Florida Schools Superintendent Defies State Mask Ban 1

Florida Schools Superintendent Defies State Mask Ban

The Florida Department of Education last week demanded that two school districts drop their mask requirements or the state would initially withhold school board salaries. Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon discusses.

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Florida Schools Superintendent Defies State Mask Ban


    1. @Seanmac26 the Apostle Paul written seven books of the New Testament Jesus zero …Paul admits to being a liar and deceiving people Romans 3: 7

  1. Governor DeSantis says “Don’t Fauci My Florida!”…
    Well, I say “Don’t Ron My Republic!” and
    “Don’t DeSantis My Democracy!”

    1. @Nobody Knows your comment should be censored for misinformation by YouTube, unless you do it voluntarily. No study ever showed that. Search for Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence. Thanks.

    2. @Brooklynn Graves search for: Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence

  2. Thank you for caring for the children. Masks are simple, scientific, common sense.
    Withholding wages cannot be legal.

    1. @Geff Joldblum Roe v wade was brought to America by a majority Republican appointed Supreme Court cupcakes. Learn to read. Don’t be so ignorant. A majority of women support choice. And a decision that personal is not based on politics.

    2. It’s not legal and they already know that. President Biden has already threatened to sue them if they try and move forward with it.

    3. without the us dept of ed im not sure they can do anything except pay the janitors. lmao. time to pull all fed funding from florida PERIOD

  3. If the local govt funding comes from influential-nationalist sources (because FL), maybe this is a good place/time for schools to break free (for the future of the country).

    Great coverage, Mika and all!

    1. @macfarrell Correction: The GQP is pro wealth only for ***themselves.*** There’s a very clear distinction between pro-wealth, and blatant, selfish, dangerous greed.

    2. @Ann yes i have to agree. although they are also pro wealth to their sponsors aswell, as long as they keep paying

    1. And facilitating control of water, water shortages really flirting with fascism, real nasty government over reach!

    2. Except their fascist president couldn’t win a 2nd term because what he meant by “make America great again” is “Let all my crook friends out of jail so we can kick it at Mara Lago where I don’t have to see any brown people!” “The only brown thing at Mara Lago is the chocolate cake. And it was delicious chocolate cake, wasn’t it dear?”

    3. @David Gerescher – It is ironic that the “small government” party has taken to hampering the ability of local school boards to make policy and protect their children. If you don’t toe the political line dictated from on high by Donnie Trump and the Repub party leadership then you lose your funding and your salary.

      Never mind that the water cuts mandated by the government are fueled by linquid O2 shortages, which are down to an explosion of covid patients.

      The irony is palpable…and so is the rot at the core of the Repub party.

    4. @Brooklynn Graves You are wrong, there are brown people cleaning bathrooms, changing sheets, and running lawn mowers… and little secret, over half are undocumented so they can be payed far less than minimum wage.

    1. @Laura Kay Biden wants your guns but he gave 600,000 guns to the Taliban – the illegal administration is panicked. His time is up. FDA only extended current EUA.

  4. Desantis and his kids go to a private school where masks are mandated. Maybe his kids should go to the same schools his policies are implemented in….

    1. @Jillian Copeland these Republicans know no limits. It’s just like a 3-year-old tantrum throwing undisciplined, who has never heard the word no or stop. He’s cutting a huge swath of death throughout the beautiful state of Florida. He’s decimating Florida for his own self-interest and fealty to Trump because he knows Trump always hated masks.

    2. All anyone has to do is research don’t just follow do some research! They are making it to where they want you to believe the lie and hate the truth when you hear it! This is the only thing that’s going to save America

    1. Take them to court. Y’all out in Florida should flood him with lawsuits. Hit’em where it hurts…in his wallet.

    2. Do some serious research about what this is really all about do some serious research deep deep use your brain research it is worth it there are many that have they know the answer maybe you should understand it! That’s the only thing that’s going to save America

    3. @Oddly Wired Yeah, I’d like to see the look on his face when served with a big fat class action!!

    4. @Mara Plantrees He needs to be recalled. After all, he doesn’t himself seem to recall even the most basic principles of public health policy.

  5. Since Florida’s governor is incapable of showing real leadership, people are left to make their own decisions.

    DeSantis trying to take away people’s choice in this matter…is malpractice.

  6. Intellegent, caring Americans all across the country are with you Carly!!!!!! The kids and teachers come first!!!!

  7. My 76yr old wife suffered injuries from a fall. Due to unvaccinated Covid patients, we had to wait 4 hrs before getting her into ER & surgery. My small business has been surviving thanks to our fully vaccinated staff. They were free to choose not to be vaccinated as they are free to voice their political or religious views, free to carry firearms, and free to not undergo testing for intoxicating or controlled substances, but NOT on our property and payroll.

    1. I read about a man whose wife was in the hospital being treated for fluid build up do to breast cancer and she was asked to leave two days before her treatment finished because they needed her bed to treat a Covid patient. Why doesn’t anyone keep stats on the number of people who need hospitalizations for other illnesses and how the delay in treating them have affected their health?

  8. Interestingly enough, it isn’t even within his power to withhold payment to employees. He can try, I guess, but anyone withholding payment to employees after doing work they are contracted to do, is in violation of federal law. Go ahead DeSantis, withhold money, I’ll gladly help crowdsource the funding needed to get him in front of a judge for it.

    1. Why do They(Republicans) always want to bully people!! I would knock his azz out never getting up again!! That’s my take!!

  9. WHY were we forced to use helmets and nut cups when playing sports???? They curbed our freedom to get hit in the nuts with 100 miles per hour baseballs!!!!

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