FDA Approval Of Pfizer Vaccine Could Spur More Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Michael Osterholm discusses the full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and what the impact of it could be for more vaccine mandates. 

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FDA Approval Of Pfizer Vaccine Could Spur More Vaccine Mandates


    1. @Theda B Gatlin masks do nothing – do some research. Also the injected are the super spreaders. LOOK AT ISRAEL! 99% hospitalized are hybrid humans.

  1. The vaccine is not fully approved if there is still blanket legal immunity. Remove that if the FDA truly thinks it’s safe.

    1. @Nate Stringer True, Clynick died of a heart condition that has occurred, though quite rarely , after vaccination. However, covid-19 itself causes the same, and with greater frequency.

    1. @lbrounen you’re kidding right? Please list out the side effects form getting as well as long term data. How about transmission data?

    2. @Luke Poe Of course, you know more than the doctors after watching Dr Tucker Carlson. You can even parrot words, such as mRNA.

    3. @Hoppy Harrington
      And so… ?
      Is that the normal protocol for long term testing?
      A year?
      365 days? That’s enough for you?
      How very scientific!

    4. @TheBestWayOne Oh sweetie… if your naturak immunity is so great, why are you so afraid it wouldn’t be strong enough to combat any side effects from a little ol’ vaccine?

  2. Community issue… for gods sakes all illness and viruses are infectious. I don’t walk into Wendy and demand the worker show me his flu shot or negative herpes test. Yes you can’t get herpes without sexual contact

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