FDNY Commissioner Reflects On The Events Of September 11

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro reflects on the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and his experiences on that day twenty years ago.

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FDNY Commissioner Reflects On The Events Of September 11


    1. @Stephanie Fain Yeah but I only got about as much evidence of that as democrats have that Trump was guilty of inciting a riot.

  1. I doubt that Biden is involved in many decisions as he has admitted that his handlers don’t even want him to answer questions!!!!! Biden has dementia and is failing at everything, even the economy that would have took off if Biden had done nothing!!!!!!

    1. “A society that emasculates its men will be replaced by one that doesn’t”!!! Men are being force fed soy, dressed up like women and made to think that they are the problem.

    2. @David Cohen Jesse Lee Peterson? The one who calls women dirty?
      He calls Grump “The Great White Hope? Why are you parading around as a Jewish man? You are wearing a yarmakle, right? You should *never have to hide your faith.*

    3. Clinton had a chance to get Bin Laden and didn’t .  9/11 is bipartisan , both parties could have done more.

  2. Remember when Joe said there would be no vaccine mandates? Kamala, Rachel Wolensky and Jen Psaki also said this. Good luck trusting this administration

    1. It should have been mandated the second it came off the line. The president trusted us to make the right choices. Unfortunately we didn’t, and my friend is sick.

  3. MSNBC, you can stop with that shoutout at the end of each video. Absolutely unnecessary and it only invites hitting the mute key.

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