Feb. 19: Ottawa police update on operations in the capital

Feb. 19: Ottawa interim Police Chief Steve Bell gives an update on the operations in the capital.

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    1. @Marcus Porcius Cato … Instituting common sense rules in the middle of a pandemic is hardly violating human rights, drama queen… Go home..

    1. The Ottawa Police Publicly Lied on their report for the stampede incident, they all need to be charged and jailed. There are Multiple videos of what Truly happened.

    2. @Kadeweezy Woodward We haven’t dealt with real dictators yet . We can vote him out in next election but by Swearing at him , threatening him or throwing out the elected government is an illegal attack on democracy. Canada is better than that. Vote him out in next elections. I didn’t vote for him but i respect Canadian law and order.

    3. @J R you clowns are fine with your charter rights being stripped … At this point there’s nothing guaranteeing we get them back.

  1. The whole world is watching your show, every country on this planet witnesses what is happening in Canada…

    1. @Jason Rolling no they don’t and shame on you for incitement. The occupiers need to stand down. What they’re doing is illegal and destructive and in no way defines the proper etiquette of protesting. They have forced the hands of the police and have nobody to blame but themselves when they are forced into submission.

  2. charging a disabled elderly woman and breaking her bones to point of life threatening. you will be held accountable for your violence

  3. Beating someone on the ground with a rifle butt didnt look like restaint to me. I doubt it will to a jury either.

  4. That one question about the videos… He couldn’t hide how pissed he got, like they weren’t supposed to ask about this.

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