‘Failure Is Not An Option, Voting Is Too Sacred’: How Chuck Schumer Plans To Pass Voting Rights 1

‘Failure Is Not An Option, Voting Is Too Sacred’: How Chuck Schumer Plans To Pass Voting Rights


Asked by Joy Reid how he plans to convince Senators like Joe Manchin to support voting rights, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says, "The biggest leverage we have is the merits. This is not what a democracy does. And I think they admit that."
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  1. GQP agenda:
    1. Protect the people who run over protesters, like the white supremacist in Charlottesville.
    2. Prevent people from voting against them even though they have no actual policies.
    3. Make sure Mr Potato Head STAYS A MAN!!!

    1. Apparently you haven’t seen the riots across metropolitan cities like Minneapolis,NYC,San Jose,LA,New Orleans,Ect. Harris actually bailed out those rioters with her own money. Your truly a pawn of the corrupt. You must be democrat.

    2. @Eric Nunez Robles We all watched the insurrection. The traitors to this country will hang!
      Now, go collect your 2 rubles, place them where the sun doesn’t shine unless tRumpf is doing you again!!

  2. He’s not going to reveal his leverage. That’s politics – hold your best weapons in secret until the time is right to use them

    1. @D G Biden most popular president in history
      90 K dislikes to 3 K likes on every White house video

  3. The Filibuster was created so a minority of the government could control a majority of the government… I don’t know that it was about slavery, but even if it didn’t start that way it became about slavery… it’s still about slavery and it’s still about a minority party controlling government.

  4. They can dig dirt on Manchin and Sinema and threaten them if they remain unwilling to bend the filibuster to ensure voting guaranteed voting rights for all legal Americans.

    1. I would be willing to bet both Manchin and Sinema at some point over the last couple years received political “donations” of some kind from a vested interest that is benefiting from their current stone-walling attempts. If that proved to be true it could be used as leverage.

  5. Of course he wouldn’t say what his leverage/age/trump card is. That will be used behind the scenes.

  6. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office

  7. Many leaders in this mutant incarnation of the GOP are still willing to bend over backwards catering to Trumpville’s core and their bigoted ethics. That’s good news for most…because it’ll remain obvious to an ever growing majority…just how unjust and damaging the direction that they’ve chosen actually is.

  8. Under Trump, many in the GOP [ leaders and constituents alike ] saw an opportunity to subvert a system of government they never really respected to begin with and now they’re desperate not to lose momentum so they can quickly pick up where they left off.

  9. If you look at the audit in New Hampshire, it is pretty clear that things did not function well in the 2020 election. The rush to sweep the issues under the rug and try and rewrite election rules, does not convey a sense of leadership or trust. I would prefer to see Democrats fully dig in with detailed audits to gain a full understanding of how the voting machines failed, and address those issues first.

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