FBI Releases New Video Of ‘Most Egregious’ Assaults On Officers At Capitol Riot | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes says a defining theme in the wake of the Capitol riot is the inability of those on the right to think of the rioters as “people who could be violent because of who they were and what they looked like.” Aired on 03/18/2021.
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FBI Releases New Video Of ‘Most Egregious' Assaults On Officers At Capitol Riot | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Armagedon026 they haven’t charged anyone with that because they can’t. That’s not what happened. The media had brainwashed you people into believing that garbage but when it comes down to it, they lied to you! WAKE UP!

    2. @Censored User Can u provide some facts to back your statement? I would love to have the link if that’s not a problem.

    3. In 20201 confederate flags were flown in the united States capitol building….. That’s all that needs to be known

    1. I’m not sure if Ron Johnson is more despicable, deplorable or vile. I’ll go with D- all of the above.

  1. When I have a bad day I get a candy bar and Pepsi and play a video game I don’t go out and shoot 8 people.

    1. @David Brown You too? I’d be more likely to go for a coffee and a book. Mind you I’ve had some seriously bad days, but so far, no mass murders.

    2. Seems like it would have been easier for him to go to his local public mental health association rather than arm himself and go shoot a bunch of innocent people. So, did that make his day better? Sounds like the “Twinkie” defense once again.

    3. @blluedragonfly Republicans gutted a lot of mental health. Watch.. Thom Hartman.. and go down to his blogs on Ronald Reagan. Reagan closed down a lot of mental hospitals.


    1. Questions the GOP won’t ask. Slowly, republicans like Ron Johnson will sell it that that WAS a black mob that raided and desecrated the US Capitol building.

  3. “Of course I wasn’t scared. Those people marching on the capitol were my people. If they weren’t, then I would have reason to be scared.” – Ron Johnson.

  4. “These are fine people” / “the law and order president” great statements from the pinnochio party.

    1. If it wasn’t so horrible it’s really funny how dumb some of those 12 GQPs really are. At the same time they and other ever-trumpers are opposing calling the insurrectionists insurrectionists… Saying they’re fine people and that they didn’t feel threatened by them. But saying if it had been antifa or black people, they would have been afraid. Then the ever-trumpers (including some of those 12) say it wasn’t really trump-supporters who invaded the Capitol, but disguised antifa members. Shouldn’t they be supporting the term “insurrectionists” then?!

      And the Qanon fools who pray to these bigot overlords rhetorical bs, don’t see the stupidness. They parrot the same… “They weren’t insurgents, they were good people protesting.” Then a few minutes later they go ”Yeah it was bad and people died, but it was all a false flag by evil and dangerous antifa.

    2. @topgrain Trump said he had hundreds of thousands more votes that he was cheated out of, why would he settle for this same amiut

    3. @Terry Fulds Like I said if Trump offered his cult cyanide-laced Koolaide they would all ask for refills.

    1. This police chief is lucky he don’t lived near me otherwise trust me I will find out what car he drives and where he lives and I swear I won’t let this mofoooo get out alive he will be on the news the next day he is lucky he don’t lived near me

  5. Excusing it as a bad day just minimises the violence against women and people of color and minorities. This Cop needs to be the change needed to say enough already.

    1. Yes proven until guilty, but we all know deep down who the TRAITORS are.. .. Simple behavioral traits simply give it away.

    2. The veteran lost his life also and I’m sure he tried to stop the attack. It’s a the crime he went to 3 locations looking for Asians.

    3. @jimmy zhang it is a hate crime!! Why not admit it! We all are one human race in this fecal willfully ignorant society! Blame the rich who call the shots! Those Asian women did nothing to that pos who has two hands and a third of this goddamned racist country on his side! 😠😖🤢🤮💩

  6. Ron Johnson said he didnt feel threatened but would have IF they had of been BLM or “Antifa”, yet not so long back he was saying the insurrectionists weren’t trumps supporters they WERE “Antifa” ..

    1. Its all bout race, wink wink, lotta folks are goin to get tired of being exploited, us against them mentality. 🤠

    1. @The Total Wars Master it wasn’t him who got the vaccine out. He said early on it was going to go away by Easter. He held gatherings unmasked. He dismantled the pandemic team. Created a task force of medical professionals..lol… that’s BS

    2. @lemontea128 He got the vaccine out in December. The task force was of medical professionals. He dismantled then rejoined the task force.

    3. @The Total Wars Master lol do you even hear yourself…lol
      Why you need to dismantle the pandemic team that was already set in place even before there was a pandemic. The team was set up in 2016.

  7. So he had a bad day REALLY? This was a cowardly act. My condolences 🙏 to the families of the victims 🙏⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  8. Baker needs to resign, or fired! And Ron Johnson was not concerned because he knew about Jan 06, he probably planned it! And he wanted government overturned!

  9. Ron Johnson didn’t feel threatened since he was part of it. I felt threatened and I was at home watching on TV.

    1. @Cody shelton they went through videos from camera crews that were there and videos from people that were posting online. You should check it out i think it was the university of Washington that did it

    2. @Oscar Guerra bro my point is it can’t be proven there’s no way to quantify it and let’s assume you’re right even if it was only five percent that five percent killed and hurt a lot of ppl and a ridiculous about of property damage mostly in put black and brown neighborhoods so what was the point

    3. @Diane Armstrong comparing people that are fighting oppression and systematic racism and people that are mad over a lost election are two different things .don’t be willfully stupid

    4. @d rod not mad over a lost election, I’m saying we have 1000,s already living on the streets Americans, vets that fought for your and my freedoms that the dems and rinos what to take away and oppress people in this country. Maybe you should do your research and see how much of this country’s tax dollars go to theses other countries and see how the money is spent, and there people still not happy. I’m a law abiding citizen. My god given right is to be free pay my taxes

  10. So why didn’t Ron Johnson go out and say hello at the moment they were knocking down the door. These people were all traitors including the politicians that tried to help them

    1. Are you referring to the door that was made of thick heavy brass / Steel and had bullet proof glass? I wonder how they made their way through that? Door was locked yet they got it open? And somehow they managed 2 break through bulletproof glass with flag poles and their hands? Interesting

    2. To these so-called representatives who do NOT represent all of their constituents see things as with Racism and are ok with it. America, we need TERM LIMITS to curve these so-called representatives not to continue to think that they can do that Public Servants job that makes then want to keep those votes of those also so-called patriots.

      You really need to take a step back and see how these trumpo supporting representatives are stating lies and planting seeds to keep their base and continue to get wealthy on the American people, all of the American people which also includes their base of which they only represent. We need Term Limits.

    3. I’m guessing he was laying down in the aisles of the chamber as many others were AND wearing his emergency gas mask.

  11. The day of the capitol attack Ron Johnson was begging for his life, saying over and over again Wait I’m one of you!

    1. This is what should happen (GIVE NOTICE) If you took part In the January 6th Capital Insurrection TURN YOURSELF IN within three weeks. If you do not and Law enforcement proves you took part IN THE RIOT 36 months MANDATORY JAIL TIME will be added for failing to surrender on top of any other court decision and no Bond.🤔

  12. In other words, if the sheriff was alone and cornered that murderer he would have patted him at the back and said, ‘go back home, looks like you had a bad day.’

  13. I’ve had a bad day’s and never murdered a soul maybe with words but we all lived to see another day God be with the families

    1. @Yunpeng Huang is it so hard for you to believe that not everything is racist and not everyone is racist

    2. @Kenny Couch …imbedded racism…the officer doesn’t serve the people. Give him the opportunity to serve himself in the private sector. Fire him.

    1. The poor man with half of he body inside a broken door while an office is hollaring in pain with blood on his front teeth. HE had the bad day. Poor man.

    2. It’s insane to allow a white racist to investigate another white racist! No wonder we’re getting: “No big deal here, people. He simply had a bad day, that’s all!”

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