Facts: Police Killing At Exact Same Rate In Year Since George Floyd's Murder I MSNBC 1

Facts: Police Killing At Exact Same Rate In Year Since George Floyd’s Murder I MSNBC


A year after George Floyd's murder, new data shows U.S. police are using deadly force at the exact same rate. MSNBC's Ari Melber documents the discrimination in policing and civil rights that remains largely unchanged after a year of activism and scrutiny since Floyd's murder. Melber reports on national data, specific incidents, structural conflicts of interests in prosecution, and special legal immunities provided to police, showing the evidence for why so little has changed in Part II of this Special Report. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Or any other metric that could be statistically calculated over the number he provided of police use of deadly force this year thus far. It’s like a brain dead argument to just say, “Hey, the numbers are going up ”. Yeah all numbers go up, but what are those numbers statistically based on! Like out of how many police encounters or the crime rate as you stated. This is just simultaneously the dumbest and most manipulative “news story”.

  1. And in other news, “Coincidentally there has been a proportionate increase in law breaking citizens’ WILLINGNESS TO COMPLY WITH POLICE OFFICERS”

    1. Exactly. It’s like trendy to resist arrest well we kind of know the outcome is bleak, so make a good decision.

    1. @David Wilson I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. If your are joking, you made my night. Hilarious

    1. This reporting is just someone wanting to stir the pot because it’s time. Connect the dots people until this reporter and others are held accountable for crap reporting the media CNN, MSNBC and others will keep trying to indoctrinate you.

  2. Police killings should actually be higher considering violent crime is increasing dramatically. Oh wait, they don’t do logic here.

    1. So explain how white people don’t get treated as a threat when then are brandishing weapons and doing mass shooting?

    2. @possumverde well if that’s the case then you need to break down each type of crime. what demographics are actually committing them, and a whole host of other factors.
      Can’t just say violent crime is up without the context.

    3. Uh no, because police killings are unlawful, I’m sure arrests have gone up though or are you making a testimony to police neglecting their job because their feelings are hurt?

  3. But not that we should hold the criminals accountable for their roles in this “trend” or anything

    1. @Eric blah blah blah blah.. I haven’t seen any reports that stated he had broken into a home before hand.. But I read it everywhere online weird

    1. I don’t se how one has to do with the other. Isn’t the entire point of police to apprehend and line you up for court, regardless of your crime?

    2. @ponderous tomes You would think..bit the criminals carry and shoot first most of the time. People with your mindset just blame police for protecting themselves while they are protecting you and other citizens from the dredge of humanity though. You go meet the criminals with the social workers and try and ‘work it out

    3. @ponderous tomes Nah, no strawman, you are just oblivious to reality. Go ahead, get out there and protect your community

  4. This is surprising since the homicide rate has quadrupled in that same time frame. Has MSNBC covered that?

    1. @Alex Jay I agree, while also noting that they’re extremely aggressive to people who they shouldnt be.

    1. Thanks to the Democrats letting thousands of criminals out onto the streets of America. What do you thinks would hapoen?

  5. Why would they have decreased just because of that one high profile case? What, because of that the police are no longer allowed to use force as necessary? Maybe they are doing so in the right manner.

  6. Look at the rapid rising of murder rate in the cities like Portland, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, etc. Do you expect police doing less or nothing?

  7. It actually sounds like the numbers are normal and police shootings aren’t becoming any increasing problem, but instead a steady reflection.

  8. Wouldn’t that mean that they are shooting less people since most people were locked down all last year? People haven’t been locked down this year

  9. I think it’s time to judge these news reporters
    They come on every day and point the finger at everybody else & half the time they aren’t reporting news
    there reporting there opinions
    Alot of people’s lives are affected by what they say & they should be held accountable for there reporting

  10. Given that we were locked down all last year AND crime has gone up. These numbers are actually quite impressive.

  11. Ok now do a story on how powerful teachers unions are and how they gave Democrats $63 million to keep kids trapped in their horrendous schools and out of proven charter schools, and bribe Democrats to have absolutely no standards or accountability.

  12. Actually it is MSM that is trending above last year’s average of douching America with lies compared to police shootings.

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