Tim O’Brien: Trump ‘Binged On Debt Like It’s A Buffet Meal’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Tim O’Brien: Trump ‘Binged On Debt Like It’s A Buffet Meal’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist Tim O’Brien analyzes the pressure on Trump’s businesses, his history of overpromising, and how the insurrection has impacted his brand. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Tim O’Brien: Trump ‘Binged On Debt Like It’s A Buffet Meal’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. ​@Christine Reed Year on year, the budget deficit FELL under Obama. It EXPLODED under Trump. How can people “with brains” not know this?

  1. This is why he is scamming out of political PACS, and charities. Do his ‘followers’ even care?

    1. If you are still donating money to the Donald, at this point, you deserve whatever you do or don’t get.

    2. No, they don’t. They are all about harm, preferring to vilify, threaten & assault those they don’t agree with in they’re cowardly mob actions. This all the while they can’t string two coherent sentences together while they fight for their freedumbs. F*****g idiots.

    1. Psychiatrists will use the ‘Trump Syndrome ‘ along with ‘Jim Jones Syndrome ‘ & Hitler to try to understand Mass Brain-washing & CULT hysteria . The huge number of posts from people who say they ‘LOVE TRUMP ‘ (Although NONE of them actually KNOW TRUMP) is really quite frightening!!! Just like Hitler!

    2. @Annie Warbux you are so sadly right .. today’s young people think their World is ending if the power goes off or, Heaven forbid, the battery on their phone is flat!!

    3. @Katherine Gray Well thought, ….many people believe what they want, then refuse to admit they’re wrong. Gullible people. Ignorant people. Leaders lead. Followers follow….hence the sheep term. Power and money are easily corrupted. Though complicated, it boils down to right and wrong, good and evil, black and white, truth and lies, light and darkness. If life means anything, depending on how you live, determines what and where you go when you die.

    1. A whiner who love over done steak with ketchup…..no taste no class act just a pathetic uman goon of a man

  2. The Criminal mind of Trump is always angling to enrich himself at the expense of followers easily separated from their money. He has perfected grifting to a science. The only science he knows or believes.

    1. @Cold Beer Trump didn’t donate any of his salary. He’s a liar and you are a sucker plain and simple.

    2. @Harold Moore I just imagined you in a debate club in high school . You would have to do a little better than “ you’re a liar “ !!!! Let me guess , the Biden video threatening to withhold 1 Billion in aid if the prosecutor investigating a company that Hunter was involved with , isn’t real either ? Doctored ? Photoshopped ? It’s still up on you tube if you care to look .

    3. @Bernard Rubble why would I debate you. I’m not going to change your mind and your definitely are no changing mines.

  3. Personally guaranteeing things he can’t possibly deliver on is part of Trump’s con. He once personally guaranteed that he would build a tremendous wall, and make Mexico pay for it.

    1. @Rhett Mohammad aren’t you a darling? Your girlfriend really hit the jackpot meeting you .. KARMA … You a… hole will catch up with you .

    2. @Christine Reed I think your the one clueless to reality he’s as bent as a nine dollar note keep drinking the cool aid

    3. Yes and don’t forget Trump’s highly dubious promise that he would replace Obamacare with something much better. How much time did he spend working on that utopian vision? A big fat zero.

    1. I looked at that word and did not think “binged”. My mind went to when he did that goofy “bing, bing, bong, bong” bit. I was a little confused at first. I’m back now.

    1. @dragonfly6908 The facts are Trump never attempted to control it,by his own words I played it down as did all the republicans with lies and deceit

  4. Yes, he did the same for the country. Piled up more debt for the nation than any president did in 4 or 8 years prior.

    1. @Ian Dawsonpresident TRUMP was on top of everything that had to do with protecting our country not like your stu president he hides in his basement all day comes out for two minutes and goes back in the only time he gets on airplane he almost killed him self going up the stairs you’re happy cause he send you a f 1400 chek go to his basement and help him find his shoes it would be embarrassing if he comes out in public with out shoes

