1. FMR China was an empire of its own well before you ignorant Americans came to existence.
      200 years BC. And they are on the rise again.
      Don’t forget that your firearm US obsession would not exist without gun powder…
      Go back live under your rock, the world is too complex for your limited brain power. 😬

  1. Trump just convinced china that China should be self dependent, dump fiat dollar and make its own hightech industry. no matter what usadoes the damange to US silicon valley has been done. thank you mr. trump

  2. It is the meritocracy system that elected talented, capable and dedicated leaders for the country, enable good governance, farsighted planning, hardwork of the people, good education system that work for the country.

  3. You are wrong though. The rise of the west since the 1500s was the miracle, China’s and other non-western countries ‘ rise is not. What is happening right now is sort of returning to a more natural and balanced world order.

    1. China’s economic and industrial growth rates is faster than Western countries, and the population of the West if includes Japan and S.Korea is also about 1.4 billion which is the same as China’s.

  4. What a joke! Not about good or bad governance, but about democracy?! So democracy is the politically right thing, and all others are politically wrong? Look at what UK and US is going through.

    1. Bullshit. China has made huge amount of money with their trade relationship with the US and you should be very thankful that its only now they have reacted to the fact that their doors have been open for China, while the chinese doors have been locked for the US all along.

    2. China’s success is based upon a very orderly system of autocracy, where a very limited number of choices determine your future. In China, it is the thin veneer of democracy that is fake. In America we have one party that knows it can only win by cheating, but this is a fixable corruption. Vote blue.

    3. Norwegian733 You see, what you did here is present an argument with sound logic and reasoning to a communist Chinese. Communist Chinese people don’t do logic and reasoning. If anything that’s a fucking wumao

    4. Yes, China is blessed with an authoritarian dictatorship. How’s the organ harvesting of political dissidents going?

    5. Nonsense! Everything from McDonald to KFC to Apple iPhone can be bought in China. This is a two way street.

  5. I am a chinese who want so called “democracy” 10 yrs ago.
    But now I know what I really want, at least not western “democracy”.

    1. You can keep ur repressive, facial recognition state, work til you drop and live in dung while you murder muslims (the original backbone). No one wants ur system… stay away from Hong Kong… they’re western because the mainland didn’t want to support it. pfft.

    2. Democracy is not perfect either.. to much mess.. groups of ideologies pops up and dividing the west and become less collaborative. Where people seek more benefits at the expense of others. In the end in capitalism system.. they required to have poor to feed the rich.. and thats how it’s been america is quite lucky because their economy is high..thus their poor can still enjoy quality life however this does not apply for poor who lived in south east asians where poor cant afford to feed it’s self ….. not for democracy in Africa or other country.

      My conclusion is (not all country designed for capitalism and democracy) only some should stay democracy.. and some should stay as they are or their system that fits best.. e.g. Saudi Arabia

    3. I agree with you….   Democracy governed by Capitalism where greed is the commanding factor….

    4. @被称为 read my comment above yours. Democracy didn’t divide us, corporate and foreign interference did. You had an empire for centuries… the US is less than 300 yrs old… Your excuse is the same as ours… Infrastructure. So they worked ur asses off 24/7 for 10 years to build and invade international waters with military sites on the reefs… AND THEN Xi sends mercenaries to other countries to collect his people who left and took their money with them claiming it’s his…. yeah you got a clear head.

    5. Ur correct because China has a long term plan even if some say china is oppressive i don’t think so they have a deep rooted sense of loyalty to their culture and they stand by the leaders and i believe that China like nostradamus once forseen beware of the silkworm weaving a dragon

  6. Western countries are at a loss because according to their religious beliefs in democracy, China is never supposed to prosper. Now just like religious fanatics, they are waging holy war on China. While highlighting the upheaval in Hong Kong, they conveniently ignore what happened in France not too long ago, where there were fatalities. Hypocrites indeed.

  7. Trump’s reckless policies will further hasten China’s rise.

    Trump can’t run a Hot Dog Stand on the street, let alone leading the second most powerful country on earth.

  8. china was rose because of a communist party that had a vision for their country 20 years ahead.. whereas a democracy like in India was eating itself..

  9. China system is better than democracy violence chaos makes countries instability and spread poverty all 🌏 . Which country is better than China in the 🌏 ? ? 😆😆😆😆

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