Fareed’s Take: This Trump policy has been a costly exercise

Fareed's Take: This Trump policy has been a costly exercise 1


CNN's Fareed Zakaria gives his take on Trump's focus on trade deficits, which have actually risen during his term amid a booming economy. #CNN #News

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  1. No he doesn’t. He’s using this as cover to gut social security, medicaid, medicare and welfare to pay for his tax cut.

    • @Dirty Sanchez I watched it

    • ​@Rose Phoenix Pero no me gusta los cosas, et le chat noir chante le blues! Parlez vous? Was ist das für eine Scheiße, pasta con mozarella? Pongo el gato en la batidora, and remember, Трахни Путина!

    • @Benoti Sanchez You didn’t include the fatlazyass golfing tab, amigo.

    • Example! On a lot of these comments! It just shows you how dumb some people are. when you have not understood the report in ‘FAREED’S TAKE’
      & the importance of it to you & your tomorrow’s. Certain people here are totally lost. Then you have the people who try & cover their own stupidity, with being racist. “Message to the dumb ones.” ‘Awake’ This President is smashing you” first. & then the country. It’s “A false sense of security” Building everything up, just to pull the rug from beneath us all. This President will be remembered as a King,
      A King to the dumb ones, the biggest con ever. It’s like going back to the pagan days.
      “The Fools The Fools,
      If They only knew.”

  2. Nearly our entire farming industry is now on welfare. I never imagined this could be possible.

    • @Elkslayer that’s one hell of a reply👍

    • @vincent narvaez okay you go ahead and trust them doing their own inspections

    • @cldiehlYT okay well good luck with that

    • @cldiehlYT dont hold your breath about China,
      Chinese economy was an estimated $10.9 trillion, 18 percent lower than the officially stated $13.4 trillion, as of 2018. <<< that was 2 years ago Trump's trade tariffs struck the Chinese economy when it was already declining and the effects have been devastating. The tariffs have not only reduced imports from China , but also caused foreign companies to shift their supply chain out of China<<< yea, thats why US economy booming .... china is fu88ed, they already lost not only financially, they lost almost quarter of their population to the virus, $50 billion is a pocket change, when they already lost few more Trillions. .. about 67 percent of farmers are saying that they’d back Trump for reelection in 2020 meaning our farmers would grow out food, we dont need to buy Our products from china.

    • d. nuzzio halal meat is evil . You Compare how many degrees on a cruel scale is . I don’t. I struggle to look at the way we as a human who is willing to change from cruel to humane and how little we can change respectively with the change from table phone to cell phone, the change from surgery without anesthesia and micro surgery for humans with the best anesthesia to reduce pain for humans and why don’t we just share a very little mercy to sentiment animals

  3. And a trillion dollar deficit isn’t a big deal for the “business” man who only lost a billion dollar and bankrupted a couple of casinos…

  4. America is more than USA!

  5. Drumpf’s a great salesman only because he knows exactly who to sell to.. the idiots and the gullible. The rest, sees right through his bullshite.

  6. Crooked Banks, Corrupt Insurance, scams at all time high by mega corporations that run the country.

    • @christopher weise you mean like only Amazon exist and rest of the businesses closing right and left, thats what you called “regulation” ?

    • christopher weise | February 23, 2020 at 1:10 PM | Reply

      Alla Veles – I have no idea what you’re trying to say, but since you brought up AMAZON. Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the USA, and AMAZON the corporation pays zero taxes. ZERO TAXES. Thanks Republicans. That is wrong.

    • @christopher weise Amazon was founded July 5, 1994, ..under pedophile Bill Clinton, who sent all business to China and small one never had a chance to grow, he gave monopoly to this fu88…thanks to parasitic demoncraps those one and like him pay no taxes, thats include Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter… and other parasites. yea thats wrong, thats why never demoncraps again.

    • @Alla Veles I think you are a little confused. It wasn’t the Dems that cut the corporate tax rate in half and let them keep all the loopholes. That was the Republicans. If you are upset with big corporations not paying any taxes you are blaming the wrong side.

  7. Then vote him out? If not you all will have to shut up

  8. I agree the president and specifically Jared don’t understand some things.

  9. “Reasonably good shape” lol These guys can’t help themselves. We want the world to buy everything from us. We are the super power, we protect the world! Nuf of this nonsense.

