FDR Learned The Hard Way Not To Tinker With Thanksgiving | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

FDR Learned The Hard Way Not To Tinker With Thanksgiving | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


While Donald Trump tries to frighten his followers with warnings of a phony threat to Thanksgiving, FDR really did try to change Thanksgiving and the backlash should serve as a lesson to any other president not to try it. Ali Velshi tells the history. Aired on 11/27/19.
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FDR Learned The Hard Way Not To Tinker With Thanksgiving | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

39 Comments on "FDR Learned The Hard Way Not To Tinker With Thanksgiving | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. A ‘war on Thanksgiving’. Seriously!?! Has Trump lost what little there was of his Diet Coke addled mind? The *only* war my family has on Thanksgiving. Is over who gets the best seat on the sofa to watch the parade!

    • I’m Irish and English, and our disagreements start; nicely, at the appetizers, stay steady through dinner, and get simmering by dessert. Lol funny thing, they come back for sandwiches

    • Scottish here, watched two male relatives have a who can eat the most’, silent argument, everyone knew that’s what they were doing, but no one mentioned it

    • donnie henderson | November 28, 2019 at 5:23 PM | Reply

      He’s actually talking about the Liberals wanting to call it indigenous people day. So no he’s not crazy the Liberals are trying to get rid of Thanksgiving.

    • @donnie henderson Trump is so mixed up. lol. The indigenous day thing is about ditching Columbus Day.

    • @donnie henderson No, Donnie. Native Americans, who are not all “the liberals” want to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Day. Has nothing to do with Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Rogelio Meixueiro | November 28, 2019 at 3:23 AM | Reply

    Trump is afraid of vegans, we have a “war” on thanksgiving . The thing is though, we believe peace begins in your plate.

    Much love you all! Like and please spam me with comments 🙂

  3. The US not taxing the rich and corporations means that it developed backwards. Money has to flow in a system like blood flows in the body…while the rich and corporations hoarding money now is the livor mortis for the USA.

  4. Who cooked that bird??? The kids are eating rubber. 😮

  5. If only America declared a “war on stupidity”.

  6. Parslow Pongbert | November 28, 2019 at 4:49 AM | Reply

    Trump is actually correct. He wanted to change it to Trumpsgiving but when he was talked out of it, pretended “someone said”.

  7. 2:54 LOL that voice crack is too good

  8. Journalists used to hate a slow news day. Now they look back on them with fondness.

  9. Radwulf Eboraci | November 28, 2019 at 8:43 AM | Reply

    The poor say it’s ‘Thanks-for-nothing Day’. They’ll get to their box of no-name KD as soon as they can find some clean water to boil it in.

  10. Double rump trump won’t be eating turkey this thanksgiving he’s a kooking his own goose! dumb as a stick and proud of it.


  12. rebecca gerringer | November 28, 2019 at 11:11 AM | Reply

    I’m thankful for impeachment hearings and justice.

  13. I am not at all thankful that there is, “never a dull day around here anymore.” No one is thankful for all the chaos and misinformation this president causes on a daily basis.

  14. Happy Thankstaking, Mr trump. Oops.

  15. I DREAM of having a dull news day. Please. Make it happen.

  16. Phillip H George | November 28, 2019 at 1:57 PM | Reply


  17. The controversy is also mentioned in the movie Holiday Inn with a confused turkey not knowing which day on the calendar to settle on.

  18. For a second I though he was about to share the real story behind thanksgiving 😓🤔

  19. Four days of low key news. This will be tuff. I’ll have to open that book again. And it won’t be a cookbook. See you guys Monday.

  20. Are the Migrant children still in cages on Thanksgiving 2019?!

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