Family says Biden lied about Trump’s border wall

A family in Texas is fighting to keep their land from being seized by a federal eminent domain to build a border wall.
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    1. @stroshow5 Here is another fact about immigration:
      In Europe it is different from the US. Here the illegal immigration cost money for the EU. That is mostly because the European’s much more generous social programs – including free healthcare, free university, etc.

  1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽‼️ …for the Cavaso family not just rolling over and taking it‼️

    1. @Shirley Fretty it’s for the greater good, like face diapers and the Rona vaccine, well at least the tva was.

    2. I honestly don’t know of anything so unconstitutional as eminent domain. I saw it happen years ago for a navel base. It’s ours now..sorry about your luck -the government

  2. This is under the governor and senator from Texas. They so care about their constituents why don’t they stop it?

    1. no it’s not a state issue. it’s FEDERAL. now, the texas governor ~could~ advocate for this family… lol, not a chance.

  3. As the DOJ said they were “seeking continuance” on those cases. This is typically so they can review the case and determine whether to drop it entirely. It seems this one likely made it through before they could review which is why the “no comment” so far. I do believe not another mile of fence will be built.

    1. @Shawn Hartmann 2 quick points: 1) Trump stole money form Pentagon projects to finance his pet project. That was wrong! 2) Trump took the money and gave contracts to his donors, and built fencing where none was truly needed. Look at the cliffs, that only an insane man would try scale and they added a fence. Why???!!
      So Biden calling an immediate stop, was to bring back sanity to the program. HS CAN STILL request add’l funding for fencing where IT thinks we need it, and the request will be reviewed and approved by the entire Congress… as it should be!!

    2. @Safetyman99 A wall that slowed down illegal entry into our country, stopped child and human trafficking, slowed the drug trade coming in from the border, stopped people infected with the coronavirus from coming into our country. Bu it’s a stupid wall.

    3. @dls951 Let’s spin this… Trump NEVER built an inch of WALL.. Trump built steel fencing. and Mexico didn’t pay a dime… In his 1st 2 yrs with a GOP Congress, Trump never got Congress to approve any WALL budget. in fact, they strictly forbid him from building any wall sections like those prototypes built near San Diego. Trump kept saying he was building a WALL, because his followers desperately wanted to hear him say that.. But it was lie… a big lie. Want proof… Find me a picture of one inch of wall, and I’ll send you $1,000 bucks. And finally…. last thought for you to try to spin….. After the 20 years that Homeland Security has had to build fencing, and built 2 fences in some places, where do we still desperately need fencing installed? HS will continue to fill in some spots, and they will secure Congressional funding, the correct way… Biden and HS don’t need to steal Pentagon funds earmarked for our military.

    1. Leave it up to CNN trolls to try an destroy Christ. There is only one true son of god and that’s Jesus Christ. You come into this world with freewill, and your essence. Don’t let them take it. I know one thing, I bow before no man. Only the true savior Jesus Christ. You come into this world with your essence, pure energy of the highest form. They are trying to kill religion, trying to destroy Christ’s name.

  4. Someone at the Justice Department has to shove this under the nose of someone in leadership. Leaving it at the bottom of a pile of papers that need to be sorted through won’t achieve anything. There must be so much stuff like this that has to be attended to in all the departments. There’s so much to clean up after the Trump mess.

    1. No doubt,you would need a dozen investigators,coordinators,forensic specialists in each cabinet position,plus a team to ferret out ,all the weasel sabatouers left behind. And even then it will take decades to repair the damage,dump has done. Some of it is irreparable

    1. @Devin Higoy do u recognize the fact that the state must put the interests of its people first. Or in other words represent the people who contribute to that state

    2. @Hunter Bryant You are right let’s go ahead and take property away from the individuals (who don’t want their land taken from them) living there, for a useless border wall. We will demolish the sections built in California & New Mexico, and you guys in Texas can use the money you have (in your annual state budget) to build that wall Mexico was going to pay for. Instead of improving infrastructure, improving immigration practices, or things that will help the average person you can petition to the state officials to “fund that wall”. We could also stop using federal funds to build the wall as well. Most of what I am saying is sarcastic of course, but if we put state interests ahead of individual needs and use your train of thought than we would’ve never began building the wall in Democrat controlled states.

    1. I’m curious if a legislation bill is required over this type of law? Because he was really firm in halting this wall in the beginning.

  5. There’s money involved here and you can’t stop that money from changing hands… Keep in mind, DeJoy is still ramping though the US Mail service..!!! Ahem~

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