1. @Ghislain Pitre what the f are reporter credentials? Anyone with a camera can be a ‘real reporter’… the only issue is if they are being honest or dishonest

  1. He constantly mistakes legal peaceful protest with illegal occupation and since when do not all Canadian citizens own OUR national capital

  2. What about the restaurant owner you guys are harassing threatening to break in his door right now in Ottawa isn’t he a citizen in Ottawa

  3. Hopefully they will not be supplying Ottawa with supplies, and that Ottawa can find their own transport for supplsies to their city. I would refuse to service Ottawa.

  4. How will the “chasing down and prosecuting every last person involved” that you mentioned in your last briefing impact your goal to “foster community healing” from this one?

    1. @GO OlSEN All protests affect people’s freedoms. Look at the damage that the Porland BLM protests did to that entire city. As for affecting the general public, which affected Canadians more: 2 weeks of peaceful protests in Ottawa, or over 2 *years* of lockdowns, mandates, quarantines, violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the associated skyrocketing of bankruptcies, drug use, alcoholism, divorce, suicides, job losses, inflation, and business closures?

    2. @GO OlSEN Your rights were already infringed before the protest lol thats why the protest is there in front of parliament…

    3. @GO OlSENI’m sure the government would have liked them to protest in a barren field in the middle of nowhere too.

  5. I hope this cop knows they are going to through him under the bus when the bell tolls. Politicians are all saying “We don’t direct the police “. Know wonder the last guy resigned there’s no way out for this position. What a stain on our government s history.

  6. Remembering the image of the smashing of the butt of a rifle against a helpless peaceful protestor as he was held down by multiple officers

    1. unlawful is not illegal.
      lawful does not confer legal.
      to lawfully force demonstrators physically
      isnt legal enforcement

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