    2. @Jeffrey washington Yes he did and illegally at that. Sad that his base was is so uneducated and easy to manipulate they ignored all the illegal activity he has done while in office. But to be fair Fox news, Sky etc.. which have been funded by Russia since 2002 (murdoch Russian billboard business capital rerouting) helped him get away with it by not reporting the after-effects of what he was doing. For example the court cases of stop the steal and why the submitted documents were not allowed. 1) they were incomplete 2) They included a trick of cross-state mixing with the intent to mislead and deceive (Thanflul the courts caught it on pre-court review) Overall Trump committed more crimes in four years than all presidents in US history combinded. And that even includes Nixon.

  5. Mango Mussolini really did a number on the USA, not to mention has over half a million deaths on his hands.

    1. @Upper 90 killed 500,000 + Covid victims … left millions Americans mourning lost loved ones … THAT is what Trump will be remembered for !

    2. @Katherine Gray I know it was Trump who sent elderly people into the nursing homes and then covered it up.

    3. @Joe Smith.He is responsible for the grotesque failure to mitigate the spread of cov19 in U.S.A. He hijacked FDA and , instantly became a quack Dr who proposed Clorox injection in people’s veins to cure covid19.

    4. @Askya Lumumba Agreed….
      He is in fact a basket case overflowing with emotional and mental psychoses, as yet left undocumented and filed by means of wealth and influence, both of which he had squandered on dead end investments.

  6. You’d think that with so much of his own wealth dependent on minimizing the impact of the Covid-19 crisis Trump would have done a better job of responding to it. But no, the death rate in the USA under Trump was among the worst in the world and the US economy was harder hit than most western economies. Trump mismanaged the USA like he mismanages his own companies.

    1. @Edgardo Rosa Lol you should Google Jared, Ivanka, Eric and Don JR. Check out how much they made with the help of your Orange cult leader. But you idiots like you are probably still sending him money to “stop the steal” And by they way all that so called money Trump “gave”you will be paid back by the US taxpayers.

  7. There was a similar guy in Australia. Alan Bond. One Australian Journalist blew up the whole house of card in a 1 hour TV documentary. He was basically doing what Trump did overvaluing properties in a huge way. The problem is small investors are the people who really get hurt.

    1. lol…made me look…search: Alan Bond Nugan Hand…and, and, oh, a curio-Murdoch together there…this is Fox and Trump…Sky News from Austrailia, are they Murdochs?…Sky News more Fox than Fox…I know Murdoch came from Austrailia…was Alan Bond his? as Trump is his?…tricksters with the same bag of tricks…an international band of thieves…throw Eric Prince into the searches…

    2. @David Sharpness Sky News Australia is owned by News Corp which is owned by…… You guessed it. Rupert Murdoch. Like Fox news, it is an ultra right wing news service with talking heads that would put Fox’s Hennerty to shame in conservatism. Sky’s capacity to “spin” facts and introduce fiction as fact is legendary. Rupert perfected his technique here in Australia, before renouncing his Australian citizenship so he could take up US citizenship and get round US foreign ownership laws .

  8. It strikes me that without accountability and total disregard for everyone else, using massive debt, cheating, lying, making promises without intending to keep any for personal benefit will all feel natural for someone

  9. Trump should be in jail staring at Rodger Stones’ Nixon tattoo while Ted Cruz reads Dr. Seuss :~}

    1. @stephen glover Look in the mirror. You just described yourself. STFU and go away, MAGA troll. I see you’re still having a hard time swallowing his defeat.

    2. The most extensive investigation of a President in the history of this country and…..Nothing! Zip!! Zilch!!! Zip!!!! Liberals are *Natural Born Mooks*

    1. He’s already broke . Been broke since he lost the money he stole from his family’s inheritance.

    2. I agree totally with you but one thing I might add is that I do care and I care a lot that the fact is that he broke our country big time! It will take generations to recover!

  10. Trump’s skill is doing things with other people’s money and walking away when things go wrong.

  11. That is why someone who claims to be billionaire will ask people to donote their chicken change to him

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