard way so please listen to them if you don’t live with guilt and shame for the rest of your life.

  8. “saving new York city”
    Considering he is the one that destroyed it I don’t really think that is high on his priority list.

    1. Well guess what… the woman behind him that will assume office on a temporary basis is worse than him….

    1. Ventilated patients had a 78-89 % greater chance of dying by depending on a machine , the body stopped fighting .
      Are hospitals using ventilation on covid ?

      So what was your comment ?

    1. @TooManyChoices1 o im sorry you are to stupid to use machines to do the job you want done like everyone els in America can you do the common decency of educating yourself before entering a debate no well then i dont feel very respectful myself to a troll who cant even realize common decency but im sure well see how smart you think you are if you even have anything to add

  9. Everything he’s done was with love?
    Killing old people in nursing homes. So loving indeed. Aw I’m feeling so cuomosexual

  10. “Harassment”

    Didn’t the Attorney General report that he groped two women and forcibly kissed a third? Why are we calling this “harassment“ and not “sexual assault“? Why are we so afraid to just call things what they are when it comes to this guy?

    1. Because he’s a Democrat, and Democrats are above the law. Just look at Joe Biden. He’s groped and sniffed countless women on national television and yet he’s still in office.

    2. Something familiar I heard from our lovely President Trump about grubbing by pu..sy and he still not under investigation? What a double standards!

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