FBI Reveals 4,500 Tips Led To 10 Interviews In Kavanaugh Investigation 1

FBI Reveals 4,500 Tips Led To 10 Interviews In Kavanaugh Investigation


Democrats demand answers after the FBI revealed the limited scope of their investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. New York Times reporter Kate Kelly and former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade join Ayman.

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    1. @IIGALAXYII If he was in a fraternity, or similar organization, he likely had access to the answers to exams. Theat’s one of the big reasons drunks like him join social clubs. The cheating. Why are you afraid to use your real name comrade ?

    2. @William Royer could have simply cheated. lotta ways to do that. yeah ,that’s a thing in college

    1. …but we can demand reforms rendered into law for how these investigations are conducted in the future, which is even more important.

    2. @TR E Agree, regardless of which side anyone is on. If this is true or not. People in the FBI need to be fired. If true FBI majorly failed by missing so much especially 4,500 tips!?!?? If false then it’s clear they are just doing a political stunt. People need to be fired for this major scr3w up

  1. Chuck Grassley from Iowa railroaded his confirmation. What was in it for him? A massive money relief bill for farmers. The farmers who really needed it didn’t get it. Guess who got it? Yep the 1%ers

  2. And Wray is still there because? They should look into the Handmaid too – I hear she’s had a bit of debt paid off too! Kavanagh likes beer, did you know?

    1. @Lloyd Little “what’s to look at, ” It is Republicans being corrupt. Nothing to see here. Just another day at the office.

      Fixed that for ya.

    2. Exactly! i think Wray is still there because he says he was trying to control the chaos under trumpy. He knows a lot
      so he’ll either sink or swim under Biden
      administration……. prove his loyalty to
      the country.

    1. @Uniquely Lily He’s not cleaning out anything,
      Just more slander from Dems in an attempt to gain power within DOJ

    2. @Matt Thompson Sorry, she does not seem like a sheep… She is not a trump cultist like you appear to be as a defender of trump.

    3. @Diana Prince he is a trump trollie… Whether he is a cultist or a rus…he is still serving the same thing… Putin. 😉 so just point out his inaccuracies, but never expect intelligence.

    4. @IIGALAXYII ahh yes, slander from dems… you know that type that holds up in court… Unlike the slander and lies from republicans that their lawyers are getting disbarred because of for NOT bringing facts to court ;)…. Yes of course
      Ill take the truth any day over anything a republican says. Hopefully you guys wake up soon and rejoin reality.

    1. @Liz PedanoYou’re right, I don’t follow MSM.
      I’m trolling the logic of the Dems hate Mob that follow these bias news

    2. @Daniel Curry where tf did race come into the equation? You simple dolts cannot help yourselves slinging race around.

    1. @Overpowered by Funk. Really, that is a dumb comment. How many people have been wrongfully sent to jail? Trying so hard to prove there innocence losing decades of there life.

  3. Work for a Utility company and they will background the flip out of you. Become a SCOTUS, meh your background is not needed. Only in America.

  4. The swamp runs deep and wide in the US – Shining City On A Hill seems a very sick and ironic joke.

  5. They had that room where the report was. And you weren’t allowed to take any recording information in. I remember there was a report from the WH

  6. Getting Kavanaugh confirmed was Don McGahn’s top pet project and the only reason he stayed in the white house as long as he did. He left as soon as his “I Like Beer” buddy was confirmed.

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