1. ​@mr Pepperidge Farms The Russian also intervened in other elections to favor “their” party notably in France and The Netherlands. They support murderous dictators like Bashar Assad and Maduro. They assassinate political opponents at home and abroad. They use internationally banned chemical and biological weapons. Their cyberattacks on Western governments and businesses routinely go unpunished. And they have never been punished for the 298 victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

    2. @S McDonald what do you think about forming a BOTSPOT network to counter the GRU efforts? Get Jim Browning involved and Pierogi the dude at Scammer Payback…. I’m sick of these gopnicks successfully destabilizing democracy unchecked

    3. @mr Pepperidge Farms Would love to be involved in something like this. I watch Jim Browning’s videos and some others. I hate these scammers with a passion. Their really should be a counter offensive of some sort against these Russian bots here.

    4. @S McDonald I’m gonna look into contacting Jim and Pierogi in a more direct way…. I’ve raised the issue on the scammer payback comment section with very little effect. Only got some people that supported the idea. But this is a matter of national defense for a long list of countries. If you have any ideas for how to expedite this keep me apprised

  1. Lol at the title…’Failed Florida Blogger’….it took me seconds to realize who it was lmao

    1. @mr Pepperidge Farms <<<---- 5 month old troll account! HAHAHA HAHAHA

    2. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! you’re not good at this…. Leave the GRU…. You’re running out of time…
      We can help you

    3. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! everyone knows Putin is chasing little boys…. Your whole world is crashing down…. We can get you and your family to safety

    4. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! You are pathetic, aren’t you? Who is in the White House, though? Not your sniveling whining Trump. The American people made their decision. Get over it.

  2. Anyone out of step is instantly attacked, even if its one of your own. This is like watching a snake eating its own tail; you know it isn’t going to end well.

    1. @Boncher Vvanc but only one gave the cyanide capsules to his own wife and kids, Joesph Goebbels. Stephen Miller idolizes Goebbels, so we will see if he told the truth about his hero in papers from school…

    2. @Louis Tully
      the second Decemberist revolt is coming…..
      Navalny is the true voice of the Russian people….
      If Navalny dies in prison it will only get worse for you… Putin is terrified and you know it…
      Your whole GRU FANCY BEAR outfit is getting taken behind the chemical shed…. You’re all going to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers 🌺🌹💐…. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s people and over a dozen Generals are meeting with Navalny’s people….
      Jump ship and swim across….
      Deals are being made

    3. @Boncher Vvanc And a lot of Hitler’s most loyal supporters ran away to Argentina on false papers.

    4. To get rid of democracy is the end goal. Look at the history of Rhodesia and you know what the retrumplicans wanna do.

  3. They keep Matt Gates even after he showed nude pictures of women on house floor but dump Liz Cheney for telling the truth

    1. @Diana Prince You are correct, there thankfully isn’t a Federal system.

      Recounts are not audits.

      Half the country is butthurt every election because everyone says, and rightly so, someone cheated. I assume both sides cheat. Let’s do better.

    2. ​@Diana Prince Elections are not court cases. The burden of proof should never be on the accuser. The burden of proof is on our elected officials that they conducted a transparent, honest and credible election. That doesn’t happen.

      We hang our hats on their verbal announcement that they did their job. Would anyone ever publicly say they didn’t do their job on something as critical as an election? LOL No. Never.

      The system isn’t transparent when software is proprietary and can’t be audited. It’s not transparent when someone makes an accusation and it’s blocked or slow rolled by taking it to court. What do you have to hide?

      The system isn’t transparent when after every election the losing party says the other party stole the election (a la 2016).

      I assume both parties cheat. I can’t believe we have people who aren’t interested in fair and honest elections.

      In my state of CA, the rejection rate for ballots was less than 1%. For the recall they were rejected by about 20% and they don’t have to have the opposing side present when counted. Is that credible? If you want to appear to be transparent, do transparent things.

      I’m not saying the election was stolen. What I’m saying is, we can’t tell.

