Fact Vs. Fiction On Covid-19 Vaccines | MSNBC

Ahead of an MSNBC townhall tonight with President Biden on vaccinating the country, Doctors Kavita Patel and Zeke Emanuel join Andrea Mitchell to help dispel common myths about the coronavirus vaccines.
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    1. yes, everybody who is not vaccinated will be infected with Corona some day. Sooner or later. So you just have to make the calculation which “bad thing” is worse for you. Corona or vaccination.
      Estatistically the answer is simple!
      Saludos from a German in South America, where also more than a few schoolkids are also somehow affected from long covid. Our daughter 13 y/o will also be vaccinated.

  1. Look, life isn’t guaranteed to anyone! The benefits of taking the vaccine outweighs the potential harm of it. Take it or leave it!!!!

    1. Then go take the vaccine and leave the rest of us to decide for ourselves, so sick of you people thinking you have the right to force your own beliefs on others.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Oh shut up! No one is forcing anything on you. Like I said, take it OR leave it. That’s a choice!!!! Read my comment properly before you post.

  2. If you don’t vaccinate you will never end this pandemic. I had both Covid 19 and the vaccine.

    1. I took my 2nd Pfizer dose a week ago and I am feeling wonderful and protected. Please do the same and be safe people!

    2. @Billy Zee good for you but nobody cares. We’re you one of those ideots taking a selfie when you were getting it lol

  3. How about you do some research get off of Google you will find all the dirt you need don’t listen to these propaganda junkies

  4. As for the “micro chip locator in the vaccine” phobia: Spoiler alert: that micro chip is in your phone Dumbo – no need to put another one in a vaccine.

    1. Also of note, Bill Gates doesn’t care if you go to Wal-Mart and then Cracker Barrel before going to your trailer home for the rest of the day.

    2. Let me add a couple more points…The smallest microchip is not small enough to fit thru the tip of the needle used to administer the vaccine, and as far as the “Mark of the Beast” rumor, there is a passage in the Bible called “Good Samaritan”…look it up.

  5. The maga cult was too dumb to figure out how masks work.
    Asking them to trust the science of a vaccine is like asking my dog to do my income taxes! 🐶

    1. Maga people just plain refuse to wear masks because it infringes on their rights. The right to be stupid.

    2. BidenPhiles can’t even think for themselves and only depend on the MediaMob to OBEY ORDERS.

    3. @FLASHBACKS INTO How’s that “Stop the Steal” coming along, by the way? Having fun over there obeying the lie like a good lemming?? 😂🤣

  6. This would work better if you didn’t always have the same doctors who also weigh into political topics.

    1. @Manon France most of the public are mindless sheep, they don’t think for themselves. They need other people to tell them what to think. They rely on the opinions of others and the group, they are mostly emotional thinkers and refute logic. As long as they are accepted by the group and society they will parrot whatever the popular narrative is.

  7. It’s a wonder man-kind has survived 100s of thousands of years with such an unreliable immune system. Nature sure does a shabby job.

    1. @Easy Money Well, yes and no. Actually more “no” than “yes”. 😉

      From medieval times till the 1800’s (the industrial revolution changed everything) in Europe, the average life expectancy was ~40, BUT this does NOT mean people died in their 40’s!

      In those times the INFANT MORTALITY was horrendous. Of 10 children 5 dying before the 10th birthday was COMMON!
      Also: Mothers dying in childbirth was common!
      BUT, if You got to survive past ~10 years of age (and where spared birthing children), You could live to your 60’s or even 80’s, like today.

      I wonder why the children in those times died so often at a young age? Could it be that “childhood diseases” can actually be deadly?

    2. Dear @Wandering Questions There is a German saying: “Nicht Alles was hinkt ist ein Vergleich.”

      For the first ~300,000 years of human existence on this planet THERE WHERE NO CITIES!
      Comparing the living conditions of these people (~300,000 years ago) with modern living conditions and concluding nothing significant has changed is deluded, even for the criminally insane.

      While there are easily 50 household items You take for granted that where mere science fiction when Your mother was borne, evolution takes GENERATIONS to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

      The human immune system is TOTALLY AMAZING! It evolved 100s of thousands of years ago and TODAY can be trained by safe and effective vaccines to protect from diseases that NO human being has ever encountered before 2019! That is TWO YEARS AGO!

  8. Your broadcast should have given equal speaking time to those reputable doctors, scientists and academics who oppose vaccinations.

    1. Let’s see: 1000 reputable doctors, scientists and academics say the vaccine is safe and works and 1 reputable doctor or scientist or academic warns of imaginary dangers? I think this broadcast gave the doubters more than its fair share of airtime.

  9. I had the virus about a year ago,I have no plan to get the vaccine especially with the new variants coming along, there’s no guarantee they will work against them,I’ll just take my chances.

    1. Yeah … why worry about the potential risk you pose to countless other people, when you can simply ‘look after No.1’!

    2. @Razzle1964 what countless other people do you mean? Most will get the vaccine,which currently is a choice so I’m not sure who stands to be harmed by my actions.

  10. The only factual information I want to hear is from the Hagler family. *RIP Marvin Hagler* …..

  11. what you call”antivaxxers”,are those who are educated to the lethal injections being pushed to the unknowing.what a shame and a sham!

    1. @James Smith oh, so you mean the sheep and normies that let the people on the TV that tell them what to think and how to think? Nah, I’m good✋🏽. It’s propaganda

    2. Taking the vaccine is not only preserving your own health, but is also being considerate of other people around you.

    3. @James Smith keep parroting the narrative, there is absolutely no way you or anyone else will ever change my mind and I’m not taking an experimental “vaccine”. I came into this world by myself and that’s who I look out for. I’m not a gullible sheep like most people that get all their information from the MSM and government elites.

  12. With all due respect, Dr. Emanuel is not good at this. In order to inspire confidence, I’d recommend bringing on Dr. Patel and other doctors like her.

    1. Makes no difference to me, I am not getting the vaccine no matter who is trying to sell it as safe.

    2. They need to get Dr. Ralph Baric. He’s the foremost expert on coronaviruses before Obama ordered the operation shipped to Wuhan. Dr. Baric can tell you how the Chinese weaponized that virus and released it intentionally to create chaos around the world.

    1. Death to 1 out of 81,000 to be exact or
      .001%…..you’re not that lucky, but I will pray for you to be so.

  13. I have a clotting issue that hasn’t been dealt with since before Covid started. I also have many health issues. I spoke with my doctor about whether it was safe to be vaccinated and he told me Pfizer would be best to have considering the clotting problems. If I can be vaccinated and others with other health issues can, everyone should be vaccinated!

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