Breaking Down The New York City Mayoral Race 1

Breaking Down The New York City Mayoral Race


The Morning Joe panel discusses the Democratic field of nominees in the NYC mayoral race.
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    1. @David well then Trump lost to a who is undeniably the president of the united states. Is what it is kid

    2. @Micah Hall When and if you wake up, you’ll see there’s no difference in the picks for president so while you give democrats a pass, both sides laugh at how gullible you are. KID

  1. Replace plurality voting, with rank choice or approval voting, so we can see the true support for each candidate, and winner, without the spoiler effect.

  2. I object to the Equality Act proposed by the Democratic Party.
    The Equality Act is a lie. From the Father of lies, Save Us, O Lord.
    God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    1. @James Johnson, your sky daddy talks to you? You should be locked up in the psychiatric ward!

  3. Blessed be Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.
    EWTN News: On a mission to report the truth. God bless the United States of America.

  4. When l wiped my bottom with a toiIet paper, that’s magic, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown color. Wow wow!!!

    1. @Jis Yang All you Chinese, Vietnamese, etc seem like one for me. I am poor this is why I will not thank the Chinese.

      P.S. Shouldn’t you eat rice now or to be practicing kung fu?

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra awwww you say rice and kung fu? Now that’s uncalled for, my bamboo fiber in my body is triggered I can’t see very well through small eye holes for my 40 hours a day piano practice and solving differential equations to carry on the great west civilization you pseudo-waaidee failed to succeed.

      Jokes aside, please keep doing it you guys are winning hearts and minds.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra sweetievag, if you’re poor, you can monetize your mural-producing vutt. Go to Vegas and have a freak show. I would pay to watch.

    4. @Aedammair Ornóra btw, I’m forwarding a screenshot of your statement about “all chinese vietnamese seem like one” to the great Magahat Andy Ngo to see how he reacts.

      Btw, You’re a noob troll. Learn first who’s on what side and what not.

    5. @Jis Yang I don’t need much money. Some pizza, beer and meth is enough for my poor life. I prefer to loot the white supremacists. Also, I and my BLM comrades like to burn property of the rich. China didn’t help them for long. BLM!!!

  5. New York=good content.

    When is the next episode? I wonder who’s going to start the next pandemic the politicians or the media because they are definitely eating some foot in mouth soup

  6. All good wishes to NYC and the candidates. One of the hardest jobs in the USA. Forward looking vision kinda gig.

  7. Progressives lost their mind with Tara Reade but are giving their guy a pass. There goes their purity.

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool No, Reade was a Bernie supporter who made a last ditch attempt to help Bernie by smearing Biden with her ever changing tale.
      I’m a Democrat that’s tired of the Progressives holier-than-thou purity.

  8. DSA should have run their own candidate. The left candidates, Stringer and Morales, weren’t that great to begin with. I doubt a DSA candidate could win but it would have been good to have a dog in the race.

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