Family learns details about Ontario woman's death from funeral home 1

Family learns details about Ontario woman’s death from funeral home


From CTV Kitchener's Krista Simpson: The sister of a woman who was found dead in a Brantford home in March is speaking out.

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  1. Sounds like there was a cover up at Brantford police.
    Why did they waited so long to ask the public for information.
    Something doesn’t add up.

  2. Why do I feel nothing but massive outrage after watching this tragedy? The police, by its inaction, has re-victimized this family and seem to be downplaying the fact that a young woman was brutally murdered, defence wounds and all!
    What? The family only learned this from the FUNERAL home?!! Oh there’s no threat to society but there are no suspects? Who the heck is in charge of the Brampton police? Inspector Clouseau? What a devastating disgrace!

  3. I will start by investigating the police , very odd situation, I’m sorry for the loss of this family and now they have to go through all over again, I’m sorry, try to be strong sweetheart!

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