      We do know that when the stakes are high and the chances of getting caught are low, you will have cheating every time. It’s human nature.

    3. @hector heck FO with the bith sides BS….HRC conceded immediately and never claimed it was stolen…..some did say the electoral college is undemocratic…a little different because she did win the po[pular voter….can youn imagine what truymp would have done if those 2016 results had been flipped?

    4. @Randall Moore ao She did concede but forever considers the 2016 election not legitimate. Others carried that water for her, Pelosi being one prominently. Our system is not democratic. The whole point of the EC is to lessen the power of big states, a little. When your system is a balance of power, it’s done a terrific job of that.

      I wouldn’t have liked it if the election had been overturned, but if you can show me where it wasn’t legit, it should be overturned and I would have agreed. The problem is, we can’t know that. The system protects itself from us, the voters. That is backward.

  4. The Emperor isn’t naked. He’s wrapped in a Russian flag.

    [edit: EX-emperor. h/t tinker T]

    1. After Russia benefits from pipeline fiasco, who also will be able to point to this as a failing of current administration as 2022 elections approach

    1. @judie suh right judie? If this was your parent you would have them checked for alzheimers!!!!! Wtf happened to the 72 hr psych hold???

  5. I do not know how McCarthy looks at himself in the mirror. OR maybe that is how he is able to continue to spew such crap with a straight face…practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror.

    1. McCarthy doesn’t care. As long a he thinks he has a shot at becoming the Speaker, morals and truth don’t matter.
      When McCarthey called Trump during the insurrection, he was screaming at him for help, and Trump refused.
      Then McCarthy blamed Trump. 
      A week later, McCarthy was at Swamp-A-Lago sucking up and changed his tune.
      Today he said that “nobody is disputing that Biden won”. 
      Ludicrous- that’s the whole basis of this charade. 
      Radical TOPers still claiming election fraud, Trump won, and will do anything to gain Trump favor- backing the biggest loser.  
      That’s what this whole thing is about, and numerous vocal TOPers are still promoting the lie (see Arizona- Repubicans refuting that Biden won after how many LEGAL re-counts???)
      Confidential voter information, machines and ballots compromised- sensitive information farmed out to a dodgy company with an agenda, refusing to follow election rules, suing to prevent oversight and no capacity to evaluate anything- thank god they were prevented from stalking voters and knocking on their doors….
      Maybe they’ll find some bamboo- probably stuffed into “My Pillow”….
      Liz Cheney- the only honest person in the party was ousted for refusing to lie, cheat and steal.

  6. If enough Democrats and Independents changed their party affiliation for the purpose of voting in Republican primaries, we could get to herd immunity against Trump.

  7. The “Failed Florida Blogger” and his loyal T-rumplicans will all be remembered in the history books for what they did to Liz Cheney. Liz is now my new hero!!

  8. I am reminded what Ben Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci said.
    “All that evil requires to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” Ben Franklin
    “Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.” Leonardo da Vinci

    1. All that evil requires to succeed is for good people to do nothing, and for evil people to do evil things. Because if evil people don’t do evil things, then good people don’t need to do good things to balance it out.

    2. @dmc5555 But is it not in the nature, the very DNA, of good people to do good things.

      Evil will always exist. (Man’s basic sinful nature, to strike an ecclesiastical note.) The question quite relevant today, is whether good has the power–both in persuasion and in numbers–to ensure that good remains ascendant over evil.


    3. “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke. Ben Franklin gets a lot of credit for that quote, but, not him.
      DaVinci is correct.

  9. And there you have it “TRUE” cancel culture… Rep have spouted it so much that it has lost its meaning when it really happens..

    1. @Brad Kernot – Oliphant lake ate pizza slicing, sewer flowed over, the eind wind.👍🏽🤠

  10. “Failed Florida Blogger,” part-time wedding crasher, fast food connoisseur, inept seducer of despots and tyrants… This is a fun game!

