1. Crimean Tatars are descendants of the various peoples who settled and lived in Crimea for centuries. The Crimean Tatars, indigenous people of Crimea, did not just come from the East, as many are inclined to think. Rather, they are the descendants of the people who moved to Crimea from different directions: Scythians, Goths, Byzantine Greeks, Genovese, and Turkic groups such as Khazars, Kipchaks, Tatars and Ottoman Turks. Crimeans are Ukrainians.

    1. @Paper Clips Your DNA doesn’t tell you who runs the country you reside in. That’s not a concept I’m familiar with in the west.

    2. @karriim00 Russia’s list is much smaller than the US, not even 10%, Transnistria (Moldovia), Georgia, Syria, Ukraine (Crimea, Donbass, and in 2022), Chechnya, and a few more.

    3. @Paper Clips see, this is why I asked. Completely reasonable comment that I wasnt understanding. Sounded completely different the first time I read it.

  2. News media
    Do a little research for oneself and you can find all the 1/2 truths in the news anchors and in media. Just do it yourself, not fixed guest or and studies. One can figure it out.Watch all of them and also see what they said last week last month and year. See how truthful they where.

  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene has secured some unique and special praise. There is someone out there speaking out — about what a fabulous job Greene is doing and what a wonderful person she is.

    “We can be really grateful for representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Ron Johnson,” this person said lovingly. The proud giver of compliments’ name is Noor Bin Laden, niece of Osama Bin Laden.

    Noor Bin Laden was speaking with Steve Bannon when she made these remarks. She also, vehemently defended the insurrectionists. “They’re being smeared”, she explained.

    It isn’t every day one gets lauded by the niece of the biggest and most vile terrorist this country has ever seen. Who’s next? The Taliban, the Unabomber, or just Vladimir Putin…

    1. @sgtwrench69 Source? Can you name it? Or did you just come up with this off the top of your head…

  4. “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
    – Plato

    1. @Scooby Doo @Scooby Doo… Lots of things need to be rectified, in every system.
      It’s grotesque.
      “Don’t shoot the messenger” might apply, here. JS

    2. @Scooby Doo I understand, God forbid we hit a bear with a stick! Let’s not instigate the bullies…

    3. @Locked And Loaded Entertainment where/when did Mark Twain say that? He was the BIGGEST satire/ liberal known writer of his time.
      PS (I presuppose this to include “Roger Clemens”)?
      Or no?

  5. In a world with mostly uninformed people, simple populism works especially well when there is an economic crisis. There are no complicated issues in right-wing politics, it is to find scapegoats which can be a direction for the frustration of people affected by changes they cannot understand and which make their lives difficult. Ignorance indeed is strength..but the people supporting populism will end up being the victims themselves.

    1. Yep. That’s how it works in Europe. But every once in a while you get someone like The Iron Lady. Who locked arms with Ronaldus Maximus and tossed the USSR on the ash heap of history. Hey but you guys gave us Hans Christian Andersen. So there’s that.

  6. Anger and hatred is all the part of human nature towards one another but the fine piece that is the hardest thing for human beings to do🤔

  7. As long as the are greedy people in the world. They will never se the people. They only se them self on what they can get.and forget the suffring off the pepole.

  8. Apparently there are still people or new generations lacking knowledge of universal history who suffer from some amnesia syndrome. But fortunately, thanks to this era of technology and advances in communication, the world can no longer be blinded behind a wall, as in the era of Soviet RUSSIA, where countless crimes were committed by the endorsement of tyrants and partners who supported totalitarian regimes of terror. Now the wall that Soviet Russia created fell 30 years ago and a dictator who has been there for 2 decades believes that he came to change an entire plot of history where he apparently intends to erase that he was a terrorist and manipulator under the orders of the KJB and that by ambition to absolute power, only approached oligarchies that spread mafias and sponsorships to dictators who oppress their people in Asia, the Middle East, Europe or Latin America, it is time that the terrorist regime of oppression and regional manipulator of economies is judged for that never spreads terror in the people, that is the clear example for those who intend to align themselves with a populist New Left that has submerged nations in confrontation and misery in the world, no more conditioning by nuclear power, energy control and resources, too much territory devoid of human rights for a tyrant and his regime of oppressive oligarchies and terror mafias, a regime cannot be endorsed and tolerated in which I summon terrorists to try to devastate a peaceful, sovereign and progressing people, trying to economically survive an atrocious pandemic. That the echo of revenge not only remain in the new generations of Europe and the world, that they cut off the head of the snake of neo-Soviet totalitarianism that never left and that will degenerate future decades with a new cold war if it is not stopped catotically immediately, let the world know that there is no place in this new era for oppressors, sinister dictators, murderers, terrorists and economies with warlike power that deteriorate the universal peace of the planet. Down with all the neo-left populist regimes that whip their own peoples and keep them between lies. Information technology now more than ever is when it should be used and listened to, transmitting the atrocities of tyrants within reach of a button and 1 second to spread the truth to the world, that all volunteers, citizens and allies who want to see the nation of Ukraine to rise again use the darts of truth using the networks and the enemy that Putin never imagined. The truth will judge this monstrosity of humanity and its history will be buried just like that of all the reactionaries of terror of the past, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Guevara, Maduro, now Putin consumed by his imperialist ambition.

  9. “What I find most striking about this pleading is John Durham’s use of the joint venture/conspiracy exception to [Rule] 404(b).

  10. It is the education stpd. Incorporate logic and epistemology in the curriculum of primary education. A critically adept citizenry is what is needed.

  11. Y’see that problem with calling everything right wing is that it becomes utterly meaningless when it finally appears

  12. “Immigration – Cheap Labor” and “Appeasement of Minorities” will give rise to populism – whether in US or Europe or any other country. People first care about how to fill their own stomach and then about being philanthropist. The main crisis from war in Europe will be uncontrolled migration and rise to overall populism in the world.

  13. Haha putin couldn’t possibly end the push towards populism, in the US and otherwise.

    He defines it. And they know it.

  14. The use of “left/right” labels undermines intelligent analysis of political processes. Populism is a serious threat to good government, which should ideally favor the most practical policies, not the most popular personalities. It applies across every point on the political compass. Partisan commentators shoot themselves in the foot. The problem is systemic, not one-sided.

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