Thousands Awaiting Evacuation From Kabul 1

Thousands Awaiting Evacuation From Kabul

The U.S. will use commercial aircraft to transport people once they have been evacuated from Afghanistan, the Defense Department said Sunday.

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Thousands Awaiting Evacuation From Kabul


  1. Biden: Just show your info to the nice folks at the Taliban guarded checkpoints. They will let you right in for evacuation.

    1. Its humiliating to have our secretary of State say “We negotiating with the Taliban for access..” Fake President.

  2. Though they’re in the minority, the U.S. is so close to becoming a nation ruled by extremists too! Blind to the many parallels and the many unanswered wakeup calls—we just keep sliding down a slippery slope to authoritarianism.
    Prayers for you Afghan people.

    1. @Dan Burnes bro not everything is about Trump. Tds much? Stop making him into a god. He’s human.

    2. He’s talking about the stolen election. Biden did not get 85 million honest votes, democrats cheated

  3. We’re NOT going to airlift out every Afghan who wants to get out of the country. This is turning in to a mass exodus of Afghan citizens who should stay and build their country.

  4. Should the US also be responsible for those mostly 20 something Afghan males whose only claim is economic or cultural hardship? It’s one thing to evacuate Americans citizens, our allies and those Afghans who worked directly as US contractors. It’s entirely another to resettle ANY Afghan young man simply because he is now used to his smartphone, nintendo switch or superhero movies, and doesn’t want to go back to
    studying the Koran, clan life, an arranged marriage and sheepherding.

  5. Ever notice how Scarborough jumps at the opportunity to wallow in the “crimes” of President Clinton, but never refers to Iraq and Afghanistan as the Bush wars?? (where Pelosi failed to act on Articles of Impeachment of G.W. , formally presented to the House of Representatives)

  6. HORROR: An Afghan refugee in India claims Taliban fighters are raping the dead bodies of their victims, in addition to assaulting women.

  7. The situation is stabilizing?? Are you off your rocker?? It’s literally destabilizing as we speak. The pot is simmering and coming to a boil. First hand accounts on the ground are absolutely devastating right now.

  8. According to Pstupid, these people aren’t trapped in Afghanistan. A new low for the Biden administration’s response to the crisis they created

  9. This level of incompetence is rare even for the Joe Bidens of the govt, and that guy has a nearly 50 year record of racism, war mongering, corruption, and severe incompetence.

  10. They will have long wait while Biden and democrats pretend they know what they are doing. They have created a hostage situation far, far worse than the on Jimmy Carter faced. The difference is that Biden created this.

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