1. All those morons that called this a hate crime need to go on television and apologize for trying to cause a race war.

    1. @Colin Kunkel you are so focused on trying to prove that you are correct, that i dont even think youve taken the time to reflect and ask yourself, “am i correct?”

    2. @Donald Stump the democratic narrative has him and he’s too damn blind to see it so I will no longer reply to anymore of his comments. He’s to happy being under the demoshit knee to breathe on his own.

    3. @R R lolol i was thinking i wasnt going to waste my time anymore.. literally all you have to do is look at news across the entire political spectrum (instead of living in a partisan bubble) and it becomes so clear so quickly who is biased and fake. Its 2020, this guy is just stuck in the past

    4. Colin Kunkel did he not pull a jussi? I saw the picture and said in one second that’s to pull the door. He call in a fake crime.

    1. CNN is now reporting that that the racist guillotine that nearly decapitated Bubba was just a mandoline used for slicing vegetables according to the FBI.

  2. This story dropped faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in an Arkansas trailer park.

    1. @Pete Pan These comments on here are just racists and troll armies. Where one goes, they all go. So brave!

    1. Your comment is a hate crime. Why are you attacking Bubba? He didn’t push anything. You sound like you’re upset that NASCAR and the crews supported him even after he got the racist confederate symbols banned from NASCAR. you sound like you’re part of the problem of racism in America.

    1. La Quick you aren’t too smart are you. You really think that was a noose? It was a string with a slip not attached to a garage door, it was so small it would barely fit around a wrist and could prob support 30lbs mac

    2. @La Quick A noose clearly intended to send a message to the lone BLM driver! Nah, it was just a garage door pull that every garage on the premises had, and that nobody refers to as a ‘noose’ unless they’re trying to pull another Smollett snowjob. Can’t be too much racism going on here if people have to keep trying to invent it. It’s almost like the entire false narrative, and groups pushing it, is complete garbage.

  3. 15 FBI investigators were sent?!?!!? WTF? how much money did this farce cos the taxpayer? probably thinking in the hundreds of thousands $$$$

    1. They should send a bill to nascar and bubba smollett. Wonder how many minutes it took the fbi to figure it out and how mad they got about it. Cause if i was an fbi agent and they wasted my time for this i would be through the roof.

  4. WTF CNN after 2 days of finger wagging at White people for being so racist. Racism is a Democrat thing just against White people.

  5. Just like with Jussie Smullet and Nick Sanmann CNN took the “race bait” hook, line and sinker.

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