Dr. Anthony Fauci On Covid Origins, New Variant

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Chuck Todd for a one-on-one conversation about the possible Chinese lab leak, new Covid variant spread and vaccination rates across the country.
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  1. To be honest, blunt, and to the point I am interested in hearing Dr Fauci’s comments on the corona virus.
    As far as anything that the GOP has to say, I could not care less. Their backing of the less than worthless handling of the former disgraced president has convinced me the GOP cannot tie their shoelaces without adult supervision.

    1. @Andy garcia as for the admission about your exgirlfriend, says more about you, probably because you are a conspiracy loser

    2. @Ben you are aware that despite a decade of posting videos, not one scientific advance came from flat earthers

    3. How sad is it that around 40% of Americans choose to believe that the entire medical and scientific community is conspiring against them and wants to harm and/or microchip them, and has decided that the ONLY person they can trust is under-educated, well-documented NY Real Estate shyster, proven liar, ex-reality-TV show host and general, all purpose fraudster Donnie.

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski this story was broken by Nicolas wade…chief science editor for the New York Times for over 30 years…as credible as they come. yes… it was considered conspiracy for the last year…but since Wades publication…the issue of a lab leak has been brought into the spotlight and is now the default theory among scientists.

  2. The original plan prepared by the CDC for a pandemic was explicitly formulated with flu in mind: The White House ignored the pandemic war game scenario the Obama administration had prepared for them.

    1. Planned DEMIC….Fauci has alot of blood on his hands…lawyer up Fuxci

  3. You can see why Republicans are attacking Fauci. He’s well-informed, thoughtful, well-spoken, hard working, resilient and compassionate.

    1. You can’t possibly be a real person. Fauci was caught in a web of lies. He admitted masks are useless *AFTER* enforcing mask mandates for months on end. He knew there was a high likelihood that the virus did not occur naturally through evolution within bats (in fact, a bat with naturally occurring Covid-19 has yet to be found!). Fauci should be held accountable for lies and mis-steps.

  4. That’s how they roll. They drop big accusations against China normally like eating a sandwich. I little bit strange for me. And one thing what I don’t get, why the use of the same terms like me. For example dangerous, concluded and similar. I didn’t get behind some secrets and I am not a spy . I just based on some memes though that a spying was going on me . Where I am from the Serbian intelligence gets caught on a regular basis very often spying on various people. Its not a surprise for the serbs when they got caught. As I am getting things now , pompeo ,fauci and some really big names know about me . Just if I once was suspicious that you spied, you didn’t needed to inform so important names about myself. I understand that you might have been surprised but to bring to important names into this was unnecessary. I am average kid that saw a meme and was suspecting that even elons meme came as a product of some spying. Why did I came with the idea that I was spied after seeing that meme. It was because I had earlier experiences off some inteligences spying on me
    I don’t work for any intelligence. And everything I said about being suspicious that I am being spied was a product off guessing , not a product off some spying. I hope you understand what I mean. I am not gonna sue anyone because I was suspicious that I was being spied. I really don’t get the use off the same terms off some people when I am just a ordinary kid.

  5. Crazy Repubs are trying to keep the eye of Justice off of their entire party but, especially Doty’s President!

    1. The eye of Justice falls with both Republicans and Democrats. Neither side is 100% innocent.

    2. I’m no repuglican Youtube censors!!! Go to aim4truth (dot) org search Frontline Workers Testimony on V A C C I N A T I O N S

  6. People need to stop being stupid. Everything is relative. Those emails can be interpret it anyway a person wants! These people are adults & what they are doing to get vacs is ridiculous. There are consequences for choices & they are making them. I don’t care about any of them anymore.

    1. @Get real Probably just an angry person hiding behind a fake account. Not sure who’s censoring anyone; I’m just calling you out for being pathetic. 😉

    2. @SandB he funded gain of function research in the US and may have accidently funded gain of function research in the wuhan institute of virology which created human transmissible coronaviruses. if you know what type of research that is then you know its dangerous. You know whats something that I disagree about that Fauci gets criticized for is the masks. Him not knowing whether or not its effectiveness in the public is useful is not a reason for us to be criticizing him for. Anybody who brings this up is doing a disservice to those trying to create a dialogue about this issue.

    3. @Jack Taylor I’m not going to make a reply on the subject of gain of function research at this time as I am largely ignorant of the subject. My basic understanding is that it is a practice of engineering more virulent and transmissible forms of microorganisms such as a virus for the purpose of studying and working to prevent future mutations of the existing viruses/microorganisms. The obvious issue here being the possibility of these engineered viruses escaping captivity or being weaponized. Though I hasten to point out that many lauded scientists, Nobel prize winners, etc have engaged in similar and sometimes much more injurious practices; not that the sins of the past excuse those of the present. You’ve given me something to investigate, thanks!

    4. @Get real I was wondering: is yours spamming regurgitated and divisive talking points on behalf of a foreign government? In any case I’m bored with your material; there are those making genuinely interesting arguments here. I think I’m done with you; enjoy whatever it is you’re doing! ✌🏼

  7. And don’t these Americans look at other countries? It’s not like Dr. Fauci is an island. What he has been saying has also been said by his counterparts around the world.

    1. what trump-head says to attack – they do. no matter who or what. it is scary.. scary… scary..

    2. @ZmillaZ What’s your source for your India “herd immunity” hypothesis, if you don’t mind my asking?

    3. ​ @ZmillaZ WRONG. ‘”New Delhi alone has registered more than 634,000 COVID-19 cases and over 10,000 deaths,” M C Mishra, a former medical superintendent at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told DW.
      “It is true that people have developed antibodies, but India is still far away from achieving herd immunity,” Mishra said.’ DW dot com.

  8. I was raised neocon and saw many conservatives happy for the slow walked aids response that killed many and was partly Fauci’s fault, and they were mad when aids care improved. Funny how when things affect conservatives they suddenly have lots of feelings that they insist have to be centered in any discussion, because not being the center of attention and having all the power feels like oppression to them.

    1. @USIO Productions having lived through it and seen it first hand you disingenuous clown. Google is free tho, and thanks for playing little buddy!

    2. If I remember correctly, Dr. Fauci worked with Aids groups to loosen requirements for clinical trials of HIV drugs, enabling many more patients to try new compounds. He also included activists and people living with HIV in the planning committee of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group. I believe he has a pretty decent reputation among the HIV/AIDS community.

  9. I LOVE Dr. Fauci. He was the sole voice of intelligence in the trump administration when it came to the virus.

  10. How do you definitely know its no long term side effects brah please let me know how you can do that if you have not finish following the science ?

    1. You’ll be aware covid has long term side effects. I know someone who is now seriously disabled after having covid….its very common its called long covid.

      all my work colleagues friends and family have been vaccinated I know of no one who has had any long term side effects including myself and my partner. The risk is not having it. Nearly 60% of Scotlands adults have been vaccinated now… No horror stories to report.

    2. The thing about “following THE science”, is that it doesn’t necessarily stand still, and new data can take it in different directions.
      Geeze Louise, where is Richard Feynman when you need him?

    3. @Julie Ring why are you being mean? you have a right to your opinion w/o being rude literally four of my family members 3 strokes and gall stones and two deaths one worked at NIH blood clots after shot dead the other had the shot then tested positive and died it seems as if information is being hidden in plain view it might be worst i am just so 😨

  11. natural huh even though whats seen in the sequence has never been seen ever before except in gain of function scenarios……why isnt MSNBC reporting on the latest study suggesting covid is manmade

    1. Because if you ask any of the obvious scientific questions you are categorized as being a Trump supporter and/or they say you hate Asians.

    2. because that is only scare BS. the real story is that its been obvious for a long time that there are zero signs of manufactured artifacts.

      Its a natural virus. It would be stupid to make a virus that kills your own people just as fast as anyone else. Derrrr.

      Stop spreading lies. What do you get out of that?

    3. @Origami Mambo you don’t find it odd that when the pandemic first started China completely restricted all domestic travel in lot and out of Wuhan, but allowed infected to fly out of China from Wuhan to destinations all over the world??? You know China did this for a reason. Why would they do that?

  12. Fauci in his testimony in Congress talked about progress reports from the Wuhan lab to the CDC. The reports would show what the Wuhan lab was doing for the CDC. Somehow, none of Fauci’s critics have bothered to get hold of the reports and read it.

    1. we already know whaat wuhan lab was doing for the CDC aka Fauci…..this was known a year ago….time for you and your shepherd MSNBC to catch up

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