Fareed slams GOP leaders as Trump’s cheerful collaborators

CNN's Fareed Zakaria says the system of checks and balances in the US government is only effective if other leaders speak out and act when they see blatant abuses of power.
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    1. @Ahmed Sidiq Its your brain that should be taken,the world is coming after him and there is nothing that you can do clown

    1. Remember everyone, if you come across a mother who’s had a child that was murdered by someone that was not a white cop, and there are a lot of mothers like that especially in Chicago aka Chiraq, make sure to say “to bad your child was not murdered by a white cop or else we would all care.” Apparently, according to heyjackass.com, from January 1st 2020 to right now, 236 people have been shot and killed by someone who was not a white cop. It’s a real shame that not one of these mothers will ever have tons of media attention and large crowds of people chanting that their child’s life matters too.

    2. @Isaac Chavez I believe the last commentator meant to say you don’t contribute in solving the problem. I believe that is because you are part of the problem. I say this because you callously spoke about a man who you know nothing about. You went so far as to say what to me sounds like George Floyd deserved to die over that fake twenty dollar bill. Have you never come into possession of counterfeit money before. Would it be right then to murder you for trying to buy your groceries? You must be part of the solution not the problem. We all must be better. Do your ideals or religion condone what is happening? Stand up be a man. Quit being complacent.

    3. @Russian Bot Mr. Bot with all due respect you are part of the problem. The question is not about red or blue, Democrat or Republican. Its about right and wrong. If by your username I can assume you are a Russian or a fan of Russia then please stay there and mind your own problems. Become part of the solution or be gone.

    4. @Mike Smith Mr. Smith I would like to start by saying while I am sure you are genuinely an exceptional individual. How can you honestly support some so inherently inept. He refuses to be even slightly diplomatic when in the course of his duties. He has lied to and eagerly pushes division and hate. These cant be the same values you parents or school or church instilled in you. Stand up be a man. Quit being complacent. Stand for unity not division. Those are the core principles of our great country. You sir are part of the problem

    5. Sure you guys do. You go out and riot, loot an kill. Y’all must be so proud of each other.

  1. Unfortunately he’s doing more dmg while everyone is concentrating on the protests he’s passing presidential orders left right and centre which is goi g largely unnoticed

    1. @Debbie H wait, he ordered people to riot, loot, destroy property, & kill police? Sounds like gansta rap lyrics to me, I think your confused about who is responsible for the current situation!

    2. Distraction. He lies so much no one can ever believe him. And it seems like what ever he says on camera he will straight face lie and deny it. He’s a manipulator and his followers now believe that it’s ok to lie even if it’s on camera but that’s not what they meant? He has made murder ok it seems. When is he going to be removed from office! ? They can write a book just on his lies and a second one for all the lies his people agree on and cover up! This is not a reality show Trump! These are real people’s lives that you do not respect. You have no heart . People wake up this man has bankrupt the United States of America of every thing . I hope you all Vote for Justice for All!

    1. I have seen enough for the last 3 and a half years that if he is not voted out we will not have a democracy.

    2. i see the flames of civil unrest and outright hatred the democrats and mainstream media have been stoking for years coming to fruition.
      all those liberal cities with democrat mayors kneeling before the BLM hate mobs begging for forgiveness are shitholes with california being the biggest and worst by far.
      then you have all those fuckers pushing that narrative that all white people are racist to the point where they want everyone to believe that white people are BORN racist and that it’s not racist to BE racist towards white people.
      the whole “orange man bad” hate narrative pushed by at LEAST 99% of the mainstream media here in the US who absolutely DESPISE him and will do absolutely ANYTHING to make the people of this country hate him including lying and fabricating and maintaining fake conspiracy theories like the russian collusion which (thanks to the work of project veritas) CNN staff have actually ADMITTED was false and that they all KNOW it was false.
      then you have the SJWs…the feminists which is now a completely misandrist female supremacist movement…the Black Lives Matter movement which is an anti-police hate group who have done NOTHING but cause trouble and chaos EVERYWHERE they go… then you have antifa…a terrorist organization that _claims_ to oppose fascism while being chock full of fascist anarchists just waiting for the chance to go out and cause chaos and injure people.
      all george floyd’s death was was a tipping point for all of these hateful people with a deep seated lust for chaos and destruction to boil over and spread out all across the land.

