Federal Agents Coming To Chicago | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The worst thing is, citizens pay one way or the other. If Feds are sued, the taxpayers foot the bill. If not, our rights are violated.

    1. Allan Burns you live in Portland? Didn’t look like a protest. You don’t show up with a hard hat on to protest!

    2. @coinpot Oh, yeah, blame black people for putting a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar in the Whitehouse as well, right?

    3. @Ric Yeah, like Portland Oregon, right?
      For your information, there was a time when people could protest peacefully in the streets of down town Portland. I know, because I was one of them.
      I do remember there being some provocateurs. They were rather quickly ousted from the crowd. We learned who they were, and today still are. Right wing extremists. Others who infiltrated were and are government undercovered agents, however, they are, believed, not to be there to cause riots etc.
      If it wasn’t for the right wing provocateurs and instigators, there wouldn’t be nearly as many riots and vandalism.
      So, because of that situation, people like you are lead to believe that all the protests are riots and looting caused by all the protesters. That is fat from the truth, but it will stick like mud on a brick wall.
      When you have a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar at the top, you cal expect all the enablers to fall in line.

    4. @A One I would show up with a hard hat, because of obvious reasons. Are you stupid or dumb?

    5. Walter Lichtenberg Your the ignorant individual who would show up looking for violence. Checks out because you want to save that last brain cell. Go check out how MLK marched, big difference and they actually had a message and purpose. This battle has been fought and won. It only purpose now is to prey on the uneducated….. you!

    1. I have never uderstood the gun violence in the U.S.. I Guess I never will. The U.S. has given so many great things to the world. Just sad to see. Wishing the U.S. best of luck in Hope that it gets figured out one day.

    1. I agree. These mayors need to get a grip on their cities so the federal government doesn’t need to intervene. Yet they’ve proven for decades they can’t. Or won’t.

    2. You really can’t call DemoKKKrats Americans – they hate this country and have been trying to destroy it since they had their slaves taken away.

  2. 😂 😂 😂 “I think we understand each other” “we have the power of the courts” OMG how naive is this person… does she really think he heard one word she said? 😂

    1. If the Feds come to Chicago we might see a critical flashpoint develop. Possibly Greek style riots.

    2. @puddin cup Exactly…that person clearly only knows Black women from B-movies and old issues of Home and Garden type magazines.

    3. @puddin cup I can’t believe at this point I still have to explain this… she said “We (she and Trump) had a teleconference where we discussed the issue, I made it clear that Federal forces are not welcomed in Chicago” all good up to that point. But just like the people in the media and politicians that go ON THE AIR and claim “Trump is finally being presidential” “Trump is now adopting a serious responsible tone” every time he does or says the bare minimum… To only act shocked a few hours later when he completely goes back to acting like a racist wannabe incompetent dictator. Well she’s gonna have that same “this is shocking” interview EVERYONE who has taken him at his word, gave him a bit of credit, or thought they could ration with him, have to give. Once the troops are there he will not care about the courts because this thogg has never faced any repercussions FOR ANYTHING.
      My point is don’t say, act or believe like you have an “understanding” with him, just stop those people from going into Chicago, if shes expecting him to honor their conversation or for the courts to do something then she’s very naive.

  3. This should gave been done in Chicago years ago. No matter WHAT SHE says, she has no control of it now.

    1. william alderman , Most accurate comment ! Seems that Chicago is S.O.L. just because of that loafer mayor.

    2. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    3. Then why do they need police if you have to send the army into Chicago then it’s time to disband Chicago Police .

    4. Ryan Heart because the police are being told to stand down by mayor lightfoot and JB pritzker??? It’s not like the cops can’t do this job, they won’t let them. They are actively putting police and civilian lives in danger.

    5. David M Chicago has had this same problem for over 50 years the Chicago police are a joke and need to be disbanded.

  4. When more people die in Chicago than US soldiers in Afghanistan you have a problem, but Democrats would rather play politics than fulfill their most important duty which is protecting people they serve

  5. This Mayor has been Talking with both sides of her Mouth! You sent a letter to the the White House and Welcome those Thug’s to Help you! 🤔

  6. Why dont you arrest those unidentified Agents…..take your own police and National guard and arrest them.

  7. Thousands of towns around the country are littered with homes full of firearms and those towns don’t have issues with murder.
    I wonder what the difference is.

  8. And then this people who’s against police or feds, will then yell that they gonna sue the city or government for refusing to protect them at time when they get shot, like in chaz zone Seattle, we want freedom from police, we want defund police, but same time when they get shot, they calling that police that they didn’t want earlier.

  9. Mayor you have driven law& abiding citizens out of Chicago, into red counties and republican states. it is time for Trump to fix what your so called leftist police reform couldn’t. Chicago and Illinois will be better off if we vote for Trump& republican candidates cause clearly democrats can’t stop the crime and violence-all they do is blame neighbouring republican states for their problems, but do bs to solve the violence in Chicago and drug overdoses& abuse in the suburbs of Chicago. Defunding the police doesn’t work America& neither does supporting Blm who in London Uk happen to be working with those promoting Islamic Jihad and ex-cons. Obama was in Chicago and really did not match to lower the crimes as neither have other Democratic politicians and the Police Reform everyone across the US is calling for- CHICAGO DID&IT IS NOT WORKING. Illinois Trump 2020. Black Americans have a choice and can indeed vote for Trump.

  10. Is she the only one who is deciding? Most of the people support federal help,so I why those people are not heard?

    1. Who wants the federal “help” Trump is offering. When Trump ordered the federal authorities to force demonstrators out of Lafayette Park, is campaign took a nosedive, because Americans everywhere watched the tape, listened to the commentaries, and they were repulsed. I remember General Honore, a veteran of 37 years service, could barely find words severe enough for what he saw being done. Generals Miley and Mattis were similarly unrelenting. Meanwhile,Matt Gaetz made a fool of himself, again. Most Americans recognize that armed agents, rushing through the streets, seizing people without naming charges is wrong. We don’t want it!!

    2. @WestsideDavid seriously? Google what happened in Chicago in 1968.
      .you’re obviously a coward…

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