1. “Give an authentic version of what’s happening”. Maybe if he followed his own words, he wouldn’t be spat at….

  2. Trudeau should have just talked to them. it would have cost a lot less, and nobody would have been body checked by a horse.

    1. Talked to them about what exactly? PROVINCIAL mandates (ie. not federally decided) that are already being loosened here in Ontario? Or the science behind the mandate recommendations which come from virologists/epidemiologists who actually know what they’re talking about? There’s nothing for him to say to them.

  3. The crowd is fluid and motivated. They can gather anytime anywhere. Almost impossible to stop and spreading across Canada. The government continues to pour oil on a fire they have already lost control of. Time to try listening and negotiating if it’s not already too late

  4. You have cameras it would be nice to see all those threat you got that forced you to move many times during the day.
    If it was true you would be showing these images 24/7

  5. We shouldn’t and nor should our children be afraid to disagree with the norm. This government is walking a fine line with all Canadians per our charter of rights.

  6. Hopefully we can all move forward now in peace and unity. Now that law and order is being restored. Let’s get our economy up and running again!!!

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