U.S. Eyes Getting Americans Out Of Afghanistan In ‘Safe, Effective Way’: Pentagon

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby joins Morning Joe to discuss the Thursday flight from Kabul, the first large-scale international passenger flight since U.S. withdrawal and the efforts to get other Americans out of Afghanistan.

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U.S. Eyes Getting Americans Out Of Afghanistan In 'Safe, Effective Way': Pentagon


    1. The entire world knows Biden cheated massively. He likely stole 30M+ votes. Everywhere he goes, people are screaming at him telling him how much they hate him. 81M legitimate votes? Hey MSNBC, are you going to cover the canvassing effort done in Maricopa County that found problems with about 300K ballots? Dead voters, empty parking lots voting multiple times (for Biden). YOU GOING TO COVER THAT OR JUST TELL YOUR DUMB VIEWERS IT IS ANOTHER CONSPIRACY THEORY?

    1. Mr. H
      Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction, its not ours by inheritance but must be fought for and defended by each generation and for those who have known freedom and lost it never saw Freedom again
      President Ronald Reagan

    2. Mr. H
      Afghanistan was a all volunteer Military and 2,400+ Americans died
      The Vietnam war Americans were drafted into war and 58,000+ Americans died and of that total just under 18,000 were 18 year olds who didn’t make it to his 19 birthday

    3. Mike Edwards
      Not the entire 500 page report but was pointed to the page 186 Article 5 section 1-4 about Manafort and Gates. Robert Mueller seized the assets of Manafort and Gates and with fines and court cost paid for Mueller investigation 5 times the cost.

    4. Mike Edwards
      Roger Stone 8 felonies and Pardoned by Trump
      2.counts of Obstruction of Justice
      Witness tampering
      Threatening a government witness
      Conspiracy to commit fraud
      Lying to a congressional committee
      Lying to the FBI
      Failure to register as a foreign agent

    1. @zer0M try not to cry too hard when you don’t see any of the videos, and remember: Everyone knew the US military is leaving, US citizens can make their own choices, and personal responsibility is a big part of life.

    2. @AL- BOT It’s also funny how they like to get worked up about “these American” when in reality “these Americans” are of Afghan decent, and the GOP doesn’t actually care about them. They just want everyone to picture “these Americans” as being pasty white folks, huddled in terror, rather than Americans with Afghan blood relatives, and who have lived in Afghanistan for some, or all, of their lives.

    3. @J Wright = one-month-old throwaway troll account.
      Everyone knew the US was leaving, for months.
      Everyone with common sense knows that that means the Afghanistan government had to stand on its own.
      Everyone with common sense also knew there was a good chance the Afghanistan government would fall.
      Everyone knew all of this when Trump started ending the war.

    1. @Leroy Parker Why do you have such a low opinion of American to think we have rigged elections? We don’t. Stop believing in a proven fraudster(The Trump Foundation and Trump University closed due to fraud) and start believing in America again.

    2. @Leroy Parker all elections have had fraud. Nothing happening has anymore to do with politics/religion…
      Yehawah of Abraham’s is controlling everything as prophecy continues unfolding…

    3. @Leroy Parker we gave you facts that your feelings can’t handle. You take the word of the kraken lady and Rudy, I’m so full of bullshty it’s running down my face over 100s if not 1000s of election officials, Bill Barr,80 judges and your loaded SCOTUS.
      If there’s no standing for Texas to bring an election fraud accusation to SCOTUS and there really was fraud why didn’t the States that were in the bogus Texas case bring it back to SCOTUS.
      Put your little sheep feelings away already.

    4. @Margo a la Moto Wherever mail in ballots are there is massive voter fraud. The Carter commission warned us about that years ago. Perhaps you have heard of Jimmy Carter?

    5. @Lisa Fraley I know that’s true. Scripture warned us that the elect would be turned over to this Antichrist, and he’s evil minions at the end. Good news though. Christ will ultimately prevail against these fascists.

  1. If Trump withdraw us from there same thing would it happen .. you people have to understand that .. stop been ignorant

    1. July 23, 2021 Joe Biden asked the president of Afghanistan to lie for him on the mater of National security.
      Because the Taliban was taking over all of Afghanistan.
      Joe was worried about the perception in America and around the world.
      “Joe’s quote whether it’s true or not we need to predict a different picture.

      Joe stated – “The likelihood of the Taliban over running everything and taking over the whole country is very unlikely”

      National security advisors told him the Taliban was taking over the whole country.

      Joe Biden knew they were taking over the whole country and lied

      That’s TREASON ..

    2. @Bruh read his comments. Watch him actually verbalize that he would have left Afghanistan to burn. His words. It’s Miller that was fighting tooth and little girly nails to LEAVE EVERY SINGLE AFGHANI THAT HELPED US IN AFGHANISTAN. I really hate the uninformed clowns that comment without any research ever

    3. @Bruh , he would definitely left the allies behind…are you under the impression that Trump cares about anybody who is a foreigner?? What was it called now….”shithole countries”??

  2. Not only its him, its the whole who always supported, cared and still ? pakistan, the multiplier of all, .. the result……. is running, wiggling, confusion. Some honesty is better than advantages which every nation should practice….. Now everyone has joined the football team.. lets see the goals…. But all the prayers for the ones in difficulat situations….

  3. Really Mr. Kirby, we’ve come a long way in terms of our intelligence capacity? Tell us, then, how Jan 6, 2021 was allowed to happen. Tell us why if we are so good at networking and analyzing, why didn’t that improved capacity abort the homebred terrorist attack on the Capitol. Asking for a friend…

  4. Please DO NOT help us any more ! Never ! As allways NOBODY is asking your help ! Help your self, your gun violence, your opioid crisis, your mad, neglected soldiers, crazy, torn by PTSD and for that, thank you !

  5. Most of the generations that are involved now, have never really seen a war and have no idea what something like Vietnam does to a country like America and the people of America. We Don’t Need Another War like that we’re the only thing we got was a McDonald’s in Saigon in a foothold for American corporations period in Indonesia. The warmonger corporations made a lot of money back to lot of politicians to get it on the Carnage and Death on Young American soldiers and their families and this country. They all were making money and we were all dying for no apparent reason

  6. There’s 4 Nazarine flights been sitting on tarmac for 11 days because state department doesn’t like NGO helping Americans

  7. Don’t expect any help from biden, he and blinken just disconnected the steate department hot line for americans wanting to get out and they’re doing their best to block jets with americans and visa holding afghans in northern afghanistan. eight jets stuck on the ground thanks to them.

  8. Day late and a dollar short @ inept team Biden. Perhaps we don’t shut down our military airbase prior to evacuating our citizens.

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