FBI Arrests Capitol Riot Suspect For Spraying Multiple Officers 1

FBI Arrests Capitol Riot Suspect For Spraying Multiple Officers


Scott MacFarlane gives the latest updates on the FBI's investigation of the Capitol riot.
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  1. One thing is clear, the Republican party does not give a hoot about blue lives. Or any lives for that matter, after they have been born!

    1. @Jock Young IT’S ALL CRIME FIGHTING FUNDS! FFS! Not really sure what part of the police you think isn’t fighting crime! You people also said, “police don’t need Humvees” then last summer happened and they needed Humvees. You just contradicted yourself. Thanks for proving me right

    2. @Censored User
      No, not all police time goes to crime fighting. If you don’t understand what the debate is about, maybe you should shut up about it.

    3. @Jock Young Son you’re the one that need to shut up because you don’t understand what police do! Everything they do is crime related! But by all means. Please tell me what part they do that isn’t related to crime or crime prevention. I’ll wait.

    1. @Daquan I saw the video. All I’m saying is there is a hypocracy with the media coverage about groups of people. Idk maybe it’s always been biased one way or another. But I do see it now. They locked down all those videos so the public isn’t getting to see all sides. I get they have to do an investigation. And I hope all involved are punished for their part. I saw one video that showed a representative leaving the door open for the rioters. All I want is the truth not the media version of it. Over and over the media has said it was an armed insurrection yet where are the weapons? They said the terrorist killed that cop. That wasnt true either. They want(because it helps their agenda) to paint all Republican, conservatives, and Christian’s in one category and thats ‘terrorist”. Why do you think they want to do that? Going after far right violent groups is one thing but trying to say all Republicans or anyone who voted for trump(against Biden-those were the 2 choices) are equal to the terrorist that did 9ll is messed up. Think of how offenvie that is. There were plenty of good people who were completely non violent and didn’t go into the capital who simply exercised their 1st amendment right to assemble and be seen. As a matter of fact, I also saw videos of good people helping the police and trying to stop the crazy violent ones. But the media doesn’t want people seeing that either. With all this deciect and half truths it’s no wonder people are fed up and even angry. When you see your whole world forced upside down and your helpless, what should you do? Now throw covid into that and think of how many people lost loved ones and were separated from them as they died. Or had family member commit suicide, lost their business, lost their homes, maybe lost their kids cause they couldnt feed or provide for them. Extreme situation cause extreme outburst. But to be clear inspite of injuries, the insuresctionist killed no one. The riots over the summer killed many in many cities not just one. And our tax money did and does pay all the capitals salaries and every bill that keeps it running. We paid outraged amounts for their wall of protection while they opened our borders and didnt care about our protection. That really says all actually. They built a wall for themselves and made us pay for it. Wth

    1. @Steve Bethooty
      No, your two-bit wanna be gangsta was a dictatorship. Now it is official, the whole Trump Organization CrimeNet is being investigated for racketeering, surprise!

    2. @T. Mont Wow, that was an aggressive comment. I was just providing links to a person here because they were claiming I was lying. Why do these facts offend you so much? Do you not want to see truth and reality? I was simply pointing out the extreme hypocrisy of this situation. Are you mad because you are one of these violent revolutionary anarchists? 

      I’m against ALL violence from both sides, it’s that simple.

      Also your a racist too. Thanks for that comment. You seem like a very nice person.

  2. I wouldn’t do a day in Walmart, more less prison for trump. What is wrong with these people?

    1. @Bobby Jones ..oh .don’t even go there….some said defund..some said. Get rid of…many chanted no police..they use word salad..bla bla..bla…yes..I have seen many interpretations of that..depending on who you ask…seems it hasn’t gone too well…most are adding back into budgets because it is a total failure…oh my who knew

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra You my friend are one of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of reading their comments! EVER!

    3. @Canadian girl .nope..a bunch of people acted about as stupid as you can get…they need to be held accountable.I also believe majority were there for the right reasons or to just be present.The ones who got all crazy do not represent most of us…

    1. If we do not stop this G.O.P.arty of organized crime, we will lose our democracy. Allow evil to die a peaceful death of non-support. Vote blue in 22 and 24, then begin the prosecutions.

  3. don’t worry little patriot…
    Donald said he’d pay everyone’s legal fees…
    and you know he never ever lies…
    not sure why he didn’t just pardon you all…

    1. @mr head lol I hope this is sarcasm Q was proven to be a troll the troll themselves.

  4. Just another day of tourists at the Capitol? FFS the gaslighting by the GOP is off the freaking charts. Lock all these know nothing cult members up and throw away the key!

    1. Judge Amy Jackson Berman ain’t going to take crap from any of these fascist insurrectionists. I was hoping that a lot of them would be held and remanded in custody until trial.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD And the weather underground, Bill Ayers. They exploded a bomb in the capitol, and Clinton pardoned them all. And Obama announced his campaign for presidency from Bill Ayers house.

    2. @Colt Dude ya ya ya blame blame blame don’t take any responsibility losers. Back atcha Good Buddy!

  5. Matt Gaetz just told people “we have a second amendment and it’s time we used it”
    Is that not passive aggressive incitement to violence?
    What else could he mean but another terrorist act which they will try to pass off as a sightseeing tour?

    1. @Abstractioner So you are saying there is one group that is organized as a Militia. It looks like a bunch of little groups to me, all acting independently.

    2. @Canadian girl The militia hasn’t raised a finger yet, all you’ve seen are false flags and dumb children. But yea it’s more of a concept, we as a collective are stronger than our rulers

    1. @Greg Bors “here are many of you working 24/7 to post disinformation in American political threads and even on non-political videos too.” – LOL. My family has been in the USA since its creation, before that they arrived in the colonies in the year 1635 from a small town west of London. Nothing I’ve posted is “disinformation.” You’re willfully blind. Also, stop threatening people cause they disagree with your politics, it’s just sad.

    2. @Greg Bors “Oh, BTW, posting ridiculously false claims like “Dems hate the USA” only makes it more obvious.” – Really, then why did the Dems eliminate “American First” policies and claim on the world stage that the USA is a racist morally bankrupt country that needs to apologize for its sins? Why are the Dems attacking our Founding Fathers and everything that created the success of the USA, including Capitalism? You clearly don’t pay attention to the Democrat party.

    3. @Ed “Not everything you read in the internet is true.” – Abe Lincoln, 1776

      (Love your brand-new account, Yuri)

    4. ​@Boudica “Hillary didn’t lie.” – Dude, just search “Did Hillary Clinton lie to Congress about her emails?” in youtube and you will find Jake Tapper from CNN talking about how Hillary lied to Congress. Honestly, do you people ever research your claims, or do you just repeat what MSNBC tells you?

    1. @Richie Tattersall “January 6th protesters” is NOT an organization either. It’s not even a concept. So what’s your point LOLOLOLOLOL

    2. @Jimbo Johnson
      Their goal was to overturn a democratic election. How can that not be insurrection? The fact that they had no chance of succeeding is irrelevant.

    3. @Jimbo Johnson Those were MAGA-
      Militarized Armed Government Attackers. Domestic terrorists of the Trump Cult.

  6. “Near daily lies” because he’s not posting every single day, otherwise it would have been “daily lies”.

  7. “Don’t be a sheep.”, says the flock who get their news from Trump’s blog exclusively.

  8. God bless this Judge. Judge Jackson God bless you, we need moretrue Americans like you.

    1. how about drop the god crap.
      being completely acceptable to believe in nonsense is what got us here

  9. Where in their freedom literature does it say stealing government property is a time honored tradition and not a crime?

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