FDA Approval Of Pfizer Vaccine Could Spur More Vaccine Mandates


    1. @Theda B Gatlin masks do nothing – do some research. Also the injected are the super spreaders. LOOK AT ISRAEL! 99% hospitalized are hybrid humans.

  1. The vaccine is not fully approved if there is still blanket legal immunity. Remove that if the FDA truly thinks it’s safe.

    1. @Nate Stringer True, Clynick died of a heart condition that has occurred, though quite rarely , after vaccination. However, covid-19 itself causes the same, and with greater frequency.

    1. @lbrounen you’re kidding right? Please list out the side effects form getting as well as long term data. How about transmission data?

    2. @Luke Poe Of course, you know more than the doctors after watching Dr Tucker Carlson. You can even parrot words, such as mRNA.

    3. @Hoppy Harrington
      And so… ?
      Is that the normal protocol for long term testing?
      A year?
      365 days? That’s enough for you?
      How very scientific!

    4. @TheBestWayOne Oh sweetie… if your naturak immunity is so great, why are you so afraid it wouldn’t be strong enough to combat any side effects from a little ol’ vaccine?

  2. Community issue… for gods sakes all illness and viruses are infectious. I don’t walk into Wendy and demand the worker show me his flu shot or negative herpes test. Yes you can’t get herpes without sexual contact

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