    3. @El Conservative i c u purpoasly egnoring waht thr trump party is doing you are conplicent

  2. GOP Terror Org: “Government should be small.”

    Also GOP Terror Org: “Send in the military!” 😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. untseac we do it with republican obstruction and racism… it’s not all dems who run dem states!?!

    2. No Chance – Too bad you never grew up and learned to take responsibility. Off you go with Donkey Don into the dustbin. Buh-bye! 🤣

    3. @vidkidxyz you want to see half the population murdered? You are a seriously frightening individual. Chilling. Please get help.

    4. @D A Yup. Obama’s Presidency more than proves your point. Massive GOP obstruction back then (Moscow Mitch was on record as that being his sole aim back then) and MAGAtists have the gall to rage about Dem obstruction in Trump’s term of office. The same happens at state level.

    1. The people are TIRED of listening to the crap on CNN about checks and balances especially since the SAME THING HAPPENED during the Obama administration and no democrat ( they were the party in charge) did anything to prevent this … Oh and did we hear anything from CNN back then? Nope …. On July 7, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed and FIRED UPON A GROUP OF POLICE OFFICERS in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers and injuring nine others.

    1. The end of their attemp to take over America has failed. Stand still and watch how she America takes back her justice, equality and democracy for all.

    2. @ZQAN just misfits and losers crying.. real Americans look down on the no life protesters.. Trump 2020 is reality kid

    3. @Arju the last lynching was March 21 1981, it was done by two kkk democrats, Henry hays, and James knowles. The democrats are responsible for over a 120 years of hanging black people. The switching platforms is referring to big government or small government. The kkk lynchings and cross burnings have always been done by the democrat party.

  3. “The War on (insert whatever here)” has always been the System/Establishment to guard the Status Quo against “The (poor) People” in their own Country. Like Obama reminded yall, the states started with a Revolution. To the british Establishment, you guys were nothing but a bunch of looting Anarchists too.

    Thats why ALL COUNTRIES are better prepared to BEAT their populations down, than to protect them … Corona Pandemic showed ya: There is no PPE for Nurses or Doctors, yet Cops have RIOT gear in every Color, and all Variations for every Occation.

    Your fear is their power… Humans are never born as enemies. We are tought to fear.

  4. The USA in not on the verge of totalitarianism. It is on the ROAD to totalitarianism. And it is closer than most people think.

    1. @James Murphy I disagree. Dictators start by the our second Amendment equivalent. And there is only one group of people that I know who want to do this (most democrats).

    2. @Michael R I don’t know about you, but there are still peaceful protestors exercising their first amendment rights. Either you have not been outside, or you are just watching too much CNN.

    3. @P Hollywood by spweing lies here? when the pciece keep falling and you keep your head in the ground to protect your camander and dictoator?

  5. 1:19 right after the flash bang you can see inappropriate behavior by officer as he or she grabs a woman’s arm while running past yanking her and throwing her to the ground because he didn’t want anyone getting past him. Light blue jacket green backpack and gray hat. The first person down.

    1. It’s interesting how the “religious” right have fully embraced and even defend a pathological liar.


    2. Shlisa Shell yeah. I saw that too… the officer specifically zoomed in on the guy, shoved him hard onto the pavement and onto the lady already on the ground …. some of the officers are enjoying brutalising civilians and the others are complacent. Disgusting.

  6. Several braking mechanisms have failed:
    * political – impeachment, spineless Republican senators
    * judicial – corrupt attorney general, negligent supreme court, tax returns
    * military – siding with Trump over peaceful law-abiding protestors, too much silence
    America will reach the edge of a precipice two weeks from now. Beware.
    Do not count on a fair election in November.

    1. @Greg Bors You know Angela Merkel was a globalist and her people hated her for selling them out…

    2. @Jan Hall and the pedophiles run loose…6x bankrupt? sure you got your facts right? I wouldn’t get too close to Biden if I were you…apparently he doesn’t just grab.

    3. Democrats are causing their own people to walk away. True Americans want jobs and prosperity and police. The Left wants looting, rioting and murder of police.

  7. Trump told the truth once. When stating that he would run the country like one of his businesses. Unfortunately, that meant right into the ground!

