Fareed: Islamist terrorism isn’t the threat it used to be 1

Fareed: Islamist terrorism isn’t the threat it used to be


CNN's Fareed Zakaria says that 10 years after the successful US operation that killed Osama bin Laden, Islamic terrorism is in bad shape and not the threat it once was.
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  1. We stayed in Afghanistan for way too long, and cost us way too much. Time to bring the troops home.

    1. @Carmen Perez . Are you seriously that ignorant or is this a phase you’re going through. President Trump had the border under control. This is bidens mess. President Trump had a beefed up border patrol, cameras, drones, surveillance aircraft, etc. biden invited illegals to to come. This is biden’s mess not President Trump’s.

  2. Fareed: Islamist terrorism isn’t the threat it used to be

    Iran: “Hold my beer….”

    1. @Eddie Brugal it’s not a real beer, lefties can’t me, have no humor, and getting more brain washed daily

    2. Iran is not a terror organization. It just happen that they want the same weapon / technology as the US, UK, China and many other countries has.

    3. @MNN Seriously ?!? They are the major source of terrorism around the world. They are behind the bombing that killed hundreds of American soldiers in the ME. They are the folks behind the recent slaughter of half a million innocents in Syria. They have literally taken over Lebanon with terrorist army proxies.

  3. They actually have a graph for this..wow

  4. Ya, I’ve heard this before. Didn’t the Taliban just release a new video where they were demanding all US troops leave Afghanistan? I get they were already leaving, but the Taliban makes it seem like it’s because of them. I guess we’ll see.

    1. It is because of them, the US government has made a deal with the Taliban to not work with Al Qaeda

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  6. This is what I love about the U.S. The entrepreneurial spirit. “Outsider terrorists? Nah, we can grow better ones domestically.”

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