1. Brutal … .wonder how much pollution is in the soil from all that war action. Gunpowder infused wheat, good times.

    1. @Carl Skaggs Sorry, but in what age do you live that you’d think that mines are still filled with gun powder? Sorry to say, it’s all plastic explosives with detonation caps. 😉

  2. In 1958, I lived in Germany as a military dependant. We used to go to a park adjacent to a the river that we swam in. A German friend, I would say in his mid-twenties, stubbed his foot on something in the water. He went down to pick it up and pulled a land mine out of the water. Of course, when he announced what it was, we kids scrambled. He placed it on the bank and called the authorities. They came out and disarmed it. I will not forget that day, 65 years ago.

    1. @Brenda Raudebaugh hmm, I thought you were supposed to thank god for land mines. Word has it he has this big secret plan so when a kid winds up spread around like raw hamburger & ketchup just remember it is all in your God’s Plan.

    2. @Amberdrake There are still active American & Japanese mines in the Philippines and many of the Pacific islands. We are the number one mine manufacturer in the world and have deployed more than most countries combined. There are massive mine fields in Korea we left over 70 years ago still dangerous. There are many Vietnamese missing arms or legs from our mines they lost as children long after the war. We were so ticked about losing and fleeing Vietnam we have never sent teams for even token efforts at mine removal. We have never helped with even just equipment or wheelchairs and crutches

    3. @teresa legler Mines can be relatively safely handled because they are activated by weight on a trigger. Some specialized mines have magnetic fuses but need a very large ferrous metal tank or ship to set them off.

    1. May 23 2022…Cambodian technicians defuse and remove an American AN-M66 bomb found adjacent to the Royal Palace. The US dropped more bombs on n Cambodia than the entirety of bombs dropped in the Pacific Theater of WW2.

  3. I wondered how the farmers were going to plant their fields this year! Now, they’re going to have to take their own lives into their own hands just to plant their crops … what a deadly mess!

    1. @Jean Westerman everyonce and a while a chemical weapon shell detonates or leaks and it causes a large headache.

    2. @Steve Stoll the aftermath of war and its consequences… on people, Farms and beautiful historical places and buildings, what a mess!

    1. ?world??

      48 % of ukrain grain via black sea grain initiative
      Went to Europe

      3% to Africa
      What world is being fed
      Say western world needs ukrain grain
      Not the world please *

    2. @MKody The grain ends up more in Africa nations in which control is sought for by other wealthy nations. So Ukraine grain is very much important. It also feeds most of Europe, and any price variations can mean huge economic impact felt AROUND THE WORLD. The U.S. cannot feed Africa AND Europe. azzhat..

    3. @MKody And so any supply interruptions in Europe cause Europeans to look elsewhere for food, namely markets where African nations buy their food. The price goes up and ythe Africans can’t afford food.
      Everything is interconnected.

  4. I dont know what to say. As Americans, we don’t have to live with threats like that, so I’m not even gonna pretend I have a clue. I will continue to stand with Ukraine by giving my money and voting for those who support you. I wish I could do more.

    1. @Craft Paint  no, my life is not threatened, lol, but you go prep and live in fear just like the Bible says.

  5. The insane amount of toxic chemicals from exploding vehicles and muntions in the soil is going right into the food supply.

  6. Lord, please help this farmer to safely clear his fields, of mines, so he can plant his crops. Amen.

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