Fareed: Meat is making the planet sick. Here's how 1

Fareed: Meat is making the planet sick. Here’s how


CNN's Fareed Zakaria speaks with Ezra Klein about how eating animal products from industrial agriculture can help save the planet by reducing unnatural greenhouse gases and protecting habitable land.
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    1. @Bryan Cline Why are you composting edible food? Don’t buy what you won’t or can’t eat! In my community since the onset of the pandemic we have found ways to distribute excess from restaurants to the hungry.

    2. @Rivers Gozoom No one should like or accept food waste when there are millions of people starving on this planet!!!

    3. @Robert McAree you’re right but we don’t eat orange peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, melon rinds, etc. It not about composting edibles, its about composting the waste from the edibles

    4. @JAHDUBProductions I was talking about FOOD waste not composting waste!!! I’m talking about the head of lettuce left in the fridge too long to be edible, the uneaten leftovers and all other forms of actual food waste! There is a minuscule amount of food waste in my kitchen, there is very little that can’t be added to the stock pot for soup etc. I worked in a commercial kitchen for a while and there was a huge stock pot simmering at all times and very little was wasted.

    1. Yes, eat no meat except bugs and vegetables. Our elite overlords are demanding it.
      “We must obey!” Do it for the environment, the world is coming to an end if we don’t.

    1. Nah I’ve tried many “impossible” burgers and although some aren’t half bad nothing beats the real deal

    1. @Robert McAree I’m very sorry. No need to get overly emotional. I was told adding bugs to your diet, balances out emotional irregularities. Just some advice. 🙂

    2. @Reece Beauchamp While some peoples of this world eat actual insects it is more common to turn the dried insects into flour and use it in a multitude of dishes. You seem to be the one here unable to control their emotions, maybe you need a nap!

    3. @Robert McAree Yes of course, I’m clearly overcome with emotions. I will take a little nap. Good advice. Thank you!

    4. @Reece Beauchamp It’s Sunday, I always have a nap on Sunday, right after or during the NYT Sunday crossword puzzle.

  1. If there’s a meat alternative that’s just as tasty and similarly priced, I don’t see why people wouldn’t change. Less people smoke now that they can vape

    1. @Truth I m more interested in fishing than hunting, but I will learn to hunt for deer or elk if red meat is taken off the market.

    2. @Truth nope. Don’t need animal protein. Even Schwarzenegger uses a plant based protein for his guns. Getting protein from animals is inefficient.

    3. @Adrian pea and hemp protein are good but they’re very expensive, soy protein is literally poison.

    4. @UFC NBA NFL Not if you want to be a true Liberal. You must conform to our Liberal agenda. Switch to vegetables and bugs.
      Let those foolish Conservatives eat their meat and protein. We must deny our omnivore lifestyle for the greater good of the environment.

    1. I didn’t realize how much it was! I didn’t even think about it until I watched the documentary.. Jeez it pollutes A LOT so now I understand why these second hand businesses are growing..

  2. I’ve been pescatarian for over 3 years now (after eating meat my whole life) and it was way easier than I thought it would be. It is healthier for me, animals, and the planet. But you don’t have to be a vegan, vegetarian, etc. to make a difference, simply cut back on how much meat you consume… try the alternatives they are actually pretty good.

    1. a starting point is vegetarian but the reality is if not vegan, meat animals will just be replaced by dairy and they will be eating just as much as meat animals, just as much antibiotics and just as much waste.

  3. I am off red meat and moving towards eating a little fish instead. Way more vegetables though.

    1. @Spaketti Carbonada please tell me have you ever been on a farm. You claim to be an expert

    2. @Jack Willson Well I grew up in a rural area and my grand parents were farmers. I’ve seen my fair share of chickens getting killed alive, their heads chopped off clean with an axe. I didn’t think about it as a kid but as an adult I don’t get how you can kill your own animals that ran around. I do get it in a way, my grand parents were not well off and raising chickens and pigs along with crops provides cheap food. But in these times there are plenty of cheap alternatives to unhealthy meat. No animal should be raised and killed for food.

    3. @Spaketti Carbonada then what should animals be raised for. I’ve had plenty of bucket calves and bum sheep that thought they were pets but eventually they went to market. Do you not think that when i pull a calf i dont see the meaning of life but I no that this is what feeds the world

  4. This subject always gets to me when I see the photos. I wouldn’t harm an animal for sport so when I see photos, my compassion kicks in…

    1. I’d rather be a nerd on a living planet than a “cool” person on a dead planet. If the planet dies we die.

  5. We eat a lot of wild game, deer, elk, moose, even cougar! Wish everyone had a choice like that!

    1. If everyone did that there wouldn’t be any wild animals left, would there? Watch what you wish for.

  6. Pesticides and fertilizers for the plants impact the environment just as much as the meat industry does. Both industries need to rethink things but neither are ever going away.

  7. I can’t get through this without cringing. Buy grass fed meat , we need meat as humans, and studies show that raising practices for grass fed meat actually HELP the environment. Yes , eat more veggies , in fact most of what we consume should be veggies , but the solution is NOT cutting meat out completely . If anything needs to go it’s the processed carbs like sugars and refined wheats.

  8. c’mon the tastiest thing is grilled beef sirloin, or ribeye steak. with onion rings and salad.

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