Facts So Far In Trump Coup Probe Suggest Criminal Referral Likely

Senator Richard Blumenthal, member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about indications so far that events surrounding Donald Trump's attempt to overturn his 2020 election loss could result in a criminal referral to the Department of Justice.
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    1. @Jesse Watters it’s called capitalism. Private businesses can choose if they want you wearing a mask. You get mad you have to wear shirt n shoes inside stores too?

    2. @Martín R Fernández it definitely was when Bill Barr was in charge. Lol trying to say the Mueller report cleared Trump when it clearly laid out 10 instances of Trump obstructing justice

    3. @jj welsh75 This is how you know the real fascists have won. Good thing you’re a random nobody though 🙂

    4. @Manattee Giggles
      Let me guess troll you were one of the NAZI’S that stormed the Capitol? Another failure just like your pathetic life. Poor Boy. Cry another day 😢😪

  1. America deserves to know those who organised, coordinated and funded the attack on America’s Democracy and Constitution will be held accountable.

    1. @Nathan Hastings We all like to exaggerate, but when you cheat at golf, you’re not only cheating your opponent but also cheating yourself.

    2. @Tim Brown Waaat? Why is it big boy time – and not big girl time or both? On that count alone, I won’t answer your question – for I have ZERO tolerance for misogyny. Byeee!

    3. @Sedition Happens Who do you think won? Why a grown man? When a kid in fourth grade can answer that question. The question back to you is – Can you?
      All in all, it is a stupid question. Being the case, it doesn’t deserve a straight direct answer. You figure it out.
      Anyway, last time I checked – the winner, goes to occupy the big white villa on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. I saw it has a new rose garden. The old one from “Jackie” was replaced.

    4. @Chuck Darwin Well, I see that Donald Trump is all the time at Mara a Lago these days. I think, he doesn’t go to DC anymore. He holds rallies, but he doesn’t use “‘Air Force One” to go there. Wait a minute – someone else is using his black limousine (called the Beast). Anyway, you tell me. Who do you think won the presidential elections?

    1. @Kal Robbins precisely! Once a judge sees you a few times, they either let it go or schedule endless dates with the same intention- to get it over with.

    2. @Sun Dial you’re mom said dinner will be ready in 10 min so finish playing insurrection with your friends. She told me to tell you the support group for middle age delusional Trump supporters 🤢 is at your house tonight! You should be in jail. Being that ignorant and talking about Obama like you know what you are saying is criminal! Hilarious & ridiculous but thank you for the giggle! 😂🤣😆😛

    3. @WilliamOccamensis
      How do you know i work in an Asylum…???…I’m actually Chief Medical Officer and a Board certified Neurosurgeon and Psychiatrist at Americas biggest lunatic asylum..
      ( DNC )…….😁

    4. For anyone that’s thinking wow she’s a huge phallus, no. I’m just tired of this BS with these people. They ruined the American flag . I will never wear or put one on my house again. I don’t want anyone having the misconception that I would ever support something this detestable. I am actually deeply affected. This has impacted all of us though. What type of disgusting person do you have to be to somehow feel justified about the last year’s, let alone be emboldened? It’s so sad that after literally all of history, people would still gravitate towards the former president. 😭😭😭

  2. If this was an average American citizen they would be charged and thrown in prison already… So why are these people walking free?

    1. Do not argue with these trolls .. just report and block them!! When you argue with stupid people it also drags your intelligence down as well. So stop responding to them!! They’ll go away!!

  3. It should be examined as to what Jeffrey Clarke was up to before TrumPutin selected him. You don’t suddenly become corrupt. If Putin owned him then there will be a crime somewhere for the purposes of blackmail.

    1. Clark’s moves thru the ranks of his career from formal education to trump placing him into position to help overthrow our democracy I truly suspect he carries the seed of Putin

    2. You’re right, you don’t suddenly become corrupt. Donald Trump is a career criminal. He’s never earned an honest dollar and never spoken an honest word. He is exactly what he appears to be.

