Family of six tragically killed after trailer fire in Nova Scotia 1

Family of six tragically killed after trailer fire in Nova Scotia


Residents of Amherst, N.S. are grieving after a family of six, including two adults and four children, was killed in a trailer fire.

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  1. How could they not get out? I mean your in a trailer with no basement! Doesn’t make sense how they all didn’t get out of a trailer… seems very strange!!!

    1. Smoke or carbon monoxide most probably the latter,knock them off then the sad part burned.condolence to the family.heartbreaking.

    2. @Darcy Mcnabb I think it was a murder suicide, but the police don’t want to go public with it. They are in a travel trailer, a fire starts and the adults can’t grab the kids and bust down a door or windows to let the smoke out! And how can a fire start that quickly, no one smells smoke and they all die! It doesn’t feel right and there is definitely more to this story!!

  2. Yes, this situation is indeed very tragic. The world is just full of multiple tragedies.

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