Rep. Andy Kim: Violence & Discrimination Against Asian American Community Preceded Covid | Deadline 1

Rep. Andy Kim: Violence & Discrimination Against Asian American Community Preceded Covid | Deadline


Congressman Andy Kim (D-NJ) says that while the former president poured gasoline on the fire of discrimination against Asian Americans, the problem existed before covid and will continue to exist after it. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Rep. Andy Kim: Violence & Discrimination Against Asian American Community Preceded Covid | Deadline


  1. CNN: Update on the victims of the mass shooting.
    MSNBC: Update on what the police know about the mass shooting.
    Fox: Jim Jordan demands a congressional hearing on “Cancel Culture.”

    1. @Ro G careful. You might get deleted from youtube using words like that. Im still waiting the definition of fascism

    2. @Ro G the boarder is not 10 times, not 20 times, but 700 times worse than with that orange man yet this guy is busy cracking jokes. They dont care. They never did. Just hate

  2. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    1. On for the love of mike stay on piest, keep on topic and try not to to make yourself a laughing stock!

  3. As if the USA is doing such a good job cancelling slavery and not harming people. I have a feeling that not only Asian Americans, but a number of Black Americans, would have a few things to say about that.

    1. @spud2go Trump is relaxing, playing golf and enjoying life while you continue to obsess over him. He and the rest of America continue to be amazed how brainwashed you fools are by the media. Please stay locked in your basement afraid of a fake virus! Americans are loving life in our open states without you fools having tantrums all day every day.

  4. Chip Roy of Republicans party from Texas Sucks!! He needs to learn to wear a Face Mask properly too! United States

  5. When ANY person, regardless of race or job description, has to feel they need protection just to run errands around their own community, THATS when you *know * things have gone WAY TOO FAR!!

  6. So Roy’s justification for mistreatment of Asian-Americans is because he hates the government of China. Wow, what an amazing display of logical thinking.

  7. 3 different stores where Asian women are predominantly working his being caught in his car on his way to Florida shops and announcing this on social media that’s INTENT. Pure INTENT. Because ASIAN women were targeted it’s a Terroristic Threat and ought be charged as such.

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