  4. The BIG QUESTION now “Why isn’t Trump charged with Criminal Intent?”Acting Rosen speaks volumes into LAW BREAKING.

    1. Because there is no such crime. “Intent” refers to the state of mind in which a person has made a positive decision to do something unlawful. This is a element of many crimes but it is not a crime in and of itself. For example, one of the elements of first-degree murder is that the perpetrator must intend to do something that caused the death — without that intent, the crime would be some form of accidental or negligent homicide. An element of theft is the intention to permanently deprive somebody of their property — for example, joyriding somebody’s car is a separate offence (“taking without consent” in the UK; not sure of the US term) because there’s no intent to keep the car, so it’s not theft.

    2. @beeble2003 attempted murder is still a crime. there will be elements of criminal conspiracy that trump can absolutely be charged on, but you won’t see any charges even get mentioned until they are ready to go. america as a nation cannot throw a former president in jail unless it is incredibly clear what crimes he committed

    3. @Jason Boyce Right but, as I said, “criminal intent” is not a crime. “Intent” is a state of mind that is a defining feature of some crimes. There are plenty of things that Trump can potentially be charged with and, as you say, we won’t know about that until it happens. But “criminal intent” is not one of those things.

  5. Witnesses who refused to testify or obey subpoenas during the trump/Putin era are still unpunished. Surely that needs sorting out first.

    1. Get Trumpo indicted and imprisoned first. Then we can spend years and years unraveling his numerous crimes. The founders would’ve seen him hanged as a traitor months ago. The least we can do is lock him up and throw away the keys while we sort out the damage he caused. Take the head of the snake and then go after the enablers.

  6. Trump’s ‘secret to success’, including successfully evading accountability, is because there’s always someone that believes the lies he spouts, bails him out, or takes the fall for him allowing him to escape unscathed.

  7. Yes, Senator, we DO want to know what happened. *Then we want JUSTICE for what happened!* With or without torches and pitchforks is up to the DOJ.

  8. Why isn’t the Trump appointed FBI Director, Chris Wray, going after the leaders of the attempted coup on Jan 6th? Answer: Google “Chris Wray Bridgegate cover-up”

  9. It was only the threat of massive capital flight out of the US, that applied the brakes to Trump and his co-conspirators.

  10. If this coup attempt is not FULLY investigated and lawfully prosecuted, regardless of the defendant’s wealth or former job title…our country is finished.

  11. “Get all the witnesses who will voluntarily testify”

    No! Get all the ones who don’t want to testify. Force them to give evidence under oath and jail them if they lie. They are the ones who were complicit in Trump’s administration and need to be forced to tell the people the truth.

    1. I hear you but picking the low hanging fruit can give you more material to use against the reluctant.

  12. Trump tried to over throw election before Jan. 6, on Jan. 6 and after Jan. 6th.. He is not going to stop until he is stopped.

    1. @Oskar Fabian But God chooses when everybody dies.
      So what is your point?
      BTW – Not everybody died in the flood, if so there would be no record of it and in FACT no more history to record after that point.

    2. @Borvo CID SAPIENT was not referring to GOD when he used the term “self-righteous indignation” . He never referred to GOD at all. YOU DID. “Self-righteous” is defined as having or characterized by a certainty, especially an UNFOUNDED one, that ones SELF is totally correct or morally superior. Indignation is anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment. That isn’t the same as Righteous indignation which is considerably less subjective and more objective, as in being morally offended at seeing a crime committed. Someone who was ‘self-righteous’ would find a “moral or ethical ” reason to excuse himself for committing the same act.

    3. @Borvo “But God chooses when everybody dies.” Wow that’s sick, it shows what religion does to people. Of course flood wasn’t a crime because there was no flood. I understand that if you are small you believe in fairy tales but by the age of ten you should let go of such silly things like Santa, various gods, Star Wars etc.

  13. “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congress”. – Donald Trump

  14. If Trump and his cronies avoid prosecution, it effectively means that an attempted coup d’état is perfectly ok in the US.
    Why not give it a go every election.

  15. “voluntarily testify”, “find out the truth”, sounds like a whole lot of, “nah, we aren’t going to hold Trump accountable”

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