Pennsylvania AG Says The Big Lie ‘Did Produce A Cynical Public’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro on the former president’s big lie inspiring restrictions to voting rights despite there being no fraud in the 2020 election, and his plan to hold lawyers accountable for perpetuating the big lie in court. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Pennsylvania AG Says The Big Lie ‘Did Produce A Cynical Public’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @TheDiamond2009 We know “the truth” that the big lie was laughed out of court 62 TIMES NO EVIDENCE, Sherlock.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 “yeah just like there are good people on BOTH sides of Charlottesville” right? Smh

    3. My state of Texas just spent 22 thousand hours looking for voter fraud at the tax payers expense & found…get ready for it…16 cases of fraud.
      That stupid big lie cost way too much money, divided the country, promoted the worst in a lot of people & there are idiots in power that would welcome guy back with open arms…it’s truly pitiful!!!

    4. @TheDiamond2009 2020 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that conservatives are so dishonest they need liars to lead them.

  1. The damage tRump has caused will be talked about for years, especially his Covid failures by lying pathologically.

    1. ..they will be showing footage of this in schools just like B&W Nazi documentaries – but will be in full color.

    2. ~. the grifting , rapes , sadistic cruelty is the point politics … just having to look at him for 4 years was cruel and unusual punishment !

  2. That’s too Bad TRUMP!, that’s a lie you will have to Carry for the rest of your miserable life, and you lost! History book’s will record the damage done to our country by a Stupid lie.

  3. Meanwhile, in Florida, election fraud by Republican Frank Artilis is just uncovered in their Senate race.

    1. Another Republican politician in Kansas is trying to avoid drunk driving charges. He should get help from Matt Gaetz.

  4. The BIG LIE has become part of the Republican party’s narrow platform, along with gaslighting, disinformation, and voter suppression. That’s the GOP’s platform in a nutshell.

    1. ​@Pamela Mattox OK, that too :((. But they did pass a gigantic tax break for the rich, and one other COVID bill. And Amy Coney Barrett too. I’m honestly wondering if they’ve done anything recently other than obstruct and complain.

    2. example of gaslighting in the video description –
      ‘..despite there being no fraud in the 2020 election..’
      This is completely false.
      The ‘big lie’ is that there was no fraud.
      Face it. Trump won big.
      You’re defending a pack of liars.

    3. @Maharajji NKB Is there really much difference between saying, “No Fraud” and “Yes, there was a teeny bit of fraud but nowhere near enough to change the result”…I would say no. Yes technically saying there was no fraud is a lie, they should say there was not enough fraud to change the result, but calling them a pack of liars for saying no fraud seems harsh when we all know what they mean by “No fraud”, they mean no real large scale fraud that changed any result.
      Why would you think trump won big?…when he won in 2016 he still got 3 million fewer votes, so why would anyone think trump is popular with the people? He only won in 2016 by a fix in our election system that lets someone win with less votes, he was never a big winner even when he won.

    4. @Maharajji NKB
      The claims of substantial fraud were thrown out in 50+ courts.

      Even if these courts somehow were not doing an honest job (which is begging belief as a lot of the judges were appointed by the Trump administration) there have to be clear evidence for fraud for you to make this claim.

      Please provide a link to where the fraud is detailed with proof.
      Not just hearsay and speculations, but tangible and plausible proof.

  5. Thank you so much for stating the obvious for those of us that actually have working brains. Of course if you are alive you have a brain but it does not mean that everyone’s brains actually work.

    1. Cult zombie brains.. listening to Conservative fear hate slogans promises rants and all the other falsehoods.

  6. To think that in the future when students google “The big lie” Trump’s fraudulent and un american rhetoric causing an ignorant insurrection will be the result.

    1. It is a very sad fact that stupid is what stupid does, and of course these folk are given far too much air time it voice.

  7. It’s great to hear that there are additional checks being followed up on the BigLie – especially sanctioning the lawyers.

    1. I don’t think any attorney who placated Trump cares about their license – they did it for the quick ca$h and plan to skip town as their last hoorah.

    2. @Sara Pulford …with Trump involved, I suggest that anyone should watch their wallet – I’ve actually spoken to employees and workers from his failed casino’s who were never given their paychecks from that Orange SOB – he’s -$421 million in debt for a reason ~ Trump is a grifter who rides on a wave of dire debt – that wave is going to hit the rocky shore sometime.

  8. it took 240 years to build up the confidence, trust and respect for Americans for their govt and systems, only 4 years for Trump to lose most of it..

    and caused most number of deaths, too..

    1. yep, right now we are living through the fall of a nation – these are the same whispers of fear and disgust spoken by the common people of 1930s Germany – who wondered when this madness was going to end ~ well it did, the hard way. America is falling from grace.

  9. I can still vividly remember Kelleyanne Conway choking out the phrase “alternative facts”. Who could have guessed how the idea she spawned would take root and so warp our American view of reality.

  10. Doesn’t the governor of Texas owe Pennsylvania $1000000 for uncovering election fraud? Even though it was Republicans doing the fraud 🤭🤯

  11. I believe Trump who started the Big Lie has to be indicted for telling lies. Some of the lawsuits against him must be successful.

  12. “We” have been Cynical for as long as I can remember when it comes to Politicians, it’s just we have social media now, most people don’t trust “The Government” Left Right Up or Down, the People’s trust is lost. Public servants need to go back to being public servants and not getting into politics to get rich.

  13. What is most maddening is how straight faced they continue to push the overwhelming fraud claims after all the lost court cases and for lack of a better term to call it
    “Skullduggery” that (45) perpetrated with manipulation of the post office and “sketchy” phone calls.

  14. Yes, please hold lawyers responsible for their participation in using our courts to perpetuate lies.

  15. “The toxicity of Trump continues…”. That’s an understatement. May at least one of the 29 lawsuits muzzle him ASAP (criminal conviction). 🇺🇸

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