1. America can’t even tie its own shoes without arguing one or two bunny ears….we don’t deserve any respect or cooperation from anyone….

    1. It’s very refreshing to hear this type of an opinion from an American

  2. They think that Israeli intelligence have watching them through those cameras lol🇺🇸🦋

  3. Iran is ceasing voluntary cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) outside of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). It appears UN watchdog did not appreciate the cooperation it had with the Iranian authorities. It appears IAEA failed to understand that this cooperation was a result of Tehran’s show of goodwill. It appears IAEA considered it a duty of Iran.

    1. But, you neglect to mention the fact, that Iran was not complying with surveillance agreements, even during Obama’s presidency.

    2. IAEA just proved how biased it is to bring up an old issue that was put to bed in 2015. Who are they trying to fool? They are just preaching to the choir and losing credibility.

    3. @Deborah Freedman that is not true, Irannwas in full compliance, Trump pulled the Persian rug from under, the genius he is

  4. “I’m not having a view on what Iran is saying about having resolutions or not having resolutions.” – Rafael Grossi, director general of Iran nuclear resolutions

    1. @Sarah Brown What you call stealing, international courts consider impounding of illegally traded oil, furthering al Assad’s efforts to ethnically cleanse Syria of Sunni Muslims.

    2. @Sarah Brown personally not a fan of how much we’ve armed Ukraine. I think nations that have proven they cannot be trusted should not be allowed at the table. The Middle East as a whole has been hostile. Nuclear programs in any nation in this regions are worth giving attention.

  5. Upcoming news: “Higher inflation due to Iran disconnecting cameras of their nuclear facilities”…

    1. @Insane Mainstream but the USA doesn’t import oil from Iran……

    2. @Thou shalt not suffer a fascist to live and the USA only imported less ten 10% oil from Russia and they blame it on the war… we got majority of our oil from Canada

    NEXT WILL BE ( Article 10 NPT ) exiting NPT

    1. @Glory to Israel Kadosh wait for iran according to bible we are comming for all peoples freedom

  7. I’m sorry I’m sick of hearing about Iran and their nuclear weapons they’ve built up well here’s the thing we all have to live in this world together and of course maybe they don’t give a damn who lives I don’t care if they live either so guess what maybe God cares about us all

  8. Americans should have worried about this day when they were cheering their rouge military’s rampage across the middle east.

    1. And celebrating trump tearing up a deal because he think he could do better, look we’re that got us now

    2. The 6th angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates, and it’s waters were dried up to make a way for the kings of the East.”

  9. these voluntary measures that were based on “Good Will” should be removed all at once since other parties to the agreement are NOT complying with their obligations. I expect stronger reactions from iran in coming days including retaliatory measures against israel.
    FYI grossi went to israel few days ago to visit bennett and discuss the latest on how to thwart any chance of diplomatic relation between US and Iran (Also known as israel security concerns)

    1. The assassination head of of Isreal was killed today with a drone attack, the guy responsible for all the terrors

  10. what happened to ukraine is going to be seen by smaller countries with hostile neighbors as proof that they need their own nuclear deterrent.

  11. IAEA just proved how biased it is to bring up an old issue that was put to bed in 2015. Who are they trying to fool? They are just preaching to the choir and losing credibility.

  12. “There is a judge for those who reject me, and do not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.”

  13. grossi lost all credibility with his friendly trip to the only nuclear state in the middle east

  14. To be fair, America would NEVER allow a foreign country to monitor their nuclear facilities like this!! Also, why is the same standards not set against Israel’s nuclear program?

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