    1. He also said that if you let everyone vote you will never have another Republican President…True!

    2. @untseac trilion $$ deprt under trump,,, riots,, more mass killing then past 4 pres combines,, kkk and white nationlist emboldened etC ETEC ETC….. trmpu is the anti christ and you are one of the spawn..

    3. He’ll bring in martial law when he runs it into the ground too, don’t forget how he was bragging that he had the military and police on his side.
      *“….it’s very funny. I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher. Okay? I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.” – Donald Trump (Interview with Breitbart, 13th March 2019)*

    4. @untseac Project all you want, you have blind loyalty for Trump based on your hate for others.

  8. It’s interesting how the “religious” right have fully embraced and even defend a pathological liar.

    1. Not all religious right…quite a few atheists too…new- agers..doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc….you don’t have to be religious to know what “globalism” is…and what it would SPELL for America…Maybe the owners of CNN could fill you in on a few secrets..

    2. @Jestermon1 ~ I was raised Catholic and received a great education from it. The church (the organisation) is in need of reform. The religious message was fine. It’s just that child abuse in all forms was rampant, well known and actively hidden even as abuse victims were dying. Priests were moved around to protect the organisation instead of reporting sex abusers to the police. I don’t hate religion but I’m not an idiot either. Any Christian organisation that ignores evil is evil itself. Any practitioners of religion who support politicians who engage in evil, Trump being an example, have morality deficits. Evangelicals in particular are far too accomidating to evil done on the basis of colour, rabid intolerance to other religions and the casual maltreatment of girls and women. Religious ideals based on practised morals and ethics SHOULD BE THE LOUDEST VOICES speaking against abusive, immoral and intolerant behaviour. It is their silence and active support of evil behaviour that is to be condemned. Who are you to claim social justice and equality are wrong? Religion with intolerance is not christianity but the appropriation of christian organistions to permit the worst indulgences using the label as a fig leaf. We are what we do or allow to be done by our silence.

    3. when you no longer have to hide your lies, like the analysis said, it all become so much easier to just follow the man that can lie and get away with it, if you are with him he protects you. So you can do whatever you want without a single worry, no more moral responsibilities no more internal turmoil, he has people that can spin any lie he wants and no one can do anything because he is protected by the Senators that currently have the majority.
      So to fight him, we need to get rid of the Senators that protects him, get rid of all of them, there is so many seats up for grabs, that if the Democrats wins them all, even if he is president for 4 more years, he can do no harm, that is until he removes all senators and declare him the King of the United States and all shall bow toward him.
      But lets do what we can right now, and that is get rid of all the Senators and turn all the states to Democrats.

  9. An excellent analysis. I’ve been screaming to the rooftops for years: it’s not the leader one should fear, he’s only one puny man; it’s the followers.

    1. I doubt it’s many of Trump’s followers we need to worry about. Most of them really are uneducated bigots. What I’m worried about is the fact that there is money and power behind his ineptitude, propping him up, and using his followers as so much cannon fodder.

    2. @Dy Dayton Uneducated bigots? And you claim to be well educated and not a bigot? Hard to believe since you can’t even detect the evident bias in CNN’s reporting. If you can’t think for yourself, what good is education?

    1. It’s funny how many Trump supporters wants you to “prove it”, because they are too lazy to research it themselves. They like being fed their opinions😂

    2. @Devo
      didnt he have to pay a 2 million dollar fine the other month, and him and all his family banned from forming any sort of charity AS THEY STOLE THE MONEY, and still being investigated.
      all set for jail like little jahids daddy.

  10. Everybody vote!!! This November! !! We got to shut this down! If we don’t. .welcome to the NEW AMERICA. .whatever it’ll be called..under the New Trump Regime

    1. “The Peoples Republic of Trump” with loud speakers on every corner spewing trump rhetoric

    2. Pretty sure like Regan we will see trump try to repeal the 22nd amendment. Hugo Chavez jr will want to be president for life.

    1. It’s not the Republicans cowering to these peaceful looters asronists and killers.It’s the Democrats and liberal media. Pull your head out before you suffocate.

  11. GOP setting bad precedents they’ll be regretting down the road when they get a taste of their own medicine.

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