Fauci Responds To Attacks From Republicans 1

Fauci Responds To Attacks From Republicans


"Attacks on me are attacks on science," Dr. Anthony Fauci says of the attacks lobbed on him from Republicans. "I'm sorry, I don't want to be pejorative against a United States senator [such as Marsha Blackburn] but I have no idea what she's talking about."
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  1. That just shows something more and more obvious: politicians are not very clever and politicians are not the best choice to lead us…

    1. @Nunna Yrbznz Thanks to Sinema and Manchin, he is not getting much done though. And when Harris speaks, I almost wish hearing would not be one of my available senses.

    2. Dr Fauci aka ”Dr Fraud” is digging a bigger hole for himself.

      More emails to come.

      Speaking for a knowledgeable friend.

    3. @HS Won’t make a bit of difference to these people. There could be a photo of fauci in wuhan and these people would just scream out ‘fake news’!

    4. Fraudci got caught! What a joke and a disaster for the left. NWO won’t happen obviously. My stonks will suffer!

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy You’re in the Trump cult. Seek therapy before it’s too late.

    2. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid so you’re not actually capable of having a debate on the matter. Well thank you for your time professor, it’s been very enlightening.

    3. Dr Fauci aka ”Dr Fraud” is digging a bigger hole for himself.

      More emails to come.

      Speaking for a knowledgeable friend.

    4. Haha this is the Democrat propaganda network. Even more far left terror than CNN and that’s hard to do. Hey liberals, put those dunce caps on

    5. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid hahahahhahahahaha what a bunch of leftist lunatics who literally are lied to every night. Thats just a fact. 100 proven fact

  2. Chuck: “…we’ve failed to understand the controversy around it.”
    Have you listened to the Republican party spew its crap for, I dont know, the last DECADE?

    1. Chuck: “we’ve failed to understand the controversy around it.”
      American viewers: “try pulling your fingers out your ears.”

  3. In the 80s scientific experts took a widespread study and found there were more scientifically illiterate Americans than illiterate slaves in the Antebellum South (sorce: Carl Sagan’s demon possessed world)

  4. These people seem terrified to live in a world of facts and reality. They like to stay in cookyville.

    1. @Akira It is very much a thing, just look the propagandist and criminal in this video – selective science has been their focus this whole year.

    2. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! trump cult kool aid luminati,dominion, baby cannibal democrats, Jesus is coming, 666,trump is a messiah. LOL s

    3. @misterbobbysixkiller trump had to cut all the red tape as the commander in chief to push this past all the trials needed for a EUA from the FDA, in 7months!! And thanks to USA taxpayers who flipped the bill. Yaaay America! the world Thanks You. And now Biden has pledge today to donate 500,000,000 vaccines around the world? Yeah Americans again, your country is the best!!

  5. Education is so important. Especially in our elected officials. Tennessee needs to do better.

    1. We are spending almost 12k per student per year and the average high school kid barely reads above a 5th grade level. Try again.

    2. @Christine Robinson The “chosen and ordained one” who needed Steve Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica with their “Psychometric Analysis” to psychologically manipulate people to vote for him.

    3. We can spend billions of dollars on education and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s what you teach and how you teach it.

    1. May as well wish for a mental test for psychosis, morals, and spines while we’re at it. Think all those have to be missing for any politician. I mean we expect them to be liars which means we already know they are unfit and yet no one else wants to run for the positions ….

    2. @frances simmonds lolololol..that is the funniest thing i have heard all day..biden has no idea where he is half the time..he even screws up reading from the teleprompter..why do u think his handlers dont want him to answer questions

    3. @Steeler 1954 people like trump who is believed by many to be a psychopath would probably actually pass a lie detector test. He lies with out conscious or guilt.

  6. Republicans are now the “Take it with a pinch of salt” Party. Their credibility is non existent

    1. They are not done , they are organizing and if they are successful Hitler and his NAZI’s will be back again.

    2. Yes but sadly the democrats are going to the same lows as the Republicans. These non policy, non issues like canceling Dr suess on the Republicans….the ridiculous pronoun war on the democrats….what happened to trying to better our world, our society? It’s all gaslighting nonsense that’s leading us down a dark out if control spiral into madness, chaos.

    3. Dr Fauci aka ”Dr Fraud” is digging a bigger hole for himself.

      More emails to come.

      Speaking for a knowledgeable friend.

    4. @kim Yeah because DEMS have not really ever held power before they have always bowed down to the power republicans wielded. now they are like a puppy you just let off the leash for the first time. The stories that we are going to be converted to communism and they have some world wide agenda to keep that is a super evil plan is made up BS as you can see they cannot even take full control because they want to try and please everyone, but the GOP and what they are doing right now is loco crazy fascist NAZI stuff. If you do not see it? I suggest you look again and again because we are screwed.

    5. No do not take them lightly. They will blind side you with fascism without you knowing it. people are already covering the past things Trump did, and they are on the DEMS administration.

  7. Why can’t these people be pushed into “Why don’t you prove that anything you’ve said is true!”?

  8. No worries Dr. Fauci……
    “She don’t even knows what she’s talking about herself.” Nutcase.

    1. @Iris Hewlett trump called virus a hoax. If trump made a vaccine it would be 98% bleach and 2% kool aid

    2. @Iris Hewlett Why don’t you tell us what you think you’ve uncovered then Sherlock?
      Surely you didn’t think some vague toothless comment like that would persuade anybody, so elaborate on your conclusive results.

  9. Watching these two lying to each other is so pathetic but what’s worse is some people actually believe it all.

  10. Yeah, now you just need to explain to that senator what “scientific” means. Apparently, she has no clue.

  11. What more could anyone want than Dr Fauci and his straight forward professional dedicated attempts to save us from ourselves. If only all public servants were like him.

  12. Instead of actually asking questions that Fauci knew all along this was an overblown scam. Dude needs to be prosecuted

  13. He doesn’t know what’s going on at any point. He doesn’t even know what he is is saying!

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