FDA Says Pfizer Vaccine Data Does Not Raise Any Specific Safety Concerns | MTP Daily | MSNBC

FDA Says Pfizer Vaccine Data Does Not Raise Any Specific Safety Concerns | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


    1. @J_ Kerr still, how do you know if there is side affects when its only been out for 7 months, BS!! Dont tell me there is vaccines that has bee recalled after 6 7 years because of side affects that started showing.

    2. @Tony Dinh well you know what I’d rather have vaccine than covid because that really is playing Russian roulette wuth your health. . You get side effects with most drugs too. The have been trials for these vaccines. There’s always a scaremonger.

      Back in the 1970s there was a scare in the UK that whooping cough vacccine caused brain damage, it was bollocks.

      my mum didn’t get me done in 1979 I took whooping cough severely and my mum said it was the worst decision she ever made. I’ll be happy to take vaccine.

    3. @E Hole Two UK healthcare workers, not tested for immunity before vaccination, had an immune response. That is different than an allergic reaction.

    4. Sheep will allow themselves to be pressured into taking the GMO drug falsely known as the Covid vaccine. Here’s the latest information from the CDC and will let you know if you need to take the vaccine.


  1. I have no doubt the FDA has a Trumper at the wheel. If I planned to take their advice/assessment on anything I would look at where it came from, who said it, and what that person’s history is.

    1. You know the vaccine is 100% safe and effective. Vaccine injury is a myth. You think the medical community would lie about such things? Be real.

    1. @Inf7cted sincerely, thank you for the source. I was starting to get my hopes up (I hate living in a bubble lol). I would have preferred a basket of kittens and puppies, but raining on my parade works to. Lol 😂🤣😂😜

    2. Are you sure it was an allergic reaction? It sounded more like a proper immune response. Since this disease can be asymptomatic, we don’t know who had it without checking for antibodies.

  2. Does trump have a plan about who gets it first.. Doesn’t sound like it…another stab in the dark and he will balls this up as well. My friend who is a nurse in Edinburgh gets hers tomorrow and my friends mum who works in pharmacy on Friday (scotland too)

  3. Oh yeah, why are some people having allergic reactions?? Don’t make me laugh, they don’t have enough time for the side affects to show up.

    1. some people want the attention that comes with an allergic reaction. it makes them, in their minds anyway, ‘special’.

  4. THE COVID-19 Big Media and Big Pharma propaganda hype is losing momentum…….
    Why??? 2 million + deaths in the USA in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and in 2020 with COVID-19…….
    Also, stated clearly in the Johns Hopkins data for all to know……Is the yearly number of deaths in the USA…….

    1. I am so worried that these crazy anti-vaxers are going to skip out on the vaccine and endanger us all. I hope you’re in line to get it. Please tell me you are.

    2. @Lucius Kiirus oh don’t worry… I certainly share your sentiment and will definitely do my part with that, and continue practicing safe community health guidelines until it becomes available for me!

    1. 24 hours after they started in the UK people have had allergic reactions
    2. The Milltary will be dispensing the vaccine.
    3. Vaccines companies can’t be SUED.
    4. They won’t be tested to see if they cause mutations, cancer or sterilization.

    1. Two UK healthcare workers, who were not tested for antibodies, had an immune response. That is the fault of not testing for immunity, not the vaccine.

  6. FDA has in the past approved many things as safe but later on these things were deemed dangerous. Since the FDA is as corrupt as the CDC and W.H.O., how can we talk is words as the truth?

    1. Statins were deemed as safe by the religion of Modern Medicine. They were suppose to lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease. That was till they could not longer hide all the Heart Attacks. Here check this out.


  7. I came for the stupid anti-vaxxer comments and I was not disappointed. Two out of thousands who took the vaccine in the UK had severe allergic reactions. They both had a history of highly allergic reactions. The logical response would be: Do not take the vaccine if you are highly allergic. Not to try to stop people who are not highly allergic from saving their and other people’s lives.

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