  10. Fareed, I love your “take” & your opinion, however, yes why does USA have a deficit? When we constantly reach out to aid other country’s during crisis? With humanitarian aids and military assistance? Answer that? Everyone hates us and yet they want our help. Respectfully submitted.

    • This segment is about the trade deficit. It is unaffected by foreign aid (military or economic). It measures the difference between how much we buy from other countries and how much we sell to them. Gifted foreign aid is not part of the calculation. The budget deficit is a separate issue altogether, and we do run a deficit, but foreign aid is a very tiny fraction of the total budget deficit. We don‘t provide foreign aid simply as charity – we do it because it is in our national interest and buys us influence with other countries.

    • America has mutilated 7500 and murdered 750 people EVERY DAY since WWII.
      Does that tell you anything?
      How about the abuse of economic power?
      Child slaves working for American companies?
      America could triple its «aid» and still not come close to paying its debt to the world.

  11. Impeach that tyrant again!open your eyes think for yourself and question authority !

    • Question authority??? You want to elect a bunch of crooks that want to restrict all our rights and double your taxes… yeah, I dont think authority needs to be questioned here, it’s the state of mind of people making comments in here that needs to be questioned. Hopefully your not a registered voter. With people like you running around regurgitating bullshit, it wont be long before our whole country will be a mirror image of California and NY.

    • Stop thinking for yourself please, thank you.

    • Take your meds. 🤪

    • nevermore from past | February 23, 2020 at 5:47 PM | Reply

      @Chris Cole though u wer talknig about tryump and the right, why yes they have trahed teh deifictn up more then any other pres… they have sent more over seas than any other more hate cime sthen past 3 pres combined…. attacks wistle blowers rigges coutrts etc yp fassit at work now

    • @nevermore from past I dont speak jibberish. No idea what your trying to say.

  12. EVERYTHING Trump has been a costly exercise! You’d THINK his supporters would take a hint!

  13. we are witnessing the biggest pyramid scheme in history right before our eyes.

  14. BS this economy is hollow like the bush(both) economy’s and the reagan economy. All these economy’s all crashed as they always do under fascist occupation of the WH.

    • Electoral College Enslaved Alumni | February 23, 2020 at 9:50 PM | Reply

      One of my favorite bumper stickers says ” Reaganomics victims enjoy being trickled down on” So I voted for the Wizard of Oz instead.

  15. I keep to heart Wendell Berry’s words, “abundance in any amount is illusory if the producer is not protected.”

    • Like fresh produce in US supermarkets…

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  16. The amazing thing is that 40 % of the country just gets a blank look on their face when asked about Trump’s truckload of broken promises and failures.

    • @Bubbles
      One side effect of lying for three years about things like dishwashers, the weather, the Boy Scouts and whether you were named man of the year in the state of Michigan is that it can be hard for people to take your word when you say you have sensational secret information.

    • @Bubbles You seem to care as much about broadcast ratings as our Reality Show President. Who really cares?

    • ​You care @cldiehlYT that’s why you sent the message. That’s why you watch CNN because you care about the fact Hillary lost the 2016 election. Take care cldiehlYT !

    • @cldiehlYT Side effects of watching CNN are TDS, Temper tantrums, feelings of hopelessness. How does CNN make you feel cldiehlYT ? Tell us how you feel !

  17. Yup! That’s Trump’s new campaign slogan. “SOLVING PROBLEMS THAT DON’T NEED SOLVING”

  18. I love how in 2020 a person can pull out every receipt proving a lie and the liar can simply state an alternate reality and absolve themselves in their bases eyes…

    • only in usa and third world counties

    • @m7e How about IMPOTUS insisting that he released the “transcript” of his perfect call AFTER Schiff performed his parody during the House hearing? I remember reading the call memorandum the day before when the White House unclassified and publicly released it, that’s why I groaned at Schiff’s lame attempt at misplaced humor. Why do you suppose the Donnie boy keeps insisting he released the “transcript” afterwards? Why do people keep believing him when that counter evidence is clear as day?

    • That’s stinking dumbocraps for you

    • Apparently we created these monsters and kept them in power


  19. I’m declaring 4th November 2020 ‘Opening Sealed Indictments Day’.

    • Individual 1 : THE BEST NEWS EVER , 🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢💙💙💙💙💙🧢🧢🧢💙💙

  20. This is what happens when you don’t elect someone that is qualified

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