1. You could end the show early, just tell us when he told the truth. NEVER! He’s incapable of it.

    1. @It’s Knot Magic of every county…country.’ Let me start this over again,. does that mean anything to you. That’s just the latest

  2. It’s being reported that Hillary was rushed to the hospital today after suffering a severe and violent laughing attack. 🤣🤣

  3. To quote Rudy “we have lots of theories but no evidence”. This may teach trump the difference when you have to face real evidence. He may be so far gone though that he’s incapable of learning anything.

    1. Remember back in the Good Old Days when Republicans used to laugh at anyone that pulled the Victim Card? Now their Hero is the Ultimate Victim.

    1. humans are humans Humans are not god. We can all only live once. No human has ever lived twice. What I earnestly think is that a false life will only end in pain and destruction. Humans live by love. Love is higher than selfishness. Love is not a tool that humans can control. It is just itself that leads us on the right path. Sorry for preaching. Good luck.

    2. I love how an Aussie lived in a country with COVID concentration camps…and then believes they can comment on anything

  4. And he talked negatively about the judge and Alvin and their family just hours after the judge told him not to. I hope the judge slaps an immediate gag order on him!😁

  5. What grabs me is that every time he lies, he gets a round of applause from his uneducated followers.

    1. @alwaysLearningsumn That’s the usual majority of his supporters but in this case, at Mar-A-Lago, it’s only the ultra wealthy followers. No hillbillies allowed. Probably a good portion of this Mar-A-Lago crowd are also WS. Trump did try to pander to the WS with his _”Whatever Jack Smith’s name was before he changed it”_ dog whistle.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador I’m just like the word hillbillies lol you speak the truth 💯

  6. I loved today when he went through that big door leading into the hallway and the bailiff didn’t hold the door for Trump. 😅

  7. Man, even when he’s reading from a teleprompter he’s lying. I guess whoever wrote it for him wants him to look stupid. As if his natural looks werent enough 😅😂

  8. Gag order and impose a $1Million penalty for every lie he makes until the conclusion of the trial.

  9. I swear if this wasn’t reality I would think we’ve been watching an Apple TV show for 7 seasons now.

  10. But you never fact check the liar in chief when he speaks. He literally lies every time he talks. Even with him mumbling 😂😂

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