Fake News - Jamaican Gov't Proposes Penalties for Spreading | TVJ News - June 3 2021 1

Fake News – Jamaican Gov’t Proposes Penalties for Spreading | TVJ News – June 3 2021


Persons could find themselves in trouble with law for circulating graphic images or fake news online if certain proposals for mending Jamaica's cyber crime act are accepted by Parliament.

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  1. Seems like the politician are trying to drum up a useless law to protect themselves from accountablity…… there is no evidence to that there is “Mental Repercussion”. If so where is the data. It sad to see jamaica becoming unbearable to live in. They should be trying to fight crime but this what we tax payer a paying the to ammended……..SMH!! CYAH WAIT FI LEF JAMAICA SUH DEM RULE OVA DEM SELF!!!

  2. Welcome to China I mean Jamaica
    I see the Jamaican government isn’t just getting the Chinese government money there getting their laws as well.

  3. So the government will prosecute them self for misleading and misinforming the ppl with fake news

    1. Am I the only one who see that andrew is schizophrenic. I use to think he just enjoy telling lies but later discover he is clueless and very much unaware.

    2. Watch dem make exception for government agencies in these “laws”.
      The government is the biggest criminals in society.

    3. @Whats Good The government is pushing the people over the edge.Time is the master. Criminals.Whe andrew leave off every Jamaican will have a criminal record.He’s enemie of the people

    4. Is the government going to prosecute itself for spreading fake news and information? They are the biggest spreaders of fake news.

    5. @Simon John let’s see how far the people will allow all this injustice to go. This man have the people hungry and deprived. These criminals need to leave Gordon house.

  4. rest assured no tourists, polititians or rich folk will ever be charged through yet another useless rule that does not help anybody!

  5. Them want to amend this but them don’t see to amend where criminals can get bail and criminals a pay all $50 fine a court house to go free, ok

  6. Jamaica is really putting measure in place to curtail freedom of expression, but under a guise of national security and a care for its citizens. But we shall see the end of it will result in oppression and tyranny.

    1. So people should hack my phone and spread my nudes without any consequences? I support this law
      Anytime there is change unu same people fight it smh

    2. @Kxng Drè no one is in support of anyone hacking anyone’s phone or devices, but history has shown that when governments implement these laws they are always abused by the said institutions, look at the N.S.A in the US. Mossad in Israel, KGB the Gestapo etc. Go read some books .

    3. @Kxng Drè It’s already an offence to hack your phone. No need for another law designed to oppress alternative opinions.

  7. when the truth dose not fit some people its fake news…when you take your phone and video a fail system, its fake news SMH….if you want to fix anything you have to face the true, ignoring the truth with lead to failure.

    1. @game changer TMC every word.Andrew love money like gogo. He’s using the people to make back the money they stole.

  8. What the govt needs to do now is to implement a one child policy so that less ppl will be on govt help prog

  9. Yes I believe that… but wat the government should be doing is help poor people of Jamaica provide jobs an people will have less time for bullishit

  10. The public didn’t ask for that, they can’t silence us , crooked politicians! The Jamaican people must and should reject this so called cyber law.

  11. What you are saying to us in reality that there is no freedom of speech, you claims people are spreading the wrong information,so how do you know it’s false?the literally crime it self done by police officers already paint a very clear picture, because young youths are gun down before there parents,so that creates a more impact than that circulating on social media.

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