FBI conducts search of Pence’s Indiana home

The FBI conducted a search of former Vice President Mike Pence’s home in Indiana, a source familiar with the situation told CNN. Pence is on the West Coast with his family after his daughter had a baby, according to his spokesperson. A private attorney for Pence was at the Indiana house during the search, the spokesperson added. #CNN #News


    1. Turnip had nearly 2 years to give the ones he stole back but decided to wait until the ignored subpoena forced the FBI’s hand.

    2. @JewdyBiden had many more years than Trump to turn in documents he never had authorization to have in the first place. Biden had stuff from when he was just a Senator, then acquired more as VP.

  1. At this point, anyone, anywhere, who had classified documents sitting around anywhere just couldn’t care less.

    1. @Sure Shots these are actual bots using the new chat GPT A.i to have conversations with themselves. All trying to reach top comment.

  2. I feel very strongly if the National Archive’s was doing their job we would not be going through all this. At this point I’m wondering why we have not been told their story.

    1. @Dr. Phil OH I’m so glad for your reply. You bringing back the old saying a quack Doctors. DR .Phil really of what Diarrhea 😂🤣😅😆.

    2. Billy. You are not the first one wanting to know what’s wrong with this picture with the ARCHIVES..But I can bet we’ll never know.

    3. @Dr. Phil Barney’s song, 😂🤣😅 , I bet you even have a big poster off him on your bed room wall.😂🤣😅. Really I have to go now and watch my grass in my yard grow.😂🤣😜.

  3. “Congress has no right to my testimony”, Mike Pence.
    “You have no right to breathe the oxygen in here”, Mike Pence to FBI agents searching his home.

    1. Mike pence to January 6th cmte “I can’t tell you anything I know because of confidentiality but read my book it’s all in there”

    2. @Louise Cardinal Good post Louise, about Pence promoting himself in his book. If traitor Mike Pence had sent the invalid electoral votes back to the states for correction, we might not be in the mess we’re in now. Pence had a third option, if he really believed the bilge he spews about being required by the Constitution to confirm an inaccurate electoral vote count; RESIGN. Pence could have stated that “I can’t in good conscience confirm an inaccurate electoral vote count, and therefore I resign. Many people would have respected him had he done so; Pence chose to destroy his political future and leave the US in the hands of Joe Biden.

    1. It’s like a drug dealer reality show where the dealer has 5 kilos of blow in his bedroom closet “thats not mine”. BS.

    2. If that was a Democrat, the Republicans would be running around, screaming like their hair is on fire 🔥!

    3. They don’t know, because the classification system has gotten completely out of hand, and has become unmanageable.

  4. Imagine if the police called every criminal to ask if and when they can come search your home…. And they only did when your lawyer agreed…..

    1. @Joy Phillips Yes, because they didn’t search Biden’s homes for classified information. You have to conflate Hunter’s investigation with classified information retrievals. Hunter is really living rent-free in your head. I hope you were this outraged when the National Enquirer paid to bury the Karen McDougal affair with Trump before the 2016 election 😅🤣

  5. I could swear I heard Mike pence swear on camera that there were no documents at his house. Oh yeah I still have the video

    1. @rick erhart
      Sounds? Sheeeezzzz
      You’re a genius if you can hear me
      It’s actually typed word’s little princess
      Kleminskyzzzz 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤡🤡🤡

    2. To be fair to him, Pence searched his home, found docs I’m his home and turned himself in to be searched.. which is a bit better than “I dont have it, and if I do, I declassified them with my mind”

      Also better than having an entire server in your basement of govt emails 😛

    1. @HomeDefender30 He didn’t ask whether he wanted the list made public or not, he asked if you were saying it should not be made public!

  6. I still think the National Archive needs to pack all required docs before the White House packs it up for outgoing offices.

    1. @Cantara Bella
      I think with trump they knew there were docs missing because he’d spoken in public about certain things that weren’t there.
      The others I’m guessing started looking to see if they had any.
      It’s really odd that important docs aren’t tracked better.

  7. by this time it’s strange to imagine that anyone with high level of security clearance hasn’t thoroughly checked their own homes by now…out of an abundance of caution 🙂

    1. Oh Look, the FBI is once again searching a republicans Home while Republicans have to BEG THEM TO SEARCH BIDEN/ HUNTERS…. Incidentally maybe it was because Twitter had secret e-mails from the BIDEN TEAM telling them not to disclose anything from HUNTER 6 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION? The FBI knew about HUNTER 6 days before the election of Biden.

    2. @haroldmoore1412  Well ya. We have that brain dead idiot in there who said he was in the senate 180 years ago and then took classified documents from possibly 1843 which is way worse than trump having them guarded by secret service and locked up. I guess a garage could be considered a secure location.

    3. @M90 Rider Trump had his documents in a resort for anybody to see and he refused to give them back when asked. Biden’s team found the documents and turned them in. You are basically admitting that Trump lost lied and got Ashli Babbitt killed with his lies. You are a terrible person.

  8. They found the docs weeks ago but make an appointment to search for more???? This entire process is broken. Who is signing out these documents and not getting them back at the end of the day? Who’s copying these documents and not keeping a log of who copied what and when and why? Who’s responsible for asking for the documents back, even the copied ones?

    1. Oh Look, the FBI is once again searching a republicans Home while Republicans have to BEG THEM TO SEARCH BIDEN/ HUNTERS…. Incidentally maybe it was because Twitter had secret e-mails from the BIDEN TEAM telling them not to disclose anything from HUNTER 6 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION? The FBI knew about HUNTER 6 days before the election of Biden.

    2. @joyphillips1821  the whole laptop thing is getting old. Who cares how much corruption is on it anyways. He was addicted to crack and hookers. There is no way someone like that could ever be compromised. Nice try though.

    3. @B@n Gerotocracy DEMOCRAT Sandy Berger was caught stuffing classified docs in his pants. Still a major news story; The Clinton’s National Security Advisor, and attorney. Hillary had no reservations about putting classified information on her cell phones and in her emails, and ignored the call to turn over her cell phones , by smashing her phones, removing the sim cards, and bleaching her hard drive.

    4. Every 3 seconds, a document is classified in the US. 1,3 million people have the highest level of security clearance. 1,3 millions, and that’s just the highest level. The whole system costs the American taxpayers 18 billion dollars per year. The system has gotten completely out of hand.

  9. This is getting ridiculous: the National Archives sounds more like a public library than a well-functioning part of a governmental agency. The question should be why were these documents not “noticed as missing” B4 now? The current President (then VP) and former VP are probably miffed by having these documents. Not so with Trump who knew full well that documents were taken. Big difference.

    1. The only big difference is one was President with complete control over declassification, and the process of that, and the other two weren’t, in fact in some cases of documents with Biden he was a Senator.
      Keep drinking that Kool Aid buddy 😜

    2. The declaration of classified documents created is on the honor system. Some documents are created and classified at other than N. Archive locations.

    3. Each agency classifies and declassifies their material. POTUS can not do it unilaterally. He can order an agency to declassify and if the agency refuses, then and only then can he override their decision.

  10. To my local librarian: Please accept my apologies that I haven’t returned the two books yesterday. I will pay the penalty. Thank you for the message you sent reminding me that the books should have been returned on Monday. BTW, maybe you can assist National Archives with their systems?

  11. Why were Pence’s lawyers allowed to have a back-and-forth about an FBI investigation?
    Why didn’t the FBI just show up with a warrant?

  12. So the next time a search warrant is issued for a regular citizen should our lawyers be forewarned so we can remove whatever it is from the premises… just curious or dies that only apply to the rich & powerful

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