Family seeks compensation from Airbnb after tenant's death 1

Family seeks compensation from Airbnb after tenant’s death

The homeowner of an Airbnb rental in Alberta is fighting for compensation from the short-term rental service company after the tenant staying in her basement suite had died.

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    1. An airbnb guest apparently. The length of stays are usually quite short but there is no reason why the guests can’t book for extended periods if they wanted to and the host agrees.

  1. The instant you lease or rent no matter the length of the term.
    You are OBLIGATED to have commercial insurance.

    1. Its called short-term renters insurance, it is pricy but definitely a necessity. You aren’t legally required in most states to carry STR insurance.

    2. @Lunch Box Hosts are covered for up to 1 million dollars insurance through Airbnb directly. There is no need for any other insurance although hosts are free to do as they wish and have other insurance.

    3. @juliette Irene as an owner I wouldn’t trust AirBNBs insurance coverage, they guarantee nothing, despite that being their message. I will stick with my own insurance

    4. @Lunch Box That’s fair however Airbnb does offer defacto insurance to all hosts to cover any property damages. It’s a part of how Airbnb works.

  2. Are there any rules for filing a claim? If so, were they followed? Perhaps there needs to be more clarity on behalf of Airbnb.

  3. Welcome to Airbnb. This is not a new scenario. Airbnb has been doing this sort of thing for years. You need to fight with them for months with long delays in responses, navigate through various incompetent representatives, and ultimately take things public if you want a payout for substantial guest damages.

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