    1. @Katherine Sanders I did. Thanks to Trump. Let’s remember how battered Trump was by the MSM and “experts” when he said there’d be a vaccine by the fall. When Biden took office, the vaccines had been designed, tested, mostly approved (though not widely reported until after the election) and manufactured. Pretty amazing actually.

    2. @hector heck “Historic peace in the Middle East” is a myth, a fable accepted whole cloth by the gullible.

      The deals struck with Arab nations not in conflict with Israel to begin with does not constitute the ushering in of an era of peace– especially when the wishes and hopes of the Palestinians were trampled upon, and while Iran continues to promote regional instability, and hostile forces operate out of Syria and Lebanon.

      As for the rest of your ill-reasoned drivel and memorized and regurgitated propaganda, I won’t risk carpal tunnel syndrome by taking the time, and energy, necessary to rebut your fallacious logic.

    3. @hector heck And he received his vaccination in secret and did near nothing to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

      Yes, Trump can–and should–take a bow for promoting, and for pushing for the funding for “Operation Warp Speed,” but the congratulations end there: He employed the same laissez-faire strategy for getting the vaccines to citizens as he did to managing the pandemic: He left it up to governors to develop systems and methods for getting shots into American arms.

      And, yes, Trump was hectored justifiably for the vaccines not being ready sooner because he repeatedly predicted that they would be, even though scientists and doctors advised him against making such wildly optimistic predictions. But he thought that such deception would lock in votes, so he made the calculation to let truth be damned.

    4. @KesArt Indeed, if we’d followed the “experts”, it might have been a year or two before the vaccines were approved. Trump didn’t accept that. Biden would have, right? He’s a “follow the experts, I’ve been in do nothing government for decades”, right?

      The states wouldn’t have accepted Federal intervention. Remember, NY and CA dopes gave their populations vaccine pause by saying they wouldn’t trust them until they verified them. And then of course caved when the rubber hit the road. LOL

      CA dope Newsom said they had a plan in October and then for months were the worst in the nation for getting vaccines in arms because of some “equity” matrix. They preferred to inoculate prison convicts over teachers and reopen schools. It doesn’t get any dumber.

      Trump was hectored they’d be ready within the year. Saying something will be ready sooner puts pressure on those to perform. If he hadn’t, we could still be waiting. Someone tells Biden it’ll be 2 years, he’ll shrug his shoulders and go back to sleep. Literally. A true leader encourages positively even if it’s not always 100% accurate. Of course doctors wouldn’t understand that. All politicians practice deceit to lock in votes. Biden and Co are not an exception.

    5. @hector heck I see no factual statement there. As has been commented: wishful thinking from a troll.

    1. I agree. And laws need to be enacted that would forbid government officials from making certain claims without evidence. Rand Paul said, “in many ways the election was stolen,” on the senate floor. I think that is wrong for him being a lawmaker to make such statements without evidence.

    2. @Adrian Pallis
      What do you mean by the will not even impeach him? Wasn’t Trump impeached? It’s just that his sychopantic Republican lawmakers delivered him. And we have a new DOJ. So, Trump may very well end up in prison.

  11. “Florida Blogger” is such a simple an accurate description I’m almost angry for not thinking of it myself first.

    It works on three levels. It accurately describes the man’s job, it accurately describes the man’s location and signals why he is what he is, and it accurately describes how completely out of touch he really is.

    Cuz blogging? Who blogs anymore?

    1. Vesperitis – Simply CLAIM that you thought of it first. Repeat the lie often and forcefully and soon millions of people will believe you. DJT

    2. @steve jette I… have too much humility and respect for the people who DID think of it first.

      Y’know, cuz my parents taught me to respect others and not to lie.

    3. @Vesperitis Yes. I see so little respect for others here. Mostly angry attacks. I too wish I had the imagination and cleverness to coin some of what I see.

  12. When power is more important then keeping their word to their constituents , democracy will fail..

  13. No one knows how much support she had in the party. We only know which side is considered the loudest.

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