FDA To Authorize Covid Booster Shots For Immunocompromised 1

FDA To Authorize Covid Booster Shots For Immunocompromised


Following the rise of Covid cases due to the Delta variant, the FDA is expected to authorize Covid booster shots for immunocompromised Americans.

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FDA To Authorize Covid Booster Shots For Immunocompromised


    1. Humans As A Service HAAS model, similar to SAAS in software. You CHUDS just need to exercise and eat healthy, not submit to a government update program that will increase in frequency until your basically genetic garbage.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg stop with the democrat/republican bs. Both sides are the same. As soon as someone brings political bs up, I’m like look another fool.

    2. @Wark Mahlberg Make sure you stay unvaxxed and send all your money to Trump so he can be reinstated. You guys are AWESOME

    3. Oddly enough, one of my favorite tinfoil hat theories about the vaccine is that it is a slow acting retardant to raise compliance.

      It’s just a fun idea. But given the amount of people ready for full on authoritarianism over a 2.11% global mortality rate (updated from 2.13%)… Part of me begins to wonder.

    4. So, what category of the population has the highest no vax or are Vaccine hesitant.

      People with PhD’s and running a very close second are those with Masters degrees.
      Pretty sure just achieving that tells you they’re on a higher IQ scale than you. That’s the 14% that are above 115 and double the minimum requirement for U.S. military

    1. @reality yup, they’re culling the liberal herd. It will be a peaceful untopia without the Leftist.

    2. @Liz Pedano you’re a troll because you come with no research and no common sense. Ironically you’re the one that’s backwards.

    1. @Turnip Potato you go argue with the doctors at any southern pediatric hospital. They’ve been on the news begging for help.

    2. Florida and Texas are being attacked because of their lawsuits against the administration. People really need to wake up to the danger of this administration.

    3. @Sarah F. 4.2 what am I supposed to be mad about your shty attempt to make me feel bad? No I don’t take PLEASURE in the death of anyone, if I could truly prevent death all together I would. I don’t want anyone to die! BUT THAT IS REALITY!! NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE ONLY DELAYING THE INEVITABLE!! NOW that being said and with you trying to pin the death of children on me, one could argue that the only reason children are getting sick is because the adults are vaccinated. Kids still don’t have a vaccine. I thought it was women and children first, but nah we worried about the elderly first so we could get them an extra few years to be happy I can’t take the vaccine anyway but if I could I wouldn’t.

  1. Dam! Folk’s!, we’re already talking Booster! I hadn’t had my second shot yet! Put on your MASK and get vaccinated before we start looking like a Pen cushion.

    1. @Mary lowery I know right ? I had my 2nd shot back on March 1st. My husband is going thru chemo and needs that booster ! Rather have a sore arm than go on a ventilator….

  2. How come the government is not giving out N95s for the school children & the country, they’ve had a lot of time to Mass produce them.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 well I agree just put on any mask. But as a response to the original posters question, the other comment from Yaria was suggesting that he was a non-masker, which isn’t even true. The comment from Yaria was uncalled for

    2. @Yaria Samavan Carlan – nah, you’re moving the goalpost. Now it’s kids of the unvaccinated. Jesus woman, the OP doesn’t even sound like an anti-masker. You just getting all riled up all by yourself for no reason.

  3. I want a booster vaccine!!!! Where do I get one !!!!!! Keep me safe for grandchildren I have a trip coming up it’s been 6 months

  4. So poorly managed that you’re now going through the line for the third time when most of the world has not gone through the line once. Good job USA!

  5. We the people no matter what our decision concerning covid, need to respect each other. Why would we the people follow the example of politicians/media in name callings and such out right disrespect and hatred. There is so much corruption and lying we the people don’t know who or what to believe. If you don’t believe what what they say about me I won’t believe what they say about you. Division leads to being Conquered.

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