Faulty redactions show more info was seized in Giuliani investigation than previously disclosed 1

Faulty redactions show more info was seized in Giuliani investigation than previously disclosed

New York federal prosecutors investigating Rudy Giuliani have seized material from a wider array of individuals than previously disclosed, according to an unsealed court document. This video and headline have been updated to reflect that it was not the prosecutors who made the faulty court filing.

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  1. Rudy Colludy, Igor and Levs off the books hit job in Ukraine funded by Dmitry Firtash is going to see them go through some things. I bet he takes it all the way to the Supreme Court yard by Marriott

    1. @Fifi Kahlil
      “These two features of the virus, the mutations in the RBD portion of the spike protein and its distinct backbone, rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin for SARS-CoV-2,” Kristian Andersen, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scripps Research.

    2. @Arent blacks lovely
      Actually the Treasury Department just released hard evidence that Manafort was providing Campaign data to Kilimnic, not a month ago …
      You were indeed supporting a traitor all along.

    3. @Sara Mill
      Yes, when Pompeo said they found bamboo in the Virus, Biden decided that it was time to have people who don’t belong in an asylum to investigate !

    1. @CharlyDeamen Damn, YouTube is playing funny buggars again.. jeez, I’m behaving myself and all..mostly.. no jokes about ‘off you go, good luck storming the c……’ or anything..
      Ok, I give up. Put me down for popcorn
      I’m done. Cheers

    2. @CharlyDeamen
      Donald Trump.

      How did reading that make you feel? I would bet a mixture of anger and laughter.

      TDS is real and you have it in spades.

    3. @American Bulldog
      I agree.

      The cult of intersectionality, Marxists, and “Green New Dealists” are abhorrent losers.

  2. You guys think Giuliani’s cousin/wife has touched him since the wedding? I shudder at the thought.

  3. That “Faulty’ Redactions you speak of are not faulty…its an intended leak to increase the pressure

    1. It’s intended to leak so CNN can keep feeding liberals propaganda. Notice how CNN says Lushenko “falsely” said, but provides no source or evidence?
      This is how propaganda works.

    2. @Arent blacks lovely Done and dusted, now it’s time to prosecute Barr for lying to you. I read the thing, I KNOW what I saw

  4. But was it really “accidental,” or done to scare ghouliani and/or his pals into flipping?? I doubt that the DOJ does anything in error now that Merrick Garland is in charge. My cupboards are beginning to overflow with all popcorn I have on hand. lol

    1. CNN Ratings Plunge Since Trump Left Office – Fake News Network Loses Nearly 70% of Its Viewers

    2. Since it wasn’t prosecutors after all, how does your conspiracy theory stack up now we know it was his own lame counsel that did it?

  5. If America recovers from the machinations of D.J.T. which is far from certain and does not slide into an Oligarchy under the party which was once the G.O.P. Someone will write a novel to challenge War and Peace on these times.

  6. I heard some wild talk about the Rudy raid meant the ring was tightening around Trump. I thought they meant legally, turns out they were talking about Ms Lindsey going a courtin’ to Mar a Largo. Now there’s a queue with McCarthy bring up the rear.

    1. @Rod The walls are closing in, slowly. The righties are panicking like claustrophobic rats in a warming bucket.

  7. looks like there will be a need for a few cell blocks for the mafia crime group. donny and company.

  8. Liev & Egor was heading to Vienna, Austria when arrested. I wonder if they were going to see Furtash an Oligarch who works for Putin. He has been fighting extradition to USA on charges. Interesting development..

  9. We got him we finally got him! This time Rudy and trump are going down we got them good!

  10. I was watching a documentary about opioids on HBO Max. In comes Rudy Giuliani defending the pharmaceutical companies lol, this man is corrupt to the core.

    1. @Arent blacks lovely you troll let me enlighten you. We are finally seeing what happens to a preditory group of people are held responsible. There has NEVER been an administration so corrupt and flaunted in your face. Sad.

    2. @Regulatory Affairs You’re wasting your time with these radicals. Most of these people are coconspirators. All of them sent in multiple ballots!

  11. “Accidental” lol. I almost expect the first letters of every sentence to say:

    f l i p a l r e a d y n o s f e r a t u

  12. Pray Reject Rudy’s son isn’t elected governor of New York. He’s only running to gain pardon power in New York.

    1. @Noily Pratt because…. we were home, we all washed our hands a lot, most of us wore masks, gee, I dunno, maybe thats it

    2. @Regulatory Affairs Lets keep it simple.

      I’m a trump voter, I marked trump on my ballot, I double checked it and approved all the down ballot stuff too. Then the machine spit out a PAPER BALLOT with Biden marked. I thought, well, that’s funny. Then I folded it and walked over to the ballot box and put it in. Wow, those Jewish space lasers really did a number on me and 5678 other people who voted from trump but felt like we needed to put the PAPER BALLOTS with Biden marked AT THE TOP into the ballot box, cuz, well, covfefe

    3. @Harry Johnstone
      Maybe we’ve had the flu our entire human existence and all of he sudden we haven’t had a single case?

      Sure makes the mandates look *really good,* doesn’t it? How miraculous!!

      I don’t buy that for a second.

    4. @Noily Pratt You don’t need to buy it, reality happens with or without the delusional contingent.

      Gee, how would you stop the spread of a respiratory virus, hmm…

  13. Lock him up!!Rudy just didn’t start to be dirty when Trump began. Rudy been dirty. I hope they will expose him!!

  14. “Rudy’s on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line
    He don’t want to get there, but he needs time
    He ain’t sophisticated, nor well-educated
    After all the hours he wasted, still he needs time….”
    Supertramp – 1974

  15. Just imagine, he would still have a good reputation if he never got involved with trump in the first place.

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