Asian-American Communities On Edge After Georgia Shootings | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Asian-American Communities On Edge After Georgia Shootings | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Joy talks to Michelle Kim and Georgia State Representative Sam Park on the recent Atlanta area shootings. On how little is known about some of the victims and what can be done by media and public officials, Kim says, "I do think that there needs to be much longer term commitment to building that relationship and trust to understand the needs of the community more deeply." Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Asian-American Communities On Edge After Georgia Shootings | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. I don’t know why people want to hurt Asian people they are Gorgeous fabulous. I wish I have Asian friends.

    1. As a Middle Easterner who lived in NYC during the TT attack, it’s mostly the AA community that had harassed us the most.. with spraying paint, slashing tires, calling us names, looting our businesses.. etc

      I believe you .. I’ve heard the same things from friends who, back then, lived in Detroit

    3. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe What does your story have to do with anything? And your little friend beneath you seems to follow you from comment to comment, not real smart!!

  2. I’m wondering if this violence can be a problem for people like many Hispanics and Native Americans who can appear Asian?

    1. i love the word Native Americans…
      The white men came and stole the lands of the native americans and are proud about it all
      Life works in marvellous ways in the US of A

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised…. this isn’t only dangerous for asians but people who look of Asian descent. I really hope everyone stays safe.

  3. From her last name I’d guess the blonde lady was married to an Asian. I am so sorry about what has been going on, not only in the USA but elsewhere. I have lived in Asia for 50 sum years and have never, ever had a problem, btw!

    1. Two white people were killed. Did it ever occur to you that ethnicity had nothing to do with the shooting?
      The shooter said his target was prostitutes not Asians. I guess you just like the racist narrative more.
      Did it ever occur to you that you maybe racist?

  4. Well I was wondering if anybody heard anything from Mitch McConnell’s wife I was expecting for her to come out probably yesterday or today

  5. Guns type and access need restrictions and white male supremacy needs education and policing. Police and sheriff departments need it too judging from sgt Baker.

  6. According to the killer you only have to worry if you work in a whack shack because he apparently likes them way too much.

    1. Exactly, he’s hardly the first guy to have a thing for Asian ‘escorts’. They are exotic to some johns.

  7. Asians are considered the model citizens by the status quo. It’s gonna be hard to justify “having a bad day” as an excuse.

  8. Police giving out the names of some of the victims… but victims names are on the signs people are holding during vigils at the places. Your own camera crews have caught the names on camera.

  9. This is so stupid. The first party who does smth about it will potemtially gain/keep millions of voters.
    But noooo… We’re in the States, we are free! And have guns!

  10. What about the 3 caucasian who were also murdered?! Ask Seattle how they care about